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Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart Season 1
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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

20 May 2019

I Love You Mao Mao

An explosive loner and his slacker best friend are waylaid from their journey into legend, only to find that their story is just beginning.

1 Jul. 2019

The Perfect Adventure

Adorabat tells Mao Mao a white lie to keep the adventures going, but it all goes wrong.

8 Jul. 2019

No Shortcuts

When Adorabat feels that she’s useless during battles, Badgerclops makes her a machine to help.

8 Jul. 2019


After being disrespected by Mao Mao and Adorabat, Badgerclops takes the opportunity to become big and do what he wants.

15 Jul. 2019

Mao Mao’s Bike Adventure

When Mao Mao underestimates enemy and friend alike, it almost costs him the entire kingdom.

15 Jul. 2019


Feeling left out, Adorabat wishes Mao Mao and Badgerclops would spend less time with each other and more time with her.

22 Jul. 2019

Not Impressed

A Sweetypie isn’t impressed by the heroes antics. So the three must do what they can to win him over.

22 Jul. 2019

Enemy Mime

The trio fight a blob monster that copies their every move. How can they fight without fighting?

29 Jul. 2019


When Rufus and Reg come to swindle the town, Sheriff Mao Mao teaches them a lesson in justice.

29 Jul. 2019

Bao Bao’s Revenge

Mao Mao’s old partner threatens the kingdom.

5 Aug. 2019

Popularity Conquest

When Mao Mao discovers that he is not as popular as Badgerclops and Adorabat, they decide to reinvent him as a kinder, cuddlier hero.

5 Aug. 2019

Sick Mao

When Mao Mao won’t admit that he’s sick, he puts the town in danger.

12 Aug. 2019

Thumb War

The gang compete in an annual Thumb War competition.

12 Aug. 2019

All By Mao Self

Mao Mao’s desire to be a legend drives him to keep topping himself. But how much is enough?

19 Aug. 2019

He’s the Sheriff

The gang must deal with hanging out with the King for a day. But are also trying to get rid of him at the same time.

19 Aug. 2019

Bobo Chan

Badgerclops adopts an abandoned monster, but some things are better left in the wild.

7 Sep. 2019


Shin Mao checks on Mao Mao and his new job of being Pure Heart Valley’s sheriff.

7 Sep. 2019

Legend of Torbaclaun

The Sweetypie’s believe the legendary Torbaclaun is there in Pure Heart Valley.

7 Sep. 2019

Meet Tanya Keys

When bounty hunter Tanya Keys comes to town for Badgerclops, it’s up to Mao Mao and Adorabat to save their friend — even if he’s been on the wrong side of the law.

7 Sep. 2019

Weapon of Choice

Worried that his sword is a glorified consolation prize, Mao Mao sets out to prove the worth of his weapon.

14 Sep. 2019

The Truth Stinks

The gang is unsure on how to tell Badgerclops that he smells.

14 Sep. 2019

Trading Day

The heroes swap roles for a day.

21 Sep. 2019

Head Chef

Mao Mao and Badgerclops compete in a cooking competition to determine whether cooking is an art or something much more scientific.

21 Sep. 2019

Orangusnake Begins

Mao Mao taunts Orangusnake into becoming a more threatening villain.

28 Sep. 2019

Sugar Berry Fever

Mao Mao attempts to hide his love for cobbler.

28 Sep. 2019

Captured Clops

After having to deal with too much at the Sheriff’s Department, Badgerclops decides to join the Sky Pirates.

5 Oct. 2019

Baost in Show

Bao Bao returns and King Snugglemagne makes him his pet.

5 Oct. 2019


Adorabat’s spirit leaves her body while meditating.

12 Oct. 2019

Fright Wig

When the King cannot overcome his fears, he abuses having the Sheriff’s Dept. on call.

12 Oct. 2019

Sleeper Sofa

The Sky Pirates infiltrate Sheriff HQ and put the heroes in danger.

31 Jan. 2020

Mao Mao’s Nakey

When Mao Mao loses his clothes while trying to scale the Ruby Pure Heart, he has to get his clothes back and head back to the Sheriff’s HQ by daybreak.

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