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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Sevgili Geçmis with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

25 Oct. 2019

Episode #1.1

Three sisters separated at birth, do not even know of the others existence. One day each one receives a secretive letter and they meet at the wedding of one of the sisters. But on that wedding night they are going to find themselves in a totally unexpected situation. One is a doctor, one is a musician, and the other – the owner of a huge vineyard. Three sisters, after that night, where on that faithful night in the beautiful village of Günesli Bahçe are now forced to live together and none of them can leave. Due to a crisis, comes this forceful situation, the sisters …

1 Nov. 2019

Kötü Insanlar Degiliz

Following Tekin’s death Ipek and Deren are totally devastated and do not know what they are going to do. In spite of everything that has happened Azra continues to try and maintain her cold non worrisome attitude. First the wedding and after being attacked by Refik’s men, Sinan has a real problem with Tekin Malik. He starts to try and find him and confront him with what has happened but he is no where to be found. The fact that Sinan is so adamant about finding Tekin thus putting the girls into a difficult position. Deren who returns back to Izmir and back to the …

8 Nov. 2019

Ask mi, Mantik mi?

With Sinan being taken into custody the speculations around Ipek and her sisters subside for now. However Ipek who along with the others knows that Sinan is innocent is very uncomfortable with this situations. Deren is after the files that will take them to their biological parents and give them information on their pasts. Kenan makes his move to help Deren in this endeavor. Azra comes up with a new plan that will insure that everyone’s suspicious regarding the three girls will be totally eliminated. She goes to Izmir with Mahir. But when Azra and Çilem run into one …

15 Nov. 2019

Yalan Ile Yasanir mi

Ipek is now in a very difficult position with the factory being burned down, and all of the merchandise now ruined. The girls do all that they can to try and find the money. Deren is very much aware that in order to help her sister she is going to have to sacrifice very much. Kenan is busy trying to find out who burned the factory down. Cemail waits anxiously outside the prison for Cahide’s release, but the horrific news that he receives forces him to leave and go home to try and save Çilem. Cahide is released from prison. In order to insure that Cemal does not hurt …

22 Nov. 2019

Aile Olmak Için

In the end Cemal has found Cahide. Cahide wants to learn from Cemal where her girls are, however she does not ask him. In order for no one else to get hurt, Azra makes the decision to stay with Okan. Even though both Ipek and Deren reach out to her, they cannot convince Azra to return. Cahide who has been unable to learn from Cemal where her girls are, she asks Afet for her help since she is staying with her. As soon as Afet learns that Cahide is Ipek’s biological mother, she starts searching for a way to get her leave Günesli Bahçe. Cemal confronts Cahide. He …

29 Nov. 2019

O Bizim Annemiz

Cahide is finally reunited with her girls, however acceptance from the girls is not going to be that easy. To make matters even worse, she cannot confess to them that she did not kill her husband, that Cemal is the actual murderer. This is all because Cemal continues to threaten her. Ipek and Deren do not know how to behave or act with their mother now being in their lives, however Çilem has made her feelings quite obvious, she has absolutely no intention of accepting Cahide as her mother as long as she lives. Cahide has finally found a way to be rid of Cemal once and…

6 Dec. 2019

Sana Asik Oldum

Once Cemal notifies the police for the location where Tekin Malik’s car can be found, he has now really squeezed Cahide into a corner. He offers Cahide two choices – either she is going to marry him or her girls are going to jail. Sinan has learned that the girls murdered Tekin Malik. Ipek cannot figure out whether Sinan is going to turn them over to the police. Sinan disappears without saying a word. When the police arrive at the big house, Ipek and the girls assume that Sinan has turned them into the police. Cahide has put a plan together in order to get rid of …

13 Dec. 2019

Episode #1.8

Cemal learns that the girls are aware of Cahide’s plans and that they also are part of this game. Cahide and the girls are now squeezed into a corner. The only thing that they want to do is to not make anything obvious to Cemal and to be able to just leave the country. In order to accomplish this Sinan helps them out. Cemal just decides to move into the big house and he turns the lives of Cahide and the girls into hell. When he learns of their plan to escape, the girls are all about to get onto the boat. As Cemal is trying to reach the girls before is too late, Kenan …

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