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To kokkino potami Season 1
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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of To kokkino potami with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

6 Oct. 2019

Episode #1.1

Ottoman Empire, 1897. Doctor Michalis Nikolaidis and his wife Sofia, engage their 9-year-old daughter Iphigenia, with 12-year-old Miltos, son of merchant George Pavlidis and Eugenia. Beyond the friendship of the two families, it is an engagement with purpose. The constant attacks of the fanatical Turks against the Christians are forcing the two families to flee their homeland. Eleven years later, the two young people meet again in Instanbul and fall in love at first sight , unaware of the old family bond.

6 Oct. 2019

Episode #1.2

Iphigenia and Miltos confess their love under the strict supervision of Iphigenia’s parents. At the dinner offered by Nicolaides to his friends Kartal and Aslan, executives of the Young Turks movement, Miltos meets his childhood friend Kerem, also fascinated with Iphigenia. Attack of fanatics tarnishes the dinner. Miltos rebels heroically fueling the admiration of Iphigenia. With his brother Themis, they take the ship to Amisos. Iphigenia says goodbye to him sad and in love. Miltos promises to marry her.

13 Oct. 2019

Episode #1.3

All the residents of Amisus welcomes Miltos and the Macedonian warrior Themis. In the shadow of the fanatical Osman, Paulides sets up a feast for his sons. He and his wife are happy with the prospect of Miltos’s marriage to Ifigenia. Themis finds his fiancee Vassiliki again. Vasily Sakharov, a friend of Nikolaidis, a banker and weapon dealer from Paris, arrives in Istanbul.

13 Oct. 2019

Episode #1.4

Miltos eagerly returns to Iphigenia’s home. He meets Sakharov and impresses him with his intelligence and sharpness. Iphigenia dreams of their common future. Miltos promises her a happy life. Sakharov, however, proposes to follow him to Paris, to become his right hand there. Miltos is excited. Iphigenia reacts.

20 Oct. 2019

Episode #1.5

Ifigenia’s anxiety over Miltos’s departure to Paris is heightened. Miltos proposes to marry her now if she wants. Ifigenia is proud, she refuses. Miltos arrives in Paris. He is drunk from the air of Europe. The handsome and shy Pontiac, is sought after young Europeans, and neglects Iphigenia, who suffers wounded in his laconic telegrams. In Amisos, George Pavlidis is persuaded to go down to the 1908 elections. Elections that promise big changes in the Ottoman Empire.

3 Nov. 2019

Episode #1.6

After the elections, the Greeks of the Ottoman Empire realized that things were not as they expected. Miltos’ father is elected Member of Parliament, but terrorism in the villages of Pontus remains. The Sultan’s forces are counter-revolutionary, but they fail to regain power. In the riots that erupt, Dr. Nikolaidis is saved from a certain death by the chieftain Spatharis, who pays for his love interest for Iphigenia. In this perverse atmosphere, Miltos asks Sakharov to go back with Kerem, who has already arrived in Paris.

10 Nov. 2019

Episode #1.7

Miltos’s letter finds Iphigenia worried about the future of their relationship. The distance between them has been uncertain. Her response, however, is arriving late in Paris. Basil Sakharov has already assigned Miltos a mission to Russia and will not be in France when the letter of Iphigenia arrives. In Saint Petersburg, the charming and intelligent Miltos is likable to the Minister in charge of the ammunition and to his young beautiful daughter, who is besieging him. In the temptation to succumb, Miltos has to consider, apart from his career, the fortunes of the two…

17 Nov. 2019

Episode #1.8

Ifigenia, realizing the dangers in her relationship with Miltos, arrives in Paris to study. Her dream of becoming an archaeologist will come true. Her aunt, Helen, lives there and will host her. On the occasion of the reception of the French Minister of Defense, the love of Iphigenia and Miltos is rekindled and overcomes the temptations that have been chasing them so far. Miltos with Iphigenia in the European capital live at last free and happy. But their carefree lives are threatened by the clouds of war that spread over the Balkans. Back home, on the coast of Pontos…

24 Nov. 2019

Episode #1.9

Miltos and Iphigenia travel to the coast of Pontus to attend Miltos’ brother’s wedding. But the marriage of Themis and the Vasiliki is tarnished by the people of Osman. The situation in the country and in the Balkans leads Sakharov to propose to Miltos to leave for Russia again. The outbreak of the Balkan Wars finds Iphigenia student organizing a fundraiser at the University and distributing propaganda material in favor of Greece, and Miltos decides, in spite of Iphigenia’s objections and fears, to join the Greek army in order to fight on the front line.

