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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Skyldig with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

24 May 2019

Hvem har sat ild til skolen?

Jonas and his two friends Kristian and Signe are taken into questioning after a fire has started on their school.

25 May 2019

En modig plan

The Police has a video of the school fire with Jonas’, Kristians and Signes voices in the background. Jonas tries to explain that it has to be an edited video.

26 May 2019

Venskab eller Guldtuben

It’s time for Kristian’s questioning. His story doesn’t match with what Jonas has previously told the police.

27 May 2019

Carlas trøje brænder

Jonas tries to explain the video of the burning shirt to the Police officer, however his story of wanting to help Carla doesn’t match with what is shown on the video on YouTube.

31 May 2019

Hvem har sladret?

The Police has found Carla handcuffed in the fire, and it’s Signes turn for questioning. She explains how they used Jonas video to try to win the tickets in Andreas’ competition.

1 Jun. 2019

Indbrud på kontoret

Kristian and Signe has agreed to make the video for Andreas, now they only need to convince Jonas. Jonas agrees to get a spanner from the janitors office, but then Carla sends a text, giving him second thoughts.

2 Jun. 2019

Hvad har jeg gjort?

Jonas does his best to keep Carla from riding her bike after Kristian and Signe has loosened the wheel. Carla sense that something is wrong, when Jonas anxiously looks around and coming with odd excuses.

3 Jun. 2019

Alene med Flora

Flora is visiting Jonas, and has something important to ask him. Has she finally realized that Andreas is a jerk?

7 Jun. 2019

Andreas går amok

The Police has found a damaged at the school and accuse Jonas of being the one who have done it. Jonas tries to explain that it’s Andreas who’s done it, because he saw Jonas and Flora bump their heads.

8 Jun. 2019

Ulovligt til Guldtuben

Andreas has promised Kristian and Signe tickets to “Guldtuben” if they provide a naked photo of Flora. The Police knows that Kristian has been in the girl’s changing room, but he insists that it wasn’t him who took the photo.

9 Jun. 2019

Nøgenfoto i omklædningen

When questioned Signe admits that she was in the changing room, but both her and Kristian denies to have taken the photo.

10 Jun. 2019

Udstillet på Insta

Jonas is going on a date with Flora, and they meet at her place. She tells him that a surprise waits for him at her bedroom. The Police claim that Jonas shared the photo of Flora.

14 Jun. 2019

Lyver Andreas?

The Police has found Andreas and start their questioning. Something in his story does not match with what Jonas, Kristian and Signe previous has told. He tries to convince the Police that Jonas may not be as innocent as he appears.

15 Jun. 2019

Jonas smadrer mobiler

Everyone at school believes that Jonas posted the photo of Flora. After reading the text on Andreas phone, Jonas is convinced that Kristian and Signe is involved, and are now hiding.

16 Jun. 2019

Jonas vil slås

Jonas as furious that everyone believe that he is behind the photo of Flora. He is certain that Andreas is behind, so he confronts him in front of the entire school.

17 Jun. 2019

Kun én ven tilbage

Jonas has become an outcast at school, with everyone believing he is behind the photo of Flora. Only Carla believe that he is innocent. Will she be able to help him prove it?

21 Jun. 2019

Hacker efter nøgenbillede

After Jonas has learned that Carla can hack, and that she is willing to help him, he needs to get access to Andreas’ computer. Then plan is to monitor Andreas, but they need to be quick, to not get caught.

22 Jun. 2019

Det var dig, Jonas!

The Police are using cell tower information, in order to determine where Jonas and the others were during the fire, while Jonas and Andreas each accuse the other for being behind it.

23 Jun. 2019

Andreas’ hævn

The Police has found more evidence pointing to Jonas. Jonas does his best to explain what happened between him and Carla in the cinema.

24 Jun. 2019

Venner eller kærester?

Jonas and Carla are not alone in the cinema. Andreas and Flora has also shown up for the movie. Carla is having a great time, however Jonas is more interested in what’s going on between Andreas and Flora.

28 Jun. 2019

Jonas flygter

Carla has told the Police that Jonas started the fire. Jonas doesn’t understand why she would tell them that and is determined to find out why.

29 Jun. 2019

Hvem er efter Carla?

Jonas is on the run from the Police. He really needs to talk to Carla, to figure out why she is lying and what really happened at the school.

30 Jun. 2019

Hvem gjorde det?

Jonas doesn’t understand what is going on. Who is after Carla, why is her phone signed into Andreas’ YouTube channel and why does she keep saying that Jonas is behind the fire?

1 Jul. 2019

Hvad gør vi nu?

Jonas is faced with a difficult choice: Should he take the blame for the fire because of what he’s done to Carla, or tell the truth?

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