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The Chloe, Dallas & Ryan Show
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The Chloe, Dallas & Ryan Show Season 1
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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of The Chloe, Dallas & Ryan Show with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

3 Nov. 2018

Outdoor Marriage Counseling

Outdoor Marriage Counseling is the latest trend in the hip and in the now. Well these two might break each other’s hip, right now.

10 Nov. 2018

The Next Mayor of Los Angeles

Chloe Brewer, Dallas Ryan, and Ryan Vania are your three candidates running for the Mayor of Los Angeles. The candidates face off and stick only to the most important topics. Nunchucks, Pepper Spray, and Battle Axes. Oh and the children.

17 Nov. 2018

The Conspiracy Theorists

The conspiracy theorists are in town to lay down their latest vitriol of theories. These two have taken every hallucinogen this side of the Mississippi and they’re not satisfied until they’ve tried every drug from A to Z. They’re on J right now.

17 Nov. 2018

Interview with Melany Moulholihan

Ben and Mick are two stalkers-fans…Fans. Ben and Mick are two fans of runner extraordinaire Melany Moulholihan, and they finally find a microphone, which doesn’t work, to interview Melany about her big race against young kids. Melany’s motto is ‘it’s about winning and the goat milk.’

24 Nov. 2018

Best Friends Dog Robots

These two best friends are in it to win it. They long to become certified dog sitters, but then learn that Robots are much more lucrative and the wave of the future. Perhaps even crossing the two into DOG ROBOTS. Watch as they discuss their brilliant plan.

29 Nov. 2018

Melany’s Thoughts on Bridget & Eleanor

Runner extraordinaire Melany Moulahloholahhaalinhan (just like it sounds) talks about her competition. ‘Bridgettt’ can suck on it and ‘Eleanor’ can eat her dust cuz Eleanor will be with the dirt very soon. Melany is a model human being who we all could learn from…on how to take steroids correctly.

29 Nov. 2018

Alternate Universe Interview with Melany

A crazy, mystic, alternate universe filled with joy and mysticism and all kinds of good crap. The same exact interview at the same exact time. Yet in a different universe. A wondermental multi-verse. Who would’ve thunk it were possible. Well it were.

7 Dec. 2018

CKY? No. CDR? Yes

The folks at CDR are back and they’re bad. NO literally bad as they create their first montage ever, and have fun doing it. Watch and learn about the worlds greatest mime.

15 Dec. 2018

Melany’s Take on Beer & Milk

Runner extraordinairre Melany Moulaiahileiaheanhannnaieedh(just like it sounds) gives her take on what it takes to be a perfect racer which is drink the beer and milk WHILE running. Who would have known the perfect runner would have to drink both at the same time. Take that Bridgette.

22 Dec. 2018

Children Around the World

This year children around the world are coming together to promote world peace, unity and moustache cream. Children from Toad Suck, Arkansas to Santa Claus, Indiana are coming to together to teach all of us a very valuable lesson. Let’s listen to them shall we.

28 Dec. 2018

Test Audience

A test audience was invited to the show and they loved it. Real laughs from a real audience. Not laughs from some laugh track downloaded from YouTube in a pathetic attempt to get laughs. No. These are the real deal people.

4 Jan. 2019

Bizarro World CDR

CDR is back into the bizarro world that they know and love so dear. It’s a world of fascination mixed with hope, dreams, and all that other cool stuff that people love. You know, seven little squirrels sitting on a branch, that old children’s song.

11 Jan. 2019


In this last episode of CDR, the outtakes are uh comin and Season 2 will be well on it’s way. Will they get paid this time? Maybe, hopefully, but if not, it’s a wild, fun ride to season 2. That’s what she said…Bridget.

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