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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Ricky Zoom with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

26 Jun. 2019

Flat Out Awesome/Ricky’s Rescue Coaching Badge

Loop gets a flat tire on the way to a Steel Awesome stunt show. / Ricky is overeager when he and the buddies visit Hank and Helen to get their rescue badges.

26 Jun. 2019

The Most Amazing Thing Put in a Box Ever/The New Rescue Tool

Worried that he always messes things up, Loop is determined to be true to his word. / Ricky accidentally believes his father’s new rescue ramp is a toy from a breakfast cereal contest.

26 Jun. 2019

New Bike on the Block/Little Buster Bunker

Ricky starts pretending to be someone he’s not when his friends seem to like his cousin Dasher better than him. / Officer Bunker’s grandson Buster learns from Toot that some rules can be broken, and some are there for a good reason.

26 Jun. 2019

Ricky Wobbles/The Out of Controller

Ricky and the buddies are performing at Steel Awesome Fest. / The Bike Buddies recreate a remote “controller” from a Steel Awesome movie.

26 Jun. 2019

The Wheelford Wheeler/Ricky’s Role Model

Maxwell tells the buddies about the famous masked rescue racer, The Wheelford Wheeler. / Ricky and the buddies are asked to choose their heroes as part of a school project.

16 Sep. 2019

Ricky Blows Away the Competition/Blip Delivers

Ricky helps a midget motorbike build a kite. Ricky and the bike buddies assist Blip in delivering the pizzas.

17 Sep. 2019

Starring Ricky/True Loopness

Ricky wants to take a video of his home city, but the antics of a mechanical eggplant keep getting in the picture. Loop needs to have a photograph of himself to give to his father.

18 Sep. 2019

Tired and True/Scootio Changes Lanes

Ricky has a mechanical appointment arranged for him, but he is afraid and tries to stay away from it. Scootio has been assigned to lead the bike buddies in painting broken white lines on a motorcycle race track.

21 Oct. 2019

Problem at Windshield Point/Two Wheel Justice

A cell site malfunctions, thus affecting various telecommunications in the city. Officer Bunker hires Ricky and the bike buddies to be his deputies.

22 Oct. 2019

Super Awesome Magnet/Time Capsule

Ricky and the bike buddies collect scrap metal using a big magnet which, after some careless pressing, starts to pick up things relentlessly. Ricky puts his old ball in a time capsule, but later regrets doing so and wants it back, only to find out that Loop buried the capsule somewhere.

23 Oct. 2019

Ricky’s on a Roll/Rock the Float

Ricky gets trapped in a glass ball that starts to roll across the city. When their school float gets lost, Ricky and the bike buddies decide to make a new one.

24 Oct. 2019

The Mega-Whirely-Leap/Trike Trials

Ricky specializes on a bike stunt which catches the attention of his hero Steel Awesome to see it. D.J. is unable to fit through the entrance of the playground, thus his friends decide to remodel the place.

25 Oct. 2019

Wheeloween/Zoom Encounters

A ghostly motorcycle runs across the city, and takes candy from whoever it spooks. Scootio’s flying drone suddenly refuses to obey her, and begins causing mischief around.

10 Dec. 2019

SantaCycle Down/Shining

An anthropomorphic version of Santa Claus plunges to the ground, and it’s up to the four young bikes to assist him. For the city’s light show, Scootio wants to replace the platform’s lighting device with a fancier one.

13 Jan. 2020

Ramp It Up

Ricky is being assigned by his mother to take and watch Toot at the playground.

14 Jan. 2020

Toot & the Wheelies

Toot wants to take Ricky to do a dance activity with her, but Ricky is more interested in racing with Dasher across the city.

15 Jan. 2020

Family Sports Day

The mothers of Ricky and Scootio get into a serious rivalry in a family sports event that is intended to be fun.

16 Jan. 2020

Trading Places

Officer Bunker takes a day off, and is substituted by mail deliverer Mr. Hoopla, who in turn is substituted by Ricky’s father.

17 Jan. 2020

Saving Mr. Speedy

Toot’s ball gets lost, and it’s up to Ricky and the bike buddies to find it.

9 Mar. 2020

Toot’s Invisible Friend

One of Scootio’s ScootBots gets left behind and starts messing around with the setup for Maxwell’s birthday party.

10 Mar. 2020

Ruled by Ricky

Officer Bunker puts Ricky and the bike buddies in charge of a fair in enforcing the event’s rules as he [Officer Bunker] has to take on a traffic situation.

11 Mar. 2020

Mrs. Bikely Up All Nightly

Mrs. Bikely rolls across the city in her sleep, and it’s up to Ricky and the bike buddies to get her home.

12 Mar. 2020

Blip in Charge

Blip leads Ricky and the bike buddies on an Easter egg hunt for a chance of a leadership badge.

13 Mar. 2020

The Crosswalk Helper

Ricky and Loop compete for the job of being the assistant of Mrs. Bikely who serves as the crossing guard for the school’s students.

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