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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Tejina Senpai with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

2 Jul. 2019

The Unknown Sempai, Sempai in a Box, Sempai Calls, Sempai and the Pigeon

A first-year high school boy is forced to pick a school club to join when he stumbles upon his Sempai practicing a magic trick. However, upon finding herself with an audience, she gets stage fright and can’t complete any of her magic tricks successfully. The same boy later finds himself drafted as the Assistant while Sempai tries to recruit new club members. The Assistant is called to the club room where Sempai has baked him some bread, but he immediately suspects her of testing a new trick. Sempai tries to show off her new white pigeon, but can’t control it.

9 Jul. 2019

Sempai Bends, Impenetrable Sempai, Sempai Shifts Responsibility, The Lady Who Stinks at Magic, Sempai Gets Serious

The Assistant does a spoon-bending trick that Sempai fails at, despite explaining it to him. Sempai attempts a coin penetration trick, but keeps losing the coin in difficult spots. Sempai shows off “Behemoth-kun,” a stuffed toy weasel. Sempai utterly fails at magic tricks in front of some kids in the park. Sempai locks her Assistant in the club room when she discovers he hasn’t officially signed up for the Magic Club yet.

16 Jul. 2019

Sempai Says No/Sempai’s Quick Draw/Conquering Sempai/Kimono Sempai/Sempai Off Campus

Sempai hands in her Assistant’s club form to his homeroom teacher, who happens to be Sempai’s older sister. Sempai tests her Assistant’s skill to try to act superior over him. Sempai tries to conquer her stage fright. Sempai puts on a kimono to do traditional Japanese magic. Sempai attempts to perform magic with wild pigeons in the park.

23 Jul. 2019

Celebrating Sempai/Scouting Sempai/Pigeon, Pigeon, and Sempai/Sempai Finishes the Job/Magic Club Sempai

Sempai tries to celebrate her Assistant’s one-month anniversary since joining the club when her Sister informs her that the Magic Club is not official because it doesn’t have enough members. Assistant tries to join another club but can’t escape his Sempai. Sempai introduces two new white pigeons. Sempai tries to do a sword box trick. Sempai is able to successfully perform magic by herself until her Assistant comes in and announces he’s joined the Chemistry Club.

30 Jul. 2019

Observers and Sempai/Onion Sempai/Chemistry Sempai/Unexpected Sempai/Inviting Sempai

Assistant dreads the potential arrival of a couple girls who want to observe the Magic Club. Sempai tests out a new quick-change trick as her Sister puts her in increasingly skimpy outfits. Madara uses her science knowledge to show off tricks to the Assistant. Sempai tries to surprise Assistant from inside a box. Sempai invites Assistant into her home.

6 Aug. 2019

Unknown Sempai/Gyaru-Pan Sempai/Measuring Sempai/Suspicious Sempai

Saki, a senior student, announces her intent to take over the Magic Club with her “street performance” tricks. Saki introduces her brother, Ma-kun, to the club, though he is less enthused about joining. Sempai tries to show off her own magic tricks in response and fails, when her Sister announces she’s decided to become the Magic Club’s advisor. Sempai tries to practice hypnotism on her Assistant.

13 Aug. 2019

Creative Sempai/Fund-Raising Sempai/Pool Sempai/Overcoming Sempai

Saki and Sempai each try to bake cookies for Ma-kun and Assistant, respectively. The Magic Club tries to raise funds in a nearby park. Sempai wants to demonstrate an underwater magic trick. Assistant tries to help Sempai overcome her stage fright again.

20 Aug. 2019

Chinese Sempai/Mentalist Sempai/Mikan Sempai/Internet Sempai/Delivery Sempai

Sempai attempts to uncover the secrets of Bian Lian with the Magic Club. Sempai practices mentalism with her Assistant. Sempai has too many mikan. Sempai makes a webpage for the Magic Club. The Magic Club is invited to a local nursery school.

27 Aug. 2019

Biased Sempai/Make-Up Exam Sempai/Ice Cream Sempai/Swimsuit Sempai

Sempai attempts a mind-reading trick. Sempai and Saki play a counting game while waiting to take a make-up exam. The Magic Club get together during summer break. The Magic Club goes shopping for swimsuits.

3 Sep. 2019

Beach Sempai/Crab Sempai/Watermelon Sempai/Fireworks Sempai

The Magic Club hits the beach in their new swimsuits. Assistant runs into Madara on the same beach. Assistant invites Madara to the Magic Club’s watermelon splitting game. Sempai tries to demonstrate some fire magic tricks.

10 Sep. 2019

Four Balls Sempai/Ventriloquism Sempai/Tailing Sempai

Sempai practices magic tricks with four balls. Saki practices ventriloquism with a hand puppet of her brother. The rest of the Magic Club tail Sempai after school to find out if she has a boyfriend.

17 Sep. 2019

Growing Sempai/Unfailing Sempai/Competitive Sempai/Silent Sempai/Bunny Sempai

Saki teaches the club how to make balloon shapes. Sempai tries to prove her skills to her Assistant again. Madara shows off more tricks with her science knowledge. Sempai tries to practice magic while Assistant sleeps in the club room. Sempai tries to beat her stage fright by dressing in a sexy bunny costume.

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