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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 2 of the television series of Over Water with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

19 Jan. 2020


While John was locked away on remand, the world hasn’t stopped turning: Marjan has filed for divorce, Barry has woken from his coma, although clearly not his old self anymore, and Ella is bearing John’s child. In the meantime, De Pelsmaecker is putting pressure on her network to get John out as quickly as possible. When, after two months, she finally succeeds and John is released for lack of evidence, she expects a favour in return: John has to take over De Beco’s business on her behalf.

19 Jan. 2020

Nieuwe kansen

When John appears on a talk show, he later receives an offer to host a new TV quiz show. An idea that Barry, in particular, finds very appealing. It is, however, also John’s first ‘day at the office’ for De Pelsmaecker. Soon enough, John realizes that he is now operating at an altogether different level and that the risks and expectations are commensurate with his position. Port alderman Van Cauwenberghe launches into a scathing criticism of the city’s lax drug policy and, supported by right-hand man Didier Buelens, he finds a perfect scapegoat in the commissioner. …

26 Jan. 2020


John is running a lucrative business on the De Beco company grounds and he makes money by the truckload. Everything is going according to plan, until Ella discovers a bank statement and confronts John with his lies: he promised her never to get involved with anything illegal again. Barry’s decision to work with John, on the other hand, proves a tremendous boost. Especially when John discovers De Pelsmaecker’s weak spot. In the meantime Barry’s mind wanders off to another woman: Julie Beckers.

2 Feb. 2020


De Pelsmaecker intends to tackle the Van Cauwenberghe issue. Because she has to look after her sick father, she puts the matter into The Driver’s hands, soon regretting her decision when the port alderman winds up in the hospital and on the news. Van Cauwenberghe himself is pretty pleased when he manages to score a date with Marjan Michielsen. Life is less kind to Carl, who, with the aid of his therapist, is struggling to tell Ella how he feels and how he misses her .

9 Feb. 2020

Winnen en Verliezen

De Pelsmaecker visits Van Cauwenberghe with an attractive proposition that could win him the elections, but he has some qualms about striking up an alliance with her. Indeed, in exchange for her offer, she wants his assurance that her port companies will be exempt from his rigorous screening. Ella loses her father and lets Carl back into her life again. She is still angry at John, who is temporarily living in a hotel. Things are faring much better with Julie and Barry, although Barry is still reticent to tell John anything about his new relationship.

16 Feb. 2020

Ongepaste maatregelen

When the commissioner is found in a state of confusion and without any clothes, both John and Van Cauwenberghe realize that this is De Pelsmaecker’s doing. Alarmed by how she apparently treats the people she does business with, Van Cauwenberghe is starting to get cold feet. Buelens tries to calm him down. Ritje, Ella’s mother, is returning to Belgium, which is good news for Carl. When John discovers the relationship between Julie and Barry, he goes berserk.

Feb. 2020


The split between John and Barry causes Julie to break with her father. De Pelsmaecker, on the other hand, has started to develop amorous feelings for John, who has other things on his mind: he buys a large house, in the hope of winning Ella back. He also launches a charm offensive to woo her mother, Ritje. Carl tries the same thing, in his own unique way, and with the help of his therapist. Just as Ritje succumbs to his advances, however, tragedy strikes .

Feb. 2020


Carl ends up at the hospital with Ritje, where he receives some very bad news. He decides not to tell Marjan for the time being. She has her hands full trying to now also manage Michielsen NV on top of her own art gallery. Although Van Cauwenberghe is there to support her, he would rather have her away from the port in view of his ongoing ‘cleaning’ campaign. When John cooks up a ruse to take over Michielsen NV, she fights back. In the meantime Carl and Ritje prepare to have a very serious talk with Ella.

Mar. 2020


De Pelsmaecker discovers that John is trying to build his own empire behind her back. To add insult to injury, he is unable to return her love. She hatches a plan of revenge that is radical, even for her. Tipped off, John realizes he has fallen from grace and that he should plan every step meticulously from now on. Barry struggles with his conscience, and he misses John. He decides he wants in again. The real question is whether it might be too late.

Mar. 2020


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