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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Sarkanais Mezs with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

2 Mar. 2019


London, 1949. The MI6 is looking for information on the Soviet controlled Baltic States. Integrated into the society, emigrant and ex-soldier Vitolds Rekis is living an ordinary life looking forward to his wedding with bride Velta and potentially moving to the States. However, his plans soon change when he’s invited to join a secret operation in his homeland. Based on real events.

2 Mar. 2019


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9 Mar. 2019

Vai Seit Var Dabut Alu?

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16 Mar. 2019


The wait is weighing down on Rubenis and his suspicions are growing. Vitolds sneaks out of the apartment in search of signs of his lost family. Vitolds and Rubenis are invited to meet with the leaders of the underground nationalist organization, as long as they oblige to their rules and demands.

23 Mar. 2019


A partisan informant leads Vitold and Rubenis to the forest where they meet his commander Leons. Leons doesn’t trust his guests and a conflict seems to rise between him and Rubenis, but as Vitolds tries to stop it, the hideout is surrounded by a third party.

30 Mar. 2019


The VAK begin sweeping the forests. Leons plans an attack towards a military warehouse and invites Vitold and Rubenis to join, but the agents need permission from the British. A conflict arises at the embassy.

6 Apr. 2019


Leons and the group attack the warehouse at dawn. Rubenis goes missing during the attack. Vitolds wants to go search for him, but he gets into and argument with Leons, who doesn’t let him abandon the group. Puika, the group’s scout, brings unexpected news.

13 Apr. 2019


London’s demanding information about a nuclear project. Vitolds is asked to meet Barons, the leader of an entire nationalist network. The VDK leadership is furious after the trail to the partisan group goes cold. Leons hideout is surrounded by armed forces and a firefight ensues.

20 Apr. 2019


Vitolds’ message is sent to Barons. London is preparing for evidence pointing to the production of a nuclear bomb in the Soviet Union. Ligita’s attacked late in the night.

27 Apr. 2019


“Barons” is delivered to London. Silarajs tries to find out more about the Soviet nuclear project. The presence of Barons gives the community of Latvian exiles new hope. Vitolds goes back to Riga in search of his sister. Ligita joins him and goes to the local orphanage. A familiar face passes Vitolds in the stairwell and it makes him question his mental well-being.

11 May 2019


Velta goes on a date with Leons and grows suspicious of him. She informs Silarajas of his odd behavior. The water sample is tested and deemed fabricated. Leons is interrogated and confesses to working with the soviets. Vitolds goes to the orphanage in hopes of seeing his sister but is confronted by colonel Mihelsons of the VDK.

11 May 2019


Vitolds is held captive and interrogated by the VDK. He offers information in exchange for his sister and convinces Sir Mihelsons to let him stay in contact with the British. Leons is sent back to Latvia on a new mission and used as bait in finding the soviet informant in the embassy in London. Vitolds’ sister is delivered to Mr. Zarins under Vitolds ultimatum. Vitold confesses to colonel Mihelsons he doesn’t have any information and that Mihelsons has been played. Vitolds is sent to a rehabilitation camp in Moscow. A couple months later the soviets trade him for …

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