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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Zemheri with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

15 Jan. 2020

Episode #1.1

Firuze and Ayaz are two beautiful souls, two young children carrying the burden of two families. As fate brings them together, the path of pure and innocent love is their only desire.

22 Jan. 2020

Episode #1.2

Firuze is shocked to learn that she is also being tested with Ayaz on the path that she chose to take in order to save her father. Ayaz was not expecting to see Firuze in front of him, she has so many questions when she appears. This showdown between these two is going to be extremely difficult. As Ertan continues to try to rid himself of being at fault of the accident, he continues to make bigger moves, while on the other hand dealing with Firuze. Berrak is determined to clear the path for her future plans with Ayaz, however she must first deal with the problems that…

29 Jan. 2020

Episode #1.3

Firuze falls completely apart when she learns that Ayaz was also involved with her father going to prison. As both anger and love she feels fight each other, Ayaz is suffering with the pains of guilt for being responsible for the father of the woman that he loves being sent to prison. In order to save her father, Firuze has no other choice but to return to Demirkan Holding. In order to accomplish this she must first find a way of convincing Ertan. As the Berrak family continues with their wedding preparations, and in order to bring the two families together they …

5 Feb. 2020

Episode #1.4

Even though Ayaz has save his mother, not being able to prevent an innocent man from being imprisoned and the fact that he was unable to keep his promise to Firuze is a huge weight on Ayaz’s conscience, he is suffering with guilt and he is furious as well. He and Ertan have a huge showdown. The anger that Firuze feels towards Ayaz has grown by one thousand percent. There is no other that she can depend on other than herself to save her father. The limit time that Ertan gave her for getting her job back is running out. Ayaz has realized that Firuze is only there in …

12 Feb. 2020

Episode #1.5

Firuze goes through a very difficult time when Faruk shows up at the office, but she does not even realize that she is has fallen into a deeper point of no return. Along with Ertan’s suspicions the noose continues to tighten, and Ayaz’s place in her life continues to grow. The price that Faruk is going to pay for stealing the money is going to be much greater than he thought. This is because this situation effects Aliye deeply in a manner that he never expected. As for Berrak in other to secure her place in Ayaz’s life more securely comes up with a plan of her own. …

19 Feb. 2020

Episode #1.6

Firuze and Ertan manage to walk away from a huge merry-go-round. To make matters even worse, during this time she is forced to come face to face with the feelings that Ertan has for her. However since she could not read Ertan’s mind and the only thing on her mind is to save her father, she is forced to go along with Ertan’s rules. Meanwhile Ayaz is doing whatever he can to help Firuze deal with the difficulties she faces with Ertan. Aliye is now face to face with the fact that Firuze has started working at Demirkan Holding, and as if this were not enough she is also …

26 Feb. 2020

Episode #1.7

Before Firuze even has the chance to enjoy the fact that her father has been released from prison, she finds herself in the middle of another adventure of trying to help Elvan gain freedom. To make matters even more difficult, the only obstacle before her is Ertan. Ayaz who has no idea of what is going on, is very concerned from Firuze however his hands are tied. Safiye has started to pay the price for her choice. This situation is going to push Ayaz and Berrak onto a path from which there will be no return. However Berrak has absolutely no intention of giving up. She…

4 Mar. 2020

Episode #1.8

When Ayaz learns that Firuze and Ertan have gotten married, he demands an explanation from Firuze. Firuze’s response to him totally breaks his heart. For the first time in his life he feels nothing but anger towards Firuze. With the tests that Berrak had to performed in order to donate her kidney to Safiye, she is going to learn something totally different. With the information that Berrak has received from the doctor she now holds a new trump card in her hand in order to win back Ayaz. Ertan, who wants everyone to know about their marriage, applies pressure to Firuze…

11 Mar. 2020

Episode #1.9

Ayaz who attended Firuze and Ertan’s wedding dinner, and who explained their past, actually had different intentions. It is now perfectly obvious that Firuze is not going to give it that easily to Ertan as there is a new path that awaits her relationship with Ayaz. While on one hand Berrak is excited about her pregnancy, on the other she is starting to have new suspicions regarding Firuze and Ayaz. Yasar, as he suffers with pain, still cannot understand why his daughter would make such a decision; Aliye and Sevda plan to turning this marriage totally to their …

18 Mar. 2020

Episode #1.10

Even though Firuze were able to send Ertan off to prison so that he pays for what he has done, they have no idea that he has sworn to get his revenge. The both of them are still on the bull-eye of Ertan’s target board of anger. Berrak still has hope regarding Ayaz, she is still dreaming of a life with him. However everything is going to flow in a totally unexpected direction. Aliye has reached her ultimate dream, she has a deed to a house, however now she is going to have to make a choice between the house and her family. Ayaz and Firuze are working hard to eliminate …

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