1 Dec. 2019

Episode #1.10

The situation in Greece as well as in the Balkans is bleak. Sakharov proposes to Miltos to leave for Russia again. The outbreak of the Balkan Wars, finds Iphigenia a student, organizing fundraisers and distributing propaganda material in favor of Greece. Miltos decides, despite opposition and fears of Iphigenia to join the Greek army and fight on the front line – Iphigenia’s important action in Paris in favor of Greece and Miltos’s participation in the First Balkan War by the Greek ranks army, will create serious problems for the Nicolaidis and Pavlidis families.

8 Dec. 2019

Episode #1.11

While Miltos fights for Greece, Iphigenia continues her action in favor of the Greek Army. Threats of Turks against their families in Pontus are now being dealt with. Nikolaidis is being questioned by his old friend and neighbor, Kartal, who is acting minister of the New Turkish government. Sophia, in a desperate attempt to seek Kartal’s word, confronts his inhumane cruelty. In the Amisos, Osman intensifies his threats to the Pavlidis family, preying on and beating Themis and George. On the battlefield, Miltos loses his friend Lefteris, but the game of fate does not …

15 Dec. 2019

Episode #1.12

Ifigenia, seeing a cinema news release of ‘Pate’ in which Miltos is injured, decides to travel to Greece to find him. Mr Pavlidis attack on the fields by Osman leaves him severely injured, depriving him of the opportunity to walk. Themis is overwhelmed by anger and decides to respond to Osman and his men. Together with Basiliki’s brother they try to get Osman out of the way. The riots that erupt after the ambush they set on him take on great dimensions. The life of the Greeks on the coast of Pontos is even more difficult. The interrogation of Osman’s shooting will be …

22 Dec. 2019

Episode #1.13

The entrance of the Greeks to Thessaloniki finds Miltos recovering from his injury in the arms of Iphigenia, ignoring that back at home, his nephew and first grandson of the Pavlidis family is born. In Amisos, Vasiliki brings to the world a healthy baby boy, giving joy to Themis family. Turkey’s defeat in the Balkans finds the coasts of Pontos to be inhabited by Muslim refugees and war losers to claim to their defeat to Greeks and Armenians living in the area. The tensions are escalating. At the same time, the Germans find the opportunity to penetrate the Ottoman …

5 Jan. 2020

Episode #1.14

In Amisos the arrests of Christians are followed by torture and hanging. Osman invades the house of the Paulidis family and offends Vasiliki. Turkish gendarmes arrest and imprison Themis. The command is death. In jail, the Metropolit secretly gives a chop to Them, urging him to flee. Themis, Panagiotis, the teacher and those who can stand on their feet flee for the mountain but some of them will not. Vasiliki’s teacher and father lose their lives. The Turks put on hangers. The command is one: they will hang alive and dead. Kerem sends Iphigenia an anonymous letter …

12 Jan. 2020

Episode #1.15

Iphigenia is violently arrested and interrogated by Onur Aslan, a longtime acquaintance of the Nikolaidis family. In Paris, two men beat Miltos and steal his money and documents. Zakharov’s man attends the event. In Amisos, Osman visits the Pavlidis family home with violent moods. Wanting to know where Themis is hiding, he becomes aggressive towards Vasiliki. In Istanbul, Iphigenia is still in prison. Three husky hoodlums attack her guard and kidnap her. They take her to a house where a man’s shadow offers them a pouch. When Iphigenia arrives, she will try to escape, …

19 Jan. 2020

Episode #1.16

Kartal suspects that Kerem is responsible for Iphigenia’s escape. Father and son “come to hands”. In Instabul, Kerem is surprise by Miltos attacking him to find out where Iphigenia is. An uninvited visitor makes his appearance at the Nicolaidis home. It is Miltos who informs them that Iphigenia has “popped it”. At the same night, Onur Aslan, with two uniformed, invades the house of Nicolaidis looking for Iphigenia. Themis decides to leave his hideout to meet his loved ones secretly. The town crier commands the evacuation of Amisos by the Christians. The next day on …

