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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Sefirin Kizi with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

16 Dec. 2019


Sancar, a poor worker’s son, while still a young child falls in love with Nare, the daughter of an Ambassador who came to Bodrum for holidays. These two opposite children love each other very much and fight for their love for years. Eventually the girl runs to the boy, but on the night of their reunion Nare suddenly disappears. No one ever sees her again. Some says that she fell into the sea and died, others said that the Ambassador’s daughter runaway to Europe. One man writes a song for them, he says that the Ambassador’s daughter turned into a bird and flew away. …

23 Dec. 2019

Efem ala boyanmis, kaniyor her yani.

Nare, who climbed up to the edge of the cliff for her daughter, comes down of that cliff again for her daughter. When coming down she leaves the seashell which were a symbol of an engagement ring and the red belt that she has been hiding for years at Sancar’s feet. Nare is finished with both the epic story and Sancar. Nare, who finds out that the man she though she killed is alive and will not going to jail, now has one purpose. She will take her daughter back from Sancar and make this land, which is like hell for the Ambassador’s daughter and the worker’s son, to …

30 Dec. 2019

Adini anmayacagima Nasuh Tövbesi olsun mu?

When the Ambassador kidnaps Melek, Sancar and Nare follow their daughter to Podgoridca, Montenegro. When they find themselves in a different world, they leave everyone behind, declare a truce for their daughter and steal one day and a night from their fate. Sometimes this journey is a dream that they are together, and sometimes journey is a nightmare where they seek their daughter. On the one hand are the memories that they can not escape from, on the other hand are some realities that emerged, but most important is the adventure that each of them is fighting from …

13 Jan. 2020

Bana memleket olmadin, kizima ol.

When Nare learns that Sancar returned home with Menekse she wipes away the proof of their marriage engraved into the olive tree, erasing any sign of the epic love. From this point forward there is no longer Sancar’s Nare, there is just Nare plain and simple. From now on Nare is just going to be a mother to her daughter, she will reject any interaction or connection with Sancar other than their mutual daughter. Insted of living an epic lie, she is going to create a fairy tale life for her daughter. But Nare has a huge obstacle before her. She must work, she must find a…

20 Jan. 2020

Biz o enkazin altinda kaldik.

After Sancar utters the words “not to your death, not to mine” this now means that Gediz is dead for Sancar and in addition to burying the ambassador’s daughter into the deep dark part of his heart, he has now put Gediz there as well. His best man, his partner in fate, his partner in crime Sancar Efe is no longer, and Gediz cannot carry this burden. The breakup of Gediz and Sancar does not only effect the two men. This also means that the partnership formed many years ago with the two doing everything hand in hand is also over. In addition to the “Yörük Toyu” that was…

27 Jan. 2020

Ben sana suçluyken bile inandim.

Sancar says “Partnership continues, friendship is over”, but fate laughs in this separation decision. If we look at fate, the two friends will spend years side by side in a same prison cell. Because of the Ambassador’s game the two best friends couldn’t part ways, but there is one last thing they have to partner in before going to jail and it is finding those who attacked Nare. Until they find the responsible persons they do not even think about family nor for the years they will spend in prison. When all assets of Sancar and Gediz are confiscated, Efeoglu family …

3 Feb. 2020

Arkadaslar uykularda uyansin.

As the two best friends go to prison, their mind is on Nare. Necdet is still out on loose and Nare is still in danger while they are behind bars with their hands tied, and the only thing they are able to do is take their frustration out on each other hurting each other in the process. Sancar does everything that he has to do and guarantees that Necdet is caught and then sentenced to be in the same cell. When he learns that it was his mother who hired Necdet his entire world falls apart. He has been stabbed in the back one more time. As these two best friends start to …

10 Feb. 2020

Bana niye mektup yazmadin?

Sancar goes mad when he learns that Nare has taken Melek away. The only thing that hurt him is not his daughter’s absence. The Ambassador’s daughter left him once again, as in the past. This time however betraying their history of writing letters to each other, she did not write him a letter but instead wrote the letter to Gediz. He tries to take out the pain of this betrayal on the letters he has kept for years. Nare, who believes that Akin is her own plague and tries to keep this microbe from spreading to others, succeeds in her plan. Akin soon discovers that Nare …

17 Feb. 2020

Kimse sana inanmak istemez.

