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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Violet Evergarden with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

10 Jan. 2018

“I Love You” and Auto Memoir Dolls

Violet is a soldier in the Leidenschaftlich Army who served under Major Gilbert Bougainvillea, who she was utterly devoted to. However, Violet is injured after a mission which resulted in the loss of her arms, requiring them to be replaced with prosthesis. Colonel Hodgins, an old acquaintance of Gilbert, arrives to pick up Violet. He explains to Violet that the war they were fighting has ended and peace has come, though he is unwilling to tell Violet what happened to Gilbert. They leave for the capital city of Leiden, where Gilbert had already arranged for Violet to …

17 Jan. 2018

Never Coming Back

Violet joins the ghostwriting department and meets its members: the veteran Cattelya, and the two rookies Erica and Iris. Under Cattelya’s direction, Violet begins her training as an Auto Memoir Doll, quickly learning how to use a typewriter. However, despite her technical proficiency, Violet is still incapable of understanding emotions. This comes to a head when she offers to write a romantic letter that ends up angering both the recipient and the client. Erica then confronts Violet about her motivations to become a Doll, but relents when Violet tells her about her …

25 Jan. 2018

May You Be an Exemplary Auto Memoir Doll

Violet attends at the Auto Memoir Doll Training School in order to become a true doll. There, she meets and befriends a girl named Luculia Marlborough. The next day, Violet and Luculia are assigned to practice their actual ghostwriting skills on each other. However, Instructor Rhodanthe is unimpressed with the way Violet ghostwrote Luculia’s letter, informing her that letters are an instrument for communicating a person’s feelings, and that letter she ghostwrote was unacceptable. Luculia decides to take Violet to her favorite spot atop a bell tower to show her the …

1 Feb. 2018

You Won’t Be a Tool, But a Person Worthy of That Name

Violet and her work companion iris were called to the hometown where iris lives and discover the actual reason for her to be called.

8 Feb. 2018

You Write Letters That Bring People Together?

After gaining some experience of working as Auto Memories Doll, Violet Evergarden went for her first important commission to a Princess who is having issues of her marriage.

15 Feb. 2018

Somewhere, Under a Starry Sky

Violet, along with a number of other dolls, arrive at the Shaher Observatory in order to help the scholars make copies of a number of rare books. Violet is paired with a young scholar named Leon, who initially dislikes her and dolls in general. However, he is impressed with how quickly she works, and begins to soften when he sees that she doesn’t care about his background or upbringing as an orphan. He invites Violet to view Alley’s Comet with him, which only appears once every two hundred years, and she accepts. While the two stargaze, Leon explains that his father …

22 Feb. 2018


Violet goes to assist a famous writer, Oscar Webster, in writing his next play. However, she arrives to find him a drunk recluse. Violet manages to convince Oscar to suspend his drinking while they work, and they begin writing the play. The play is about a girl named Olive who uses her power to summon magical sprites to defeat a beast, but in doing so sacrifices her ability and becomes stranded away from her home and father. Violet becomes curious about how the story will end, which Oscar hasn’t decided upon yet. Violet then finds a parasol, triggering an angry …

28 Feb. 2018

Episode #1.8

As Violet searches for the Major in the present day, she recalls the time she first met him and became the terrifying weapon that turned the tide of the war.

8 Mar. 2018

Violet Evergarden

After realizing that Violet lost Gilbert, she assume her self to be useless but in time she found her existence to be valued by others by accepting the truth of both past and present.

15 Mar. 2018

Loved Ones Will Always Watch Over You

Violet goes to assist a medically ill woman whose daughter Anne assumes that she is being ignored by her mother. It isn’t until later on her life she realizes what she was really doing for her.

22 Mar. 2018

I Don’t Want Anybody Else to Die

Violet goes to assist a soldier name Aidan of the neighboring country Ctrigal which is in the state of Civil War.

28 Mar. 2018

Episode #1.12

Violet comes to know the rebel anti peace faction don’t wants that the peace treaty to get sign so she helps Dietfried to stop the anti peace faction.

5 Apr. 2018

Auto Memoir Doll and “I Love You”

After the end of the war Violet tries to write down her feelings in to a letter to Gilbert as it was suggested by her co workers for the air show which was going to held after five years due to the peace achieved between the nations.

4 Jul. 2018

OVA: Surely, Someday You Will Understand “Love”

A story that takes place in the months between the fourth and fifth episode. Violet answers the request of a certain songstress.

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