26 Jan. 2020

Episode #1.17

A great caravan starts from Amisos. The Greeks left their homeland, leaving on carts loaded with whatever they were able to get together. On the street, Turkish villagers attack them. Ifigenia and Ali witness the murder of a mother and her child. In Constantinople, Kerem secretly visits Miltos and informs him that Muslim refugees from Thrace took their homes in Amisos while his brother fled to the mountains. Turkish guards attack the women in the human caravan, attempting to rape them. Among them are Eugenia and Basiliki. The Turks continue to execute those who resist…

2 Feb. 2020

Episode #1.18

Ali and Iphigenia arrive in Erzurum. Ali presents Iphigenia as his fiancee. Seeing her, his mother tell her son that she is pregnant and should marry her. The caravan with uprooted residents of Amisos continues its course with the Turks hitting and mocking them. Pavlidis understands that he is a burden and begs Eugenia to let him go. Those who manage to survive reach the deserted village but the Turks re-raise them and continue to roam the wilderness without water and food on the pretext that they are being returned to Amisos. Giorgos Pavlidis is helpless behind – …

9 Feb. 2020

Episode #1.19

Miltos leaves for Erzurum to find his beloved, but is arrested in front of Iphigenia, who cannot hide her unrest. Melike secretly sees Iphigenia praying and reveals that her family is crypto-Christians. In Constantinople, Ali finds the parents of Iphigenia and gives them her letter. Arin merges with Lucin, who cannot recover from torture. The Turks send Miltos to Constantinople, where he is tortured. Kartal is informed of his arrest and decides to act. He gives him life, but for the Turks, Miltos is dead and Kartal hands over his personal belongings to Nicolaidis, …

16 Feb. 2020

Episode #1.20

Miltos safe in Paris wants to go to Erzurum to save Iphigenia. He goes to Sakharov, where Nikos looks at him as if he has seen a ghost. Miltos suspects him of being a Turkish informant. In Erzurum, Ali promises to Iphigenia that their marriage will be white and she makes it clear that there is no other man for her. Ali’s mother has realized that something is wrong but she is not pushing to learn the truth. The wedding preparations begin. Themis and Vasiliki are struggling to get the baby’s fever down but in vain. The child is in mortal danger. There is information in …

23 Feb. 2020

Episode #1.21

In the square of Amisos, hangers are installed. Osman and Onur hang out in the square those who find themselves hiding. Theocletus tells Themis that they must resist. Vasiliki can not recover after the death of her baby. She confesses to Themis the truth about rape and he shows her with all his love that he is here for her. Turkish military informs Nikolaidis of recruitment. They tell him he has to take care of the wounded in the front line. He looks at Arin and Sofia and tells them that they must be careful and take care of the girls. Sofia decides that they should …

8 Mar. 2020

Episode #1.22

Sofia, Arin and their daughters head for Ak Dag Maten. Along the way they find a river, where the girls swim, but the danger looms. Turkish bandits grab Eirini and Lusin and rape Sophia and Arin who fall faintly into the soil. In Erzurum, Iphigenia feels the baby is coming. Melike runs to her and brings midwife. After much effort the son of Iphigenia comes to the world. Ali accompanies detainees into his work. In the procession is an Armenian boy who Ali rescues from the Turks and hides in his home. Iphigenia feels happy. He begs Ali to name the newborn baby Miltos. …

15 Mar. 2020

Episode #1.23

Russian troops enter Erzurum. Christians cheer as the new Commander wants to protect them. Iphigenia asks Ali to perform their Christian marriage. The Amiens return to their homes, but find them trampled and looted. Eugenia, Themis and Vasiliki return home and try to start over again. Sofia and Arin continue to look for their daughters in misery. They arrive in a Turkish village and the couple hosting them advises them to move to Amisos, where the situation is more favorable to Christians. In Erzurum, Ali, shortly before his marriage, is forced to reveal to his …

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