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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Where’s Waldo? with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

20 Jul. 2019

Little Trouble in Big China

It’s the Lunar New year and Odlulu has accidentally brought a stone dragon to life. Waldo and Wenda work with local members of a dragon dance team to tame the dragon and save the celebration.

21 Jul. 2019

A Wanderer in Paris

Odlulu has a magical shrinking key in France and has set her sights on the Great Race (aka the Tour de France). Waldo and Wenda help local racer Jacques after Odlulu shrunk his and everyone else’s bikes.

23 Jul. 2019

A Day in Turkey

Waldo and Wenda go to Turkey to find a sleeping rug for Woof. They meet a fellow Wanderer, Yasemin, and realize that their Turkish rug is actually a map to the Doubling Key.

27 Jul. 2019

The Big New Mexico Pepper Hunt

When Odlulu challenges the Wanderers to win best chili (and a magic key) at the annual chili cook-off in New Mexico, Whitebeard pulls out his family recipe. Only problem is – they don’t have the most important ingredient – a ghost pepper.

3 Aug. 2019

Hang Ten in Tahiti

Waldo and Wenda head to Tahiti to help Wizard Wavybeard find his lost Wave Key. Odlulu sees the Wave Key as her chance to win the surf competition and earn a statue of herself on the beach.

10 Aug. 2019

Victoria Falls & Winters

When the watering hole at a Zimbabwean animal park dries up, the Wanderers arrive to the scene with a rain producing Weather Key; but when Odlulu gets a hold of the key, the Wanderers must pursue her through rain, fog, and snow to save those animals.

17 Aug. 2019

Vienna Voice-Versa

When Whitebeard attempts to magically enhance his voice for a singing duet with an old Wizard friend, he accidentally switches bodies with Arf. It’s up to Waldo and Wenda to reverse the mix-up before the concert!

24 Aug. 2019

Costa Rica… In Color!

Waldo and Wenda head to the Costa Rican rain forest to meet up with Wizard Featherbird and investigate why the beautiful birds of the forest have lost their color.

21 Sep. 2019

Yukon Do It

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28 Sep. 2019

The Strength of Scotland

Everyone heads to Scotland, where Odlulu is using the Strength Key to give her an advantage in the Highland Games. Wenda competes in the games alongside other Wanderers while Waldo and Whitebeard try to get the key from an elusive Fritz!

6 Oct. 2019

Hit or Myth in Greece

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12 Oct. 2019

Venice the Menace

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26 Oct. 2019

Big in Japan

When Odlulu zaps Fritz with the Mega Mega Monster key, he grows to the monster size and tries to eat all the noodles in the city. Waldo and Wenda travel to a Kaiju festival in Tokyo and meet up with Koichi, fellow Wanderer and action comic Go Hero Go fan. Together, the Wanderers must team up to stop Mega Fritz!

2 Nov. 2019

A New York Minute

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9 Nov. 2019

Bahama Drama

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16 Nov. 2019

Chilling Out in Antarctica

The Wanderers travel to Antarctica to witness the annual march of the emperor penguins. But when Odlulu’s new ice castle separates a waddle of penguins from their eggs, the Wanderers must find a way to reunite the parents with their chicks.

23 Nov. 2019

Mini Mayhem in Moscow

After Whitebeard uses the Grow Key to make himself 40 feet tall, the key breaks! So the Wanderers take the key to Wizard Fix-It in Moscow. While mending the key, Fix- It accidentally makes Waldo, Wenda, and herself two inches tall…and loses the key! So begins a Nutcracker – like the mini-adventure in Moscow to retrieve the key from Odlulu and Fritz.

30 Nov. 2019

The Swiss Mess

The Wanderers head to Switzerland to get chocolate for Whitebeard’s chocolate fondue fountain. But Odlulu wants to create the largest chocolate sculpture in Switzerland, so she uses the Vacuum Key to suck up Zermatt’s chocolate and create a mountain of cocoa-the Odlulu-horn. Waldo and Wenda must take to the slopes to save Switzerland’s chocolate before it all melts.

7 Dec. 2019

A Wanderer Christmas

Odlulu finds out she’s on Santa’s Naughty List, so she travels the globe and tries to spread holiday cheer.

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