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The Killer Bride Season 1
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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of The Killer Bride with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

12 Aug. 2019

First Dance

Camila and Vito’s love for each other endures in the face of the long-standing rivalry between the Dela Torres and Dela Cuestas.

13 Aug. 2019

First Blood

Camila is branded as a monster when she is accused of a horrendous crime.

14 Aug. 2019

First Curse

Camila’s life takes a turn for the worse as she faces the court’s guilty verdict.

15 Aug. 2019

First Meet

Years after Camila’s death, a young woman named Emma arrives in Las Espadas.

16 Aug. 2019

First Enconunter

Emma seemingly gets possessed as she introduces herself as Camila to the Dela Torres.

19 Aug. 2019

Gone Viral

Emma’s sudden intrusion at the Dela Torres’ party becomes the talk of the town.

20 Aug. 2019


Luciano’s frustrations continue to grow because of the Dela Torres’ acceptance of Emma.

21 Aug. 2019


Vito recounts the events that transpired after his falling out with Camila.

22 Aug. 2019

Blame Game

Andres’ denouncement of Emma sends shock waves through the residents of Las Espadas.

23 Aug. 2019

Power Tripping

Elias’s persuasion of Emma to quit posing as Camila leads to a misunderstanding.

26 Aug. 2019

First Victim

A tragedy occurs as rumors of Emma being the killer bride continue to spread.

27 Aug. 2019


Emma faces the wrath of the residents of Las Espadas as they blame her for the unfortunate incidents happening in their town.

28 Aug. 2019

Face of Fear

An unexpected individual resurfaces as Emma continues to suffer from the hands of the people of Las Espadas.

29 Aug. 2019


Camila reveals the story of her survival.

30 Aug. 2019

Revenger Squad

Out of her desire to take revenge, Camila makes a decision in order to change the course of her life.

2 Sep. 2019

In Your Area

Camila bumps into a familiar face who evokes the painful memories of her past.

3 Sep. 2019

Training Ground

Emma recalls how Camila trained her to be tough.

4 Sep. 2019


Emma recollects the warning she received from Camila.

5 Sep. 2019


Camila trains Emma in hopes of attaining justice.

6 Sep. 2019


Emma tries to earn the trust of a Dela Torre that may have a hand in Camila’s bitter past.

9 Sep. 2019

Dig Dig Dig

Vito (Geoff Eigenmann) tries to dig deep into the reason behind Andres’ (Soliman Cruz) insanity.

10 Sep. 2019


Elias (Joshua Garcia) becomes suspicious of Emma (Janella Salvador) after witnessing a mind-boggling scene.

11 Sep. 2019

Oh My G

Emma (Janella Salvador) continues to investigate Tatiana’s (Ariella Arida) past.

12 Sep. 2019


Emma (Janella Salvador) investigates Tatiana’s (Ariella Arida) secluded rest house in Las Espadas.

13 Sep. 2019

Pain Game

Emma (Janella Salvador) catches everyone’s attention at the most awaited Estrella del Sur Ladies’ Society Ball.

16 Sep. 2019


Emma (Janella Salvador) makes a shocking discovery about Tatiana (Ariella Arida) during the Estrella del Sur Ladies’ Society Ball.

17 Sep. 2019

In a Snap

A horrific crime mars the Estrella del Sur Ladies’ Society Ball.

18 Sep. 2019


Elias goes to dangerous lengths to find Emma.

19 Sep. 2019

Run for Life

Emma finds herself in danger.

20 Sep. 2019


Elias sides with Emma as he starts to believe that the killer bride is real.

23 Sep. 2019

No More Lies

The Dela Torres get the shock of their lives when Tatiana reveals her secret.

24 Sep. 2019

Reality Strikes

Camila keeps a close watch on Felipe’s mistress.

25 Sep. 2019


Mayor Felipe Dela Torre’s dirty little secret gets unveiled.

26 Sep. 2019

Come Out

Emma is torn between her desire to do what is right and her debt of gratitude to Camila.

27 Sep. 2019


Emma comes with Elias to Buena Tierra in order to temporarily run away from her problems in Las Espadas.

30 Sep. 2019


Emma and Elias take part in the festivities at Buena Tierra to forget about their worries.

1 Oct. 2019


Emma bumps into someone from her past at Buena Tierra’s festival.

2 Oct. 2019

Freak Out

Emma visits Andres at the psychiatric clinic in the hopes of finding out what really happened to her in the cave.

3 Oct. 2019

Off Limits

Fabio shocks Emma and Camila with his return.

4 Oct. 2019


Camila keeps a close watch on Elias as she and Emma make their return to Las Espadas.

7 Oct. 2019

Kill This Love

Elias is overjoyed upon learning about Emma’s return to Las Espadas.

8 Oct. 2019

Saving Emma

Fabio tries to take Emma away from Camila.

9 Oct. 2019


To protect Emma, Fabio decides to help Camila with her revenge plan at Las Espadas.

