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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Sa-rang-eui bul-sa-chak with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

23 Nov. 2019

Episode #1.1

Knocked out by fierce winds while paragliding through the air, Yoon Se Ri wakes up on the north side of the Korean DMZ, where Ri Jung Hyuk finds her. (Source: Netflix)

24 Nov. 2019

Episode #1.2

After talking Jung Hyuk and his comrades into hiding her in his home, Se Ri gets a taste of his way of life. Goo Seung Joon buys refuge in Pyongyang. (Source: Netflix)

30 Nov. 2019

Episode #1.3

Jung Hyuk invents a bold background story for Se Ri, but Jo Cheol Kang isn’t so easy to fool. Seo Dan returns to North Korea. (Source: Netflix)

1 Dec. 2019

Episode #1.4

When her escape plan falls through, Se Ri turns to another idea for a way out. Dan heads to the village to see Jung Hyuk. (Source: Netflix)

7 Dec. 2019

Episode #1.5

Jung Hyuk agrees to marry Dan sooner, as his parents wish, but they must do him a favor first. Seung Joon catches a glimpse of Se Ri. (Source: Netflix)

8 Dec. 2019

Episode #1.6

Dan is less than happy when she hears Jung Hyuk and Se Ri are at a hotel together. Meanwhile, Seung Joon plays what cards he has to save himself. (Source: Netflix)

14 Dec. 2019

Episode #1.7

A flight out of North Korea awaits Se Ri at the airport. But unwilling to leave Jung Hyuk while he’s injured, she brings him to the hospital instead. (Source: Netflix)

15 Dec. 2019

Episode #1.8

Keeping Jung Hyuk away from Se Ri turns out to be much more difficult than Seung Joon anticipated. Jo Cheol Kang stays on their tail. (Source: Netflix)

21 Dec. 2019

Episode #1.9

Se Ri faces her kidnapper. Elsewhere, Jung Hyuk is forced to spread a formidable rumor about himself in order to escape Cheol Kang’s clutches. (Source: Netflix)

22 Dec. 2019

Episode #1.10

Back to her cushy life in the spotlight, Se Ri takes care of business though nothing feels quite the same. Jung Hyuk goes after Cheol Kang. (Source: Netflix)

28 Dec. 2019

Episode #1.11

It’s Jung Hyuk’s turn to adjust to a new world. Back in North Korea, Dan gives Seung Joon a place to stay after he loses his protection. (Source: Netflix)

29 Dec. 2019

Episode #1.12

Hoping to meet Jung Hyuk, his comrades attend an event hosted by Se Ri’s company. Seung Joon opens up to Dan over a bowl of rice porridge. (Source: Netflix)

4 Jan. 2020

Episode #1.13

Se Ri sends the comrades on a shopping spree, and plays hooky from work with Jung Hyuk. Jeong Man Bok encounters a dilemma. (Source: Netflix)

5 Jan. 2020

Episode #1.14

While Jung Hyk keeps watch over Se Ri, his comrades make themselves useful. Seung Joon can’t stop worrying about Dan. (Source: Netflix)

11 Jan. 2020

Episode #1.15

South Korean officials try to figure out what’s going on, but they’re given conflicting stories. Seung Joon flees from his captors. (Source: Netflix)

12 Jan. 2020

Episode #1.16

Before departing, Jung Hyuk leaves behind a surprise that keeps on giving. Dan delivers bittersweet justice. (Source: Netflix)

4 Jan. 2020


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5 Jan. 2020

Special II

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25 Jan. 2020

Special III

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