The best friend punishes his friend because Akin’s name was used in the same sentence with Nare’s name, Gediz goes completely mad when he hears that his sister’s name is used in the same sentence as that filth as well. He takes out his anger by punching Sancar. Sancar does not fight back Gediz’s punches, and accepts the punishment. But he does not hesitate to track down Müge as he is sure that she is the mole. Of course, by hiding from Gediz. At the same time, Nare is also after Müge secretly from Gediz, and she is trying to show Akin’s true face to Müge. The paths of…

24 Feb. 2020

Sen mi bana kiydin, ben mi sana kiydim?

Sancar enters a path where he can find the truth by himself. He is tired of being a game player. He will throw the tie in his eyes. He is not ready for what he will see, but there is no way back. Nare, on the other hand, is trying to protect Sancar, to whom she shouted the facts years ago, from the same facts. Her father, Güven, is about to make a deal with Sancar for a big amount of money to tell Akin’s place. Nare’s only remedy is to get Gediz to participate in this auction organized by her father for Akin. Gediz redistributes the cards and brings a new breath to …

2 Mar. 2020

Delirme, delirince geçmiyor.

In spite Nare’s entire struggle, Sancar is one step away from the truth. He is face to face with Isabel in the mental hospital where Nare stayed with her baby eight years ago in Switzerland. It is Sancar who asks Isabel questions, but it would be Gediz to found the answers. Nare finally trusts Gediz enough to share all her secrets and tell him about her days in the mental hospital. Isabel tells Sancar a new tale, she tells him about Shakespeare’s Othello. Sancar is very shocked when he learns that Othello killed his wife with the poison of the suspicions. Moreover, …

9 Mar. 2020

Uzun ince bir yoldayim

Sancar and Akin are on a same path walking towards each other. Nare and Gediz, on the other hand, are doing whatever they can in order to avoid them to crossing paths. Akin, who has no limit in using people’s weaknesses, pretends to be lame and pulls Zehra into his trap step by step. Zehra’s excitement of finding a destiny partner, hurts Kavruk the most. While Akin sets a trap for Zehra, a trap is also set up for him. Güven and Kerem form an alliance to sell off to the highest bidder Akin’s dirty laundry. If Nare and Gediz win the auction, Akin will end up in prison, …

16 Mar. 2020

Ben senin katilin olmusum

When Sancar says “Nare” is like Nare starts to breath again after years, but she hears the voice of mercy, not justice. Sancar, who banished her years ago, is now suffering with the regret of pain as she puts his head to her chest. Two souls cry together and bleed together. But neither can Nare forgive Sancar, nor Sancar Efe himself. Sancar breaks the pencil of both Akin and himself in the court of conscience. He begins to search for Akin with his full power. Akin, on the other hand, suffers the biggest torture in the hands of Müge. Menekse throws a huge shade against…

23 Mar. 2020

Kizinin elinden tut

A fierce battle begins between Sancar and Nare. Sancar is sworn to take revenge, while Nare vows not to take revenge on Sancar. Nare stops playing soft and attacks Sancar with his rifle. Melek will not be a fatherless girl like her mother. Every way to make Sancar not a killer is permissible. For this, she even risks staying in the mansion. Sancar, on the other hand, responds to Nare’s war with the same determination. On the way to the end, he begins to close all his accounts. His only purpose is to guarantee everyone in his absence. First of all, Nare with her …

Öfkeli bir çocuga daha fazla eyvallahim yok

Gediz discourages Sancar from being a murderer, but this time he is defeated by his anger towards Akin. The loads he always throws him out and he is on the verge of being a murderer. Sancar understands that his biggest test is to give life, not to take life. He learns that Menekse is pregnant and is devastated. Menekse returns to the mansion and collapses like a nightmare on the people in the mansion, using the danger of miscarriage. But Gülsey also has nightmarish plans for her. When Nare gets the news of Menekse’s pregnancy from Sancar, she experiences a great …

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