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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Trailer Park Tales with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

30 Oct. 2018

Hitching Post

In this first episode of this dark horror comedy series, as told by old Smokey, two couples check into a backwoods motel to become the latest to attract the strange owner’s attention.

30 Jan. 2019

Ruby Red Stilletos

A cross blends of updated quirkiness of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Murder on the Orient Express’. A cross dressers Stilettos have been stolen. Det. Stumbles to the rescue, NOT. Was it Manuchin (A former retired Munchkin), Mr. Bill Zard (Retired live stage actor ‘Wizard’), Mr. Tinneman, who is always chopping wood, Ms. Gooch the park manager or, could it possibly be Ms. Daugherty the great granddaughter of Dorothy or the good witch? Wave your magic wand to find out.

15 Mar. 2019

Betting The Odds

A group of retired men and women play cards on Friday night. They decide, because of their age to set aside bet and build a pot for whom ever is left from the group after they pass. BUT, somebody decides to start the process early when the stakes get high.

15 Apr. 2019

Escape Clause

William Pringle, a retired Santa for Macy’s get a little drunk and goes on a ramble through the park. He is accosted and sent to a mental facility. Xmas meets ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ But Pringle manages to escape and what happens next is quite jolly.

15 May 2019


I warped priest, who should have retired is still taking confessions. However he is a germophobe. Having been exposed to so many over the years his health is Deteriorating and parishioners are paying the price. If you know what I mean. Bless you.

15 Jun. 2019

Cutting Edge

A lawn service man continues to over cut and over edge the old folk’s properties. When they try to get him fired he starts to over cut a whole lot more. Take a wild guess what he uses?

15 Jun. 2019

Puck It

A retired ice hockey player relishes his pucks from all the games that he had played in. Somebody however is stealing them systematically. The hunt is on for the unholy thief, or thieves. But when detective Stumbles can’t solve the case Bob Numbchuck decides to find the sticky fingered thief himself, with deadly results.

15 Jun. 2019

Hunting Wabbits

With the advent of technology one of our residents has decided to start a digital drive in at his home. This causes havoc with parking and drinking and the other residents. This is when the shenanigans begin. Unplugged to the extreme.

15 Jun. 2019

If a woodchuck could

It is Easter and Mr. McGee, a former retired avid hunter, whose license has been taken from him because he’s legally blind, decides to borrow a hunting rifle and do a little rabbit hunting of his own. But it’s not just rabbits he’s after.

15 Jun. 2019

Metre maid

She has to get a part time job working for the city as her social security checks are so small. The whole job becomes a nightmare when she is yelled at, beaten and run over by angry car owners for issuing parking tickets. That’s when it turns ugly as she tracks them by their plate number. Not just meters expire.

15 Jun. 2019

Junk food junkie

Now we all think that means drugs, but in this case he’s a junk food junkie. A rather rotund gentleman who eats so much he lives in a trailer park. He is constantly made fun of by everyone. Even his house cleaner complains. Question is? Who in the end is on the take out list and is he taking them out or is somebody else?

15 Jun. 2019

Moonshine Mayhem

Think Hatfield’s and McCoy’s on a smaller scale. Two families who make and drink most of their profits get in to a territorial War over who sells to whom. This rapidly becomes explosive.

15 Jun. 2019

Ground Hog

When peoples small items keep going missing from their homes there is an uproar in the park. It is suggested that there is a rampant ground hog and traps are set. But is it a ground hog or a hoarder?

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