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Three Lives Three Worlds, The Pillow Book Season 1
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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Three Lives Three Worlds, The Pillow Book with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

22 Jan. 2020

Episode #1.1

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22 Jan. 2020

Episode #1.2

Little Jiu infiltrates heaven as an immortal maid in order to pay back Imperial Lord Dong Hua. Imperial Lord’s cooking skills put Si Ming’s resolve to the test. Zhi He keeps Dong Hua out of Jiu’s reach.

Episode #1.13

After Jiu showed her female self to the king, he makes her his concubine. Chu Wan suspects the Spiritual Jade Stone to be in the King’s bedroom. Bai Feng Jiu’s immortal health continues to deteriorate.

Episode #1.14

Qingti has difficulties creating the weapon that Song and Jiu designed. The King develops strong feelings for Jiu resulting in a mix of bliss, jealousy and despair. Jieyu struggles to win the King’s affection.

Episode #1.15

The palace is in disarray because of the chief eunuch’s poisoning. Song Xuanren commands General Ye to find evidence that exonerates Xiao Jiu. As Jiu stays silent about her origin, Xuanren looses his trust in her.

Episode #1.16

Song Xuaren shows Furen Jiu the location of the Spiritual Jade Stone and asks for her help with the trap mechanisms in the underground palace. Consort Xian keeps herself apprised of rising star Xiao Jiu who stole her son’s heart.

Episode #1.17

Chu Wan grows suspicious of the trips outside the Palace that the King and Jiu make. Floods in the south demand the King’s full attention and as a result Jiu has to finish their work by herself.

Episode #1.18

Demon Lord Yan Chiwu rescues Chu Wan from prison, but it does not cure her amnesia. Nie Chuyin persuades Prince Cheng to become his new helper in his quest for Spiritual Jade Stone. Consort Xian disapproves of Jiu’s behavior.

Episode #1.19

Song Xuanren chooses his queen pressured by Royal Mother Xian. Star Lord guides Bai Feng Jiu into the final phase of Dong Hua’s mortal trial. Nie Chuyin continues to pursue the Spritual Jade Stone using Prince Cheng.

Episode #1.20

With Jiu and Qingti captured, the King has tough decisions to make that do not agree with his heart. Prince Cheng with help of Nie Chuyin’s distraction and an elemental dagger pursues the Spiritual Jade Stone.

Episode #1.21

Prince Cheng fights his brother for the Spiritual Jade Stone and the throne. He looses and dies as the underground palace collapses. Royal Mother is torn by the betrayal of her late son and denies him burial. Jiu completes the love trial.

Episode #1.22

Dong Hua finished his love trial, but only recovered part of his cultivation. Chuyin gives the Immortal Soul Capturing Jade to Miao Luo. Bai Feng Jiu returns to Qing Qiu.

Episode #1.23

Bai Feng Jiu agrees to marry Cang Yi, while drunk and heartbroken. Liang Song and Cheng Yu lovingly prepare the Thousand Flower Grand Ceremony together. Dong Hua remembers parts of his mortal trial in a dream.

Episode #1.24

Song Lian finds a new chore for the ceremony and tricks Yu into spending time with him. Preparations for Bai Qian’s wedding into Heaven are in full swing. Dong Hua travels to Qing Qiu to welcome the bride and search for his lost fox.

Episode #1.25

The flower ceremony does not go as planned. Lian Song extracts bits of information about Jiu and Hua from Si Ming. Jiu tries to save her people from a fiery beast, but instead Dong Hua saves her and them.

Episode #1.26

After drinking a lot of fruit wine, Bai Feng Jiu is very honest with Dong Hua. Jiu opposes Zhi He’s return to Heaven and the feud between them grows stronger. Bets are being made about who Dong Hua is going to marry.

Episode #1.27

Lian Song improves his new weapon, though Chong Lin may not see it that way. Bai Feng Jiu refuses to reverse her shape-shifting and endures Dong Hua’s provocations. Yan Chiwu finally gets his duel with Dong Hua.

Episode #1.28

Since Chiwu and Jiu have landed in Sanskrit Mountain they cannot get out for another sixty years and fill their time with studies. Chiwu sees Ji Heng and confronts her. The students create a trap for their teacher.

Episode #1.29

Dong Hua turns into a handkerchief to experience things from Jiu’s point of view, who makes good use of the situation. What is Si Ming hiding from Song? The list of competitors for the school’s decennial competition will be announced.