10 Oct. 2019

Beast Mode

Fabio finds a way to infiltrate the Dela Cuestas.

11 Oct. 2019


Camila gets angry at Fabio for meddling in her revenge plans.

14 Oct. 2019


Luna tries to humiliate Emma while the latter celebrates her birthday.

15 Oct. 2019

Great Pretender

Fabio finds a way to sneak into Vito’s secret room.

16 Oct. 2019


A killer bride wreaks havoc at the streets of Las Espadas.

17 Oct. 2019


Luna and her friends mourn the death of Benjamin (Aldrin Angeles), while Emma is determined to find the killer bride.

18 Oct. 2019


With an iron fist, Juan Felipe enforces a curfew in Las Espadas following the recent attacks of the killer bride.

21 Oct. 2019


Vito learns of an important piece of information about his brother’s death, while Ivan (Angelo Patrimonio) finds himself in danger.

22 Oct. 2019

Own Justice

After witnessing Ivan die, Juan Felipe vows to seek vengeance against the people involved in his lover’s death.

23 Oct. 2019

Death Stroke

Camila fights for her life after saving Emma from Juan Felipe.

24 Oct. 2019


Elias and Luis decide to work together to know Emma’s whereabouts.

25 Oct. 2019

Death Row

Wanting to exact revenge for Ivan, Juan Felipe resorts to desperate measures to make Emma come out of hiding.

28 Oct. 2019


Camila forces Juan Felipe to confess his crimes.

29 Oct. 2019


The tragic truth about Camila’s demise unfolds.

30 Oct. 2019

Rush Hour

Acting Mayor Marciana (Ilonah Jean) urges the residents of Las Espadas to move forward.

31 Oct. 2019

Face of the Past

Camila recalls her past with Vito as she infiltrates his secret room.

1 Nov. 2019

Rise from the Dead

Manay Ichu receives bad news about Andres.

4 Nov. 2019

Hide and Seek

Emma (Janella Salvador) and Luna (Alexa Ilacad) face a traumatizing incident at the hospital’s restricted area.

5 Nov. 2019

Vito vs Fabio

Fabio decides to confront Vito about his involvement in Emma’s kidnapping.

6 Nov. 2019

Face Off

A deadly misunderstanding arises between Camila and Vito when their fates intertwine once again.

7 Nov. 2019

Living Curse

Vito faces the deep-seated resentment that Camila has been harboring in her heart over the years.

8 Nov. 2019


Camila carries out her plan to take Luciano down.

11 Nov. 2019


Camila and Fabio hatch a plot to unearth the identity of the mastermind behind their problems.

12 Nov. 2019

Ride or Die

Camila learns a vital piece of information relevant to her revenge plot, while Elias becomes desperate to find the truth about Emma.

13 Nov. 2019

Poisonous Truth

Camila and Vito are driven to pursue the truth in light of their discovery about Primo Diablo.

14 Nov. 2019


Camila works with her allies to find evidence against Luciano.

15 Nov. 2019


Camila and her team try to find the connection between Luciano and the worsening case of illegal drugs in Las Espadas.

18 Nov. 2019


Vito and Tessa are kidnapped by unknown men. Meanwhile, Elias meets a mysterious woman linked to Emma’s past.

19 Nov. 2019

Killer Clash

Luciano and Camila finally have their long-awaited face-off. In their ensuing clash, he reveals his involvement in the tragedy of her life.

20 Nov. 2019

Killer Takes All

Luciano makes use of a sudden opportunity in his clash against Camila. Emma finds herself deeply affected by Aurora’s sudden return.

21 Nov. 2019

Killer Truth

At his wit’s end, Luciano makes a desperate move that sends a shock wave throughout Las Espadas.

22 Nov. 2019


As the celebration of Dia de Esperanza commences, Luciano’s horrid plan forces Camila to make a difficult choice.

25 Nov. 2019


Las Espadas is sent into mourning as the town is struck by a sudden tragedy. Camila’s troubles worsen after revealing herself to the public.

26 Nov. 2019


The residents of Las Espadas are forever changed in the aftermath of the Dia de Esperanza tragedy.

27 Nov. 2019


Emma and Camila face an uphill battle against the residents of Las Espadas when they try to make amends for the Dia de Esperanza tragedy.

28 Nov. 2019

Guilt Kill

Camila’s tough facade begins to crack under the weight of her problems. Las Espadas is struck with another suspicious crime.

29 Nov. 2019


Camila’s effort to provide help for Las Espadas turns into a disaster when she and Emma face the wrath of the victims of the Dia De Esperanza tragedy.

2 Dec. 2019


Elias defends Emma against a man (Matt Evans) who wants to use her to exact revenge on Camila. Tessa finally meets her husband’s former lover.

3 Dec. 2019

Dark Secret

Luna learns about Vito and Camila’s secret. Ornusa finds herself in a dangerous situation.

