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Wo men yu e de ju li
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Wo men yu e de ju li Season 1
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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Wo men yu e de ju li with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

24 Mar. 2019

The Victims

A gun shot incidence take away 9 lives 2 years ago. The defending attorney fight for the victimizer rights before send to death sentence. Public accused of the attorney and victimizer’s family members (Li) for the tragedy. One of the victim’s mum (Song) who worked as a head editor in a news department life was devastated and start having family troubles since the incidence.

24 Mar. 2019

Happy Mother’s Day

The victimizer family (Li) life was demolished after the elder son killed 9 people. They are forced to leave their home and escape from the anger public. The younger daughter (Chi) has been abandoned herself since the tragedy. One day, her mum forced the daughter to change her birth name and kick her out in order to force her start a new life. “There are already 3 people in the family was dead, we cannot drag you bury with us”. Since after, her parents avoid seeing her even how Chi missed her mum. Even in Mother’s Day, she sent a message but didn’t get a reply. Chi …

31 Mar. 2019


The “kidnap” incidence make the public discuss whether should get those psychotic be trapped in mental institution. The defending attorney (Wang) attended forum with politician and mental doctor but the attorney stand in the side of those victimizers and defend they are being labeled and should understand the root cause. Even Wang daughter is one of the kids involved in this incidence. Wang’s wife start questioning why Wang need to always help those psychotic and fight for their rights. This incidence make their daughter life in danger. Even the wife’s family has …

31 Mar. 2019


One of the victim family named Song C An has been suffered since the day her son was killed. Her personality has changed tremendously since after. She was workaholic, means, building walls from people. Workmate was scared of her and lots of people quit in her department. Her husband already sleep in office to avoid argue with her. One day, she terminated her daughter cell phone as she think she spend too much time on it. Cuz of such, she and her daughter has a big fight and her daughter suddenly yelled at her “why don’t you die together with brother that day?” The …

7 Apr. 2019

The Sinner

The defending attorney (Wang) wife decided to move to his parents home as more and more disagreement with her husband. Wang disclosed his encounter in the past and explained why he fight for those victimizers. In the meantime, Wang convinced the killer to meet his family which he avoid his family since the incidence happened. Song C An daughter has moved out and she has been stepped back a little to rethink her changes for past 2 years with help of her husband. In a usual meeting one day, there’s insider information that the killer will be executed shortly, earlier …

7 Apr. 2019

After That

Chi identity was finally disclosed by her own workplace crew. She ran into the office and asked why Song did this? She said “why my family and myself don’t have rights to live ?” Then Song replied “rights? What about my dead son? He didn’t has rights to live?” Chi then left and said “the news media has killed the people not less than my brother did”. Chi was then abandoned herself again. Chi roommate, Ying, wedding will be coming soon. But her brother illness bother her fiancé mother. She requested a full body check before marriage. In the meantime, her brother …

14 Apr. 2019


Chi has left the news department and start her life in her roommate beverage store as waitress. Ying brother can leave hospital but need take pill and checkup regularly. There are more and more disagreements between Ying and her fiancée. Wang wife who was pregnant with 6 month child moved back to live with his husband. She accidentally ran into Ying’s brother who falsely accused of kidnap her another child. Her fear make her fall down and cause a premature birth.

14 Apr. 2019

All Beings Are Sick

Wang’s wife accident cause a premature birth. End up the child passed away few days after born. Wang decided to give up his dream and make his family have a better life. Chi worked in a beverage shop and suddenly ran into her university senior who she has feeling before. But the senior stop contacting her after the gun shoot incidence. The senior asked her out and reunion. Ying’s brother tried to start a new life and have a chance to be an assistant in a filming project. He stopped taking pills and the illusion come back. He has arguments with others and involved a …

21 Apr. 2019

Until Dawn

After the news coverage of Chi, people know where she’s work. The family of victims come to the beverage shops and throw eggs to her. The shop has no more customers. Her parents also suffered the same without anyone buy their food. Ying decided to break up with that man as he’s a horrible person. Song stepped out from the pain with the help of her husband. Her company was takeover by a business man. The business man want Song not to report some news for his own benefit. They have disagreement and Song was asked to transferred to another department. Ying’s brother …

21 Apr. 2019

Look Into The Future

Ying’s brother gone crazy and run into the hospitals he used to stay. He finally got settled and calm down and asked “Why it was me?” The consultant replied “Probably you are one of the brave kind”. Wang decided not to fight for any human rights and helped gang members for dismiss chargers. His wife has observed her husband become more and more unhappy, cannot sleep and get drunk. Her husband is becoming another person and lost his soul. One day, she finally asked him to chase back his dream. Wang has cried out and relief. On the other side, Chi and Ying is …

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