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Saikometeuri Geunyeoseok Season 1
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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Saikometeuri Geunyeoseok with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

11 Mar. 2019

Episode #1.1

Lee Ahn is at his final year of high school. He is exploring his psychometric abilities. Jae-in is a girl who has very hard life, tainted with her family past. She switches to Lee Ahn school. They have extremely bad start.

12 Mar. 2019

Episode #1.2

While trying to proove Lee Ahn is not guilty for stealing math tests, Jae-in cames to realization that she also accused him wrongly.

18 Mar. 2019

Episode #1.3

We got to know more about Ahn and Jae-in’s connecting from childhood, while they get closer, and start to understand each other.

19 Mar. 2019

Episode #1.4

Two years later, Ahn is studying to be a lawyers. He hasn’t seen Jae-in since the day she left him a psychometric message before she tun away. Now they meet again, and he finds out she’s a police office. Ji-soo still carries a tourch for Sung-mo, but he either doesn’t get it, or doesn’t care about it. Ji-soo’s father is upset with her not getting married, and that results in him scolding her over work. New case ties to an old one.

25 Mar. 2019

Episode #1.5

On the anniversary of the apartment fire prosecutor Seong-mo asks Jae-in to help Ahn develop his psychometric skills. A car chase puts Ahn in danger and the prosecutor and detective discover another clue.

26 Mar. 2019

Episode #1.6

Jae-in agrees to help Ahn study and they work with the detective to identify who murdered the woman in the suitcase. Jae-in gets a distressing phone call.

1 Apr. 2019

Episode #1.7

Jae-in visits her father with Ahn. They both discover the involvement of a company and chaos ensues when they visit. Seong-mo and detective Ji-soo seek help from the chief.

2 Apr. 2019

Episode #1.8

With the raid on the company complete the team must sort through the evidence and witnesses. The chief appears to be involved more than he should. Ahn continues to study, this time with Seong-mo’s dictionary.

8 Apr. 2019

Episode #1.9

The history between Ahn and Dae-bong’s friendship is revealed and Dae-bong helps out So-hyun. Ahn and Jae-in go on a date. The prosecutor and detective work out the identity of the woman in the care home.

9 Apr. 2019

Episode #1.10

Ahn and Jae-in finally discover their shared history. Ji-soo wants to reinvestigate the apartment fire against her father’s wishes and Seong-mo takes leave from his position.

15 Apr. 2019

Episode #1.11

Jae-in and Ahn reconcile at the hospital and the hunt for the true culprit heats up with Ji-soo, Jae-in and Ahn working together. Seong-mo is still working alone.

16 Apr. 2019

Episode #1.12

More of Seong-mo’s painful past is revealed. Lieutenant Nam’s connection to the mystery is disclosed. Ahn and Jae-in discover the ghost stations.

22 Apr. 2019

Episode #1.13

Seong-mo confronts his father and Ji-soo gets hurt in the line of duty. Ahn finally catches Geun-taek but his psychometric powers discover a shocking secret. Jae-in interviews Seong-mo’s mother.

23 Apr. 2019

Episode #1.14

Lieutenant Nam now leads the investigation and finds out about Ahn’s gift. They decide the best way to catch Geun-taek is to track Seong-mo.

29 Apr. 2019

Episode #1.15

Seong-mo returns and takes custody of his mother. Ahn gets a read on Seong-mo and he, Jae-in and Lam race against the clock to locate Geun-taek.

30 Apr. 2019

Episode #1.16

Ahn’s psychometric gift takes a physical toll on him as he learns the truth behind the murders and fire at the apartment building. Punishment comes to those in the end and one year later we see how relationships are going.

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