4 Dec. 2019


Camila and Vito try to unearth the truth behind the alleged death of their long-lost daughter, Vida. Emma meets someone from her painful past.

5 Dec. 2019

Trust and Lies

Camila warns her friends about the possible cause of Rico’s and Ornusa’s deaths. Emma discovers what happened to Camila’s daughter during the prison fire.

6 Dec. 2019

True Vida

Camila finally reunites with her long-lost daughter.

9 Dec. 2019

Take Back

Luna refuses to accept that she is Camila’s daughter. One of Camila’s allies turns up dead in Las Espadas.

10 Dec. 2019


Camila wonders about the identity of the serial killer in Las Espadas after a video of Yen’s assailant surfaced online.

11 Dec. 2019

Serial Killer

Camila comes up with a plan in hopes of identifying the killer groom before he claims more victims who are connected to her.

12 Dec. 2019

Next in Line

Camila remains suspicious of Aurora despite failing to find proof of her involvement in the serial killings.

13 Dec. 2019

Friday the 13th

Camila races against time to save Manay Ichu from the hands of the killer groom. Elias resolves to find answers about his father.

16 Dec. 2019

The Killer Bride vs. Killer Groom

The truth behind the killer groom’s devious motives unfolds.

17 Dec. 2019


Camila challenges the Dela Torres to prove their innocence in the serial killings in Las Espadas.

18 Dec. 2019


Elias finds out what happened on the night he lost his family. Emma makes a shocking discovery about Matias (Manuel Chua).

19 Dec. 2019

Killer Facts

Determined to unmask the killer groom, Camila takes matters into her own hands and captures a person who worked for Luciano. Luna finds a way to keep Emma away from Elias.

20 Dec. 2019

Price to Pay

Emotions run high as Emma struggles to give in to Camila’s request. Iking makes a horrifying discovery about the evil spirits wandering around Las Espadas.

23 Dec. 2019

Choose One Only

Camila cannot help but worry as Luna and Emma suddenly turn up missing.

24 Dec. 2019

Noche bomba

Camila faces a tough decision as she tries to save Emma and Luna from bombs in two different locations.

25 Dec. 2019

Coming to Town

Elias learns who framed Camila for Javier’s death. Alice plots to use Emma against her adoptive mother.

26 Dec. 2019


Camila tries to manipulate Aurora into admitting what she knows about her unknown enemy.

27 Dec. 2019

Scared to Death

Because of Aurora’s ominous warning, Camila grows suspicious of the people around her. Alice finds a way to abduct one of Camila’s loved ones.

30 Dec. 2019

Bloody Torture

Revealing her true colors to Camila, Agnes endangers one of her enemy’s loved ones. Emma confronts Elias about her vague memory of him.

31 Dec. 2019

Bloody Countdown

Fabio tries to escape from the dangerous killer groom. Camila and Emma remain adamant in finding Fabio.

1 Jan. 2020

Bloody New Year

Enraged over Fabio’s demise, Emma blames Camila for her adoptive father’s tragic fate. Wanting to unmask the killer groom, Camila takes matters into her own hands.

2 Jan. 2020


Camila and Emma pay their last respects to Fabio. Intoy urges Elias to comfort Emma as she mourns her adoptive father’s death.

3 Jan. 2020

Bloody Caution

Elias accompanies Emma as she mourns Fabio’s unfortunate death. Iking receives a terrifying warning about Camila.

6 Jan. 2020

Deadly Secret

Camila comes upon a discovery that leads her closer to unearthing the killer groom’s identity. Elias finally tells Emma the truth he has been hiding in his heart.

7 Jan. 2020

Deadly Cover-up

Camila makes use of her tricks to pinpoint who among the Dela Torres is the killer groom. Iking warns Emma of a great danger that is shadowing Camila.

8 Jan. 2020

Deadly Offer

Camila’s hopes get crushed as the result of Luna’s DNA test comes out. Holding Matias captive, the killer groom takes advantage of Elias to get back at Camila.

9 Jan. 2020

Deadly Match

Alice and Camila engage in a deadly battle of wits as the two finally face off against each other.

10 Jan. 2020

Deadly End

Alice makes Camila suffer with a shocking revelation about Vida before sending her enemy to her doom.

13 Jan. 2020

Killer Fate

Camila’s loved ones struggle to accept her death while mourning over the tragedy that befell her.

14 Jan. 2020

Killer Return

Camila’s spirit begins to wreak her revenge against the people who have wronged her. Emma’s hopes for justice turn twisted as anger consumes her.

15 Jan. 2020

Killer Ghost

With Emma’s help, Camila finds a practical way to quench her thirst for justice and inflict havoc against her killer.

16 Jan. 2020

Ultimate Attack

Camila takes over Emma to get her revenge once and for all. Vito uncovers the key to stop his former lover’s destructive wrath.

17 Jan. 2020

Killer Finale

Camila finds peace within herself as she finally learns Vida’s true identity. Luis makes a heartbreaking move to put an end to Alice’s reign of terror.

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