Episode #1.31

Bai Feng Jiu tries to make sense of all things romantic by consulting Yan Chiwu. Miao Luo puts things in motion to break free from Dong Hua’s hold. Jei Liu explains to Yan Chiwu how relations in Sanskrit Mountain really are.

Episode #1.32

The party that Bai Feng Jiu organized does not go very well. Miao Luo plays with Ji Heng’s insecurities, directing her to cause a rift between Imperial Lord and Bai Feng Jiu. Meng’s cricket dies and he mourns the loss with wine.

Episode #1.33

The decennial competition is about to start and Imperial Lord’s training methods are hard on Jiu. Ji Heng, influenced by Miao Luo, uses a softer touch to prepare Yan Chiwu. Lian Song comes down to watch the spectacle.

Episode #1.34

Lian Song gets Si Ming drunk so that he tells him the story between Dong Hua and Bai Feng Jiu. Jiu tries to steal the chestnut, but enters a dream realm, maintained by A’Lanruo, long deceased sister of Queen Ju Nuo. Dong Hua follows her.

Episode #1.35

Bai Feng Jiu thinks she’s dreaming, so she kisses Imperial Lord without holding back. In order to heal her primordial spirit, Dong Hua sends her shadow off into the dream and she wakes up as Princess Xiangli Aranya, without any memories.

Episode #1.36

Aranya tries to make sense of everything without telling people she lost her memories. Teacher Su Moye tests Aranya and recognizes her as Bai Feng Jiu. Bai Feng Jiu has to overcome her fear of snakes.

Episode #1.37

Aranya learns the relationship with her two sisters, but Bai Feng Jiu’s fear of snakes prevents her from restoring the relationship with her pet snake. Dong Hua keeps searching for Jiu’s primordial essence at the banquet.

Episode #1.38

The trap Moye and Aranya have set works out perfectly and they watch the rare blooming of Yueling flowers. Dong Hua inspects Junuo’s baby and concludes it’s not Bai Feng Jiu’s primordial spirit. Aranya is imprisoned to repent.

Episode #1.39

Dong Hua, in Xi Ze’s body, takes care of Aranya and learns how much he disappointed Bai Feng Jiu. Su Moye is questioned about his role in this dream by Dong Hua. Outside Prince Meng and Chiwu worry and grow restless.

Episode #1.40

A grand scheme by the two sisters Ju Nuo and Chang Di is turned around by Su Moye and Dong Hua. Chen Ye has figured out that the primordial spirit that entered his beloved Aranya is not Aranya herself and distances himself from her.

Episode #1.41

As Ju Nuo’s execution grows near, Su Moye guides Bai Feng Jiu’s incarnation to make the same choice as the original Aranya. Miao Luo finds out where Bai Feng Liu’s body is and enters the dream to retrieve her red aura.

Episode #1.42

Feng Jiu wakes up, yet still within the dream, with her memories restored. Dong Hua and Miao Luo’s illusion battle inside the dream and he gets hurt protecting his Xiao Bai. Feng Jiu has a hard time believing Dong Hua’s sincerity.

Episode #1.46

Aranya arranges for Chen Ye and Ju Nuo to say their goodbyes. Dong Hua gets very jealous of Chen Ye as Feng Jiu explains her perspective on Aranya to him.

Episode #1.47

Aranya gets called to the palace and the Queen Mother rides back with her to inspect the progress of the sword Chen Ye is making; but this is not the reason for her visit. Aranya’s memories and spirit merge with Bai Feng Jiu.

Episode #1.48

With the magic mirror created, Dong Hua and Su Moye look into the past to find out what really happened. They learn how Aranya died, the queen’s plot and the disappearance of the seasons.

Episode #1.49

Dong Hua and Su Moye discover the origin of Chen Ye and Aranya. Chen Ye wants Bai Feng Jiu to complete the dream and perform the dangerous Phoenix formation. Miao Luo sees an opportunity to become stronger.

Episode #1.50

The bird tribe decides to seal in Miao Luo, but she fights back with the help of Chuyin. Feng Jiu and Hua prepare for their wedding. Meng learns Bai Feng Jiu’s true identity and learns to deal with unrequited love.

Episode #1.51

Now that the dream is over, Bai Feng Jiu and Dong Hua return to heaven and Feng Jiu has to prepare for Qing Qiu’s weapon hiding ceremony. Miao Luo feeds on members of the demon tribe to strengthen herself.

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