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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Ninjago with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

1 Jun. 2019

Wasted True Potential

In the wake of their previous victory, the ninja go soft and Master Wu must remind them of who they truly are.

22 Jun. 2019

Questing for Quests

Realizing they have gone soft, the ninja search for a quest to reignite their Spinjitzu training; unfortunately, Ninjago City is enjoying a period of rare tranquility.

29 Jun. 2019

A Rocky Start

The ninja have found their quest. Now they just have to get there, which involves a road trip through the Desert of Doom, a region supposedly inhabited by a giant scarab beetle.

29 Jun. 2019

The Belly of the Beast

To repair the Land-Bounty, the ninja must retrieve a critical engine component that has been swallowed by a giant scarab beetle.

6 Jul. 2019

Boobytraps and How to Survive Them

The ninja team up with a reluctant Clutch Powers to enter a mysterious pyramid where they inadvertently unleash an ancient evil.

6 Jul. 2019

The News Never Sleeps

Lil’ Nelson takes a job as a paperboy, which is more difficult than it sounds in a city overrun by scorching Pyro Vipers and an evil Serpentine sorceress.

13 Jul. 2019

Ninja vs Lava

The ninja find themselves trapped in a pyramid and must escape encroaching lava to warn Ninjago City of a new Serpentine invasion.

13 Jul. 2019


The Serpentine attack on Ninjago City is seen from an unexpected perspective – entirely in the style of a live newscast delivered by Gayle Gossip and her cameraman.

20 Jul. 2019


The ninja rush to the Ninjago Museum of History to recover a dangerous scroll before it falls into the hands of the Serpentine Sorceress, Aspheera.

20 Jul. 2019

Ancient History

While Aspheera pursues revenge on the “Treacherous Deceiver” who betrayed her, the ninja make a startling discovery.

27 Jul. 2019

Never Trust a Human

A flashback episode tells the story of Young Wu and Young Garmadon meeting Aspheera and teaching her the secrets of Spinjitzu.

27 Jul. 2019

Under Siege

Having learned Master Wu is the “Treacherous One,” the ninja find themselves under siege at the Monastery, trying to protect Wu from the wrath of Aspheera.

3 Aug. 2019

The Explorers Club

The ninja must break into the Explorer’s Club to obtain the Second Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu, running afoul of the club’s manager and irate club-members.

3 Aug. 2019

Vengeance is Mine!

Aspheera arrives at the Monastery of Spinjitzu and confronts Wu, forcing one of the ninja to make a heroic sacrifice.

10 Aug. 2019

A Cold Goodbye

Having learned Zane is not dead, Master Wu prepares to go after him, but Lloyd and the other ninja take matters into their own hands and defy their Master.

16 Aug. 2019

The Never-Realm

The ninja arrive in the Never-Realm, where they quickly find themselves overwhelmed; luckily, they are taken in by a tribe of Ice Fishers who tell them Zane has been imprisoned by the evil Ice Emperor.

24 Aug. 2019

Fire Maker

The Ice Emperor learns of the ninja’s arrival and sends his Blizzard Samurai warriors to destroy them and the villagers who sheltered them.

24 Aug. 2019

An Unlikely Ally

Lloyd runs afoul of the Ice Emperor’s Blizzard Samurai but is rescued by a strange wolf, with whom an unlikely friendship develops.

7 Sep. 2019

The Absolute Worst

Back in Ninjago City, three criminals learn of the ninja’s absence and stage a breakout of Kryptarium Prison, telling tall tales of how they were captured as they go.

7 Sep. 2019

The Message

Lloyd and his wolf companion find a cave with the mech inside and a message from Zane that provides a clue to his fate.

14 Sep. 2019

The Traveler’s Tree

Guilt-ridden over having lost the Traveler’s Tea, Cole embarks on a dangerous quest to the top of a nearby mountain in hopes of finding the legendary Traveler’s Tree, a tree which is supposedly guarded by a fearsome beast.

14 Sep. 2019

Krag’s Lament

Cole awakens inside an icy cavern belonging to a legendary beast and attempts to escape, only to discover a surprising truth.

21 Sep. 2019

Secret of the Wolf

The Ice Emperor summons an enormous ice behemoth to attack Lloyd and his faithful wolf companion.

21 Sep. 2019

The Last of the Formlings

Akita tells the story of the Choosing and how she and her twin brother, Kataru, went into the wilds to discover their animal forms.

14 Oct. 2019

My Enemy, My Friend

The Ice Emperor’s terrible Ice Dragon strikes again and lays waste to the Ice Fisher’s village, forcing the ninja to go after Lloyd.

14 Oct. 2019

The Kaiju Protocol

Back in Ninjago City, Wu and Pixal attempt to locate the Never-Realm and accidentally unleash a dreaded creature from the Departed Realm.

21 Oct. 2019


The story of Zane’s arrival in the Never-Realm and how he fell under the sway of the villainous Vex.

21 Oct. 2019

A Fragile Hope

Having discovered the terrible truth of Zane’s fate, Lloyd finds himself imprisoned and alone in the clutches of the Ice Emperor.

28 Oct. 2019

Once and for All

Nya, Jay, Cole and Kai face off against the Ice Emperor’s dreaded dragon, while Lloyd and his newfound allies, Kataru and Grimfax, confront the Ice Emperor himself.

28 Oct. 2019


The dramatic conclusion of the Never-Realm saga, in which old friends are reunited and the power of friendship is pitted against the corrupting power of the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu.

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