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Muhtesem Ikili
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Muhtesem Ikili Season 1
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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Muhtesem Ikili with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

1 Nov. 2018


Mustafa Kerim Can, better known as MKC, works on the European side, while Mert Barca who is just referred to by his last name works on the Asian side, both are the most efficient Organized Crime Police Commissioners. Every single police officer knows that these two men literally hate one another. While with putting aside the competition between the two while attending the police academy, the real problem between the two is actually both an emotional and personal issue. These two policemen have done everything they can over the years to keep their distance from one …

8 Nov. 2018


MKC and Barca are arrested after falling in the very smart trap set by Demiray. The prison is of course filled with prisoners that both MKC and Barca had previously sent there and they are all full of hate. The twosome must now not only prove that they were trapped and totally innocent, but they must also protect their own lives in prison. When their instructor from the police academy Köpek Sadri gets involved with the escape plan the situation is going to become even more complicated. Sadri’s arrival in addition to the hate that Demiray has been secretly hiding from …

15 Nov. 2018

Ikili Delilik

MKC is face to face with a very difficult decision. Does MKC who has Semih in his hands want him to talk so that he is freed? Or does he want to get Barca who is in Demiray’s hands? As for Demiray, his plan include bringing them both together and killing them both MKC and Barca. These two men who cannot stand each other, but now their lives depend on each other.

22 Nov. 2018

Yeniden Baslasak

In order for the “Magnificent duo” to be freed and exonerated, they have no other choice but to catch Semih and make him talk. Demiray who is afraid that Semih might talk risk being exposed and is forced to appear in front of Barca and MKC. However, in order to gain complete control over Barca and MKC, Demiray is not going to hesitate for a moment and will involve their families into this situation as well.

29 Nov. 2018


The “Magnificent Duo” has been cleared and released, the only thing left for these two to do is to find out who is the boss that has been hiding himself. As for Demiray, his escape plan has been ready for a long time. Barca and MKC prevent Demiray from leaving, and then they learn that the man that they have both been after for all these years is actually an old friend from school.

6 Dec. 2018

Anca Beraber

MKC and Yagmur’s decision to stay apart is devastating for them both. Nilüfer is also forced to keep her distance from Barca because of the promise she made to Yasemin, and he noticed this action. Everyone however comes together at the grand opening party of Nilüfer’s new place, while everyone is exited Kaan suddenly disappears and all the excitement turns into fear.

13 Dec. 2018


Ahsen, who the duo have been trying to reach for years, arrives at the station on her own. To make matters even more interesting she is going to be working with both Barca and MKC. But with a different identity and appearance. It is very obvious that Ahsen has some secret plans in store for Barca and MKC. Her plan starts with her moving next door to Yagmur’s house. Ahsen is now right smack in the middle of their lives. But what is that she wants from the Magnificent Duo and the ones that they love?

20 Dec. 2018


Barca slowly becomes certain of his feelings for Nilüfer. MKC, on the other hand, is alone with his loneliness. Knowing all of the MKC’s weak points, Ahsen takes advantage of his loneliness and approaches him. But when she realize that Barca and Nilüfer are getting closer, she turns her attention to their love. Ahsen does not tolerate the “Magnificent Duo” being happy.

27 Dec. 2018

Aska Inan

After Barca receives a phone call from Ahsen, the Magnificent Duo are certain that Ahsen is very close. But why is Ahsen not showing herself? This is the topic of the day for the Magnificent Duo. On New Year’s Eve, Feridun will gather the whole family together. Ahsen, on the other hand, makes new plans to break the gap between Barca and Nilüfer. The boxer who committed murders in a row is another mysterious issue that Barca and MKC are interested in.

22 Jan. 2019

Episode #1.10

While MKC has still not recovering after his surgery and is dealing with fainting attacks, Barca is pursuing revenge for him. Nilüfer and Barca are keeping their distance after MKC learned about their closeness. Yagmur has started to warm up to the idea of becoming a family again after what happened to MKC. MKC decides to propose again to Yagmur. However, Yagmur’s condition is MKC to leave his job. MKC’s is even more confused when Barca is locked in a dungeon by the new bad Professor. The Magnificent Duo are too offended to come together, but when they come together, …

5 Feb. 2019

Zor Karar

While Barca is kept in a closed dungeon by the Professor, MKC is suffering from his illness. MKC, who has no time for surgery, sets out to find Barca at the expense of his life. The Professor needs a mole in the police in order to find out who is behind Barca’s undercover mission. The weakest link in the unit is Ahsen. The Professor now has an ally next to the Magnificent Duo.

12 Feb. 2019


Barca and MKC’s only goal is to find the Professor who has been hiding his face in a masterful way. The Professor’s only purpose is to pull them out of the way. The Professor, who’s got his eyes darker on this road, orders MKC to be killed in the surgery. There is something the Professor has forgotten – Barca and MKC are the Magnificent Duo.

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