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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Making Of with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

17 Nov. 2019

Dia 1

The “Calafrio” series director Carlos Seva arrives to cause trouble for the series’s executive producer, the dreaded Roberta. Carlos decides that this will be the last season of “Calafrio”. He also decides to bring back to the filming set the very unexciting Paulo Matheus, the actor who played the Vampire that was killed off in the third season at the request of the fans. Paulo Matheus will host the Making of “Calafrio” and he will follow the last 20 days of recordings which he promises to rock the Internet. Will he be able to? #MyDream. Paulo Matheus’s return, the …

24 Nov. 2019

Dia 2

The excitement in the “Calafrio” studio continues. This may be the second day of the last days of the most beloved and idolized Brazilian horror filming crew’s lives. An no one seems to be aware of it. The making of follows the actors in the studio as they are badmouthing the director – who listens to everything – and the arrival of Enzo, the actor who played the Werewolf, arrives at he studio wanting to record, only to find out he was fired. Enzo wants to keep the part because he wants to shine again with his dull character, so much that he ends up crossing the line …

Dec. 2019

Dia 3

The third day on the set of the series “Calafrio” is full of, let’s say, energy. The previous night, Enzo released a video in the internet saying he had been harassed by director Carlos Seva. But, wait. Wasn’t it the other way around? It was. But how can it be proved otherwise? Enzo’s video was a miracle for Roberta, who decides to take advantage of the situation and push away the director who wanted to end the series. Now that he was out of the way, the executive producer announces that “Calafrio” will have countless seasons, yes. #StayCalafrio has won. But if you …

Dec. 2019

Dia 4

The set of the day contains two very unhappy people. The assistant director Raphaela (written with a ph), and Paulo Matheus. Paulo Matheus expected Roberta to be grateful for not sending the video proving Carlos Seva’s innocence to the press. Jose Carlos who eventually became Calafrio’s new vampire – is it just because he’s the director’s husband? Yes, exactly. But Paulo Matheus has an asset. Before we talk about the asset, it is only worth mentioning that Raphaela is upset that she was not qualified for the director’s position. Very upset. So much so that she is …

Dec. 2019

Dia 5

Paulo Matheus who is partying it up because he is going to become a TV series star, decides to make a special Making of about the art direction of “Calafrio”. He will reveal everything about the work of Maria Lucia (art director), and Yakuzi (costume designer). He will reveal everything, even well-kept secrets between the two that can be used as blackmail. Paulo Matheus is really close to the underworld of crime. #Blackmailer. Meanwhile, the set follows its usual normal rhythm: Raphaela keeps spitting into the crew members’ glasses, Ana Paula fights with everyone and …

Dec. 2019

Dia 6

Beware of your wishes. What if they come true? RaPHaela wanted to become a director so much that she succeeded. And now? Now cry me a river, babe. Roberta has given herself the great career opportunity that the assistant director has always begged for, but run. Run because there is no time to make new decisions. We have reached the sixth day of filming – sixth day and nothing has happened. And the Making of is there showing it all. Everything that any director always goes through: an attack of low self-esteem (Julia), the star who decides to rebel against the script -…

29 Dec. 2019

Dia 7

Another lovely day on the “Calafrio” set. The seventh day and all going very well, with the usual high spirits, with that good feeling of waking up and going to the studio. Laughter in the corridors, scenes running smoothly, the day that is looking like – with great sadness – that will end sooner. Is it a dream? No, imagine it is a dream. Roberta guarantees this is more than true, it is an absolute truth. And the absolute truth only the strong can handle. And it will truly be the absolute truth when the set will be visited by the feared Keila K, the most important of …


Dia 8

The channel will arrive. Channel = Channel Manager = Client. And, Client = Money. Understood? No? Go back two houses and restart the game. If you understand, follow along. Brunete, who now calls the shots in the channel, wants to see how everything is going after the Carlos Seva and Enzo scandal – and also wants to change the world. That’s right, The world. Brunete will do her best to convert the “Calafrio” team so that they no longer use straws, pick only one outfit for the week, retire the toothpaste and exchange it for a paste made with coffee and cashews harvested…


Dia 9

The ninth – ninth – day on set has come and a lot has happened except filming. Oh, such nonsense. Why is it necessary to film in a studio? Although João (Pedro?) and Vania were fired by Roberta from the director’s position the day before – didn’t you see ?. – they decided to play French Revolution and proclaim themselves emperors just like Napoleon. Or rather, directors of “Calafrio.” The filming day maintains and the actors receive the new screenplay, whose complain about the text. Vania, the former producer who became a fired assistant director, returned to be a …


Dia 10

We no longer know who owns Roberta’s blackmail. Especially because on this new day, Paulo Matheus has already obtained one more information against Julia, Enzo and Felipe. Roberta even seems to give up on who rules who. So much so that he no longer tries to convince João (Pedro?) that he is not the director of anything. If you want to film go ahead and film. But what about the script? Oh, sure. The screenplay does seem to be an important part in a fiction series, doesn’t it? But in this story within the story, a question remains: the tenth day of twenty days. Is it …

Jan. 2020

Dia 11

It is the season or middle of a new miniseries, a new director. And very new. To innovate, be modern, and have more and more shares on social media, how about calling a respectful Youtuber? Those with millions of followers, with millions of likes, views, clicks and selfies? A person who has millions, must understand TV a lot, right? Yeah, the answer, I will leave for you and Roberta, whom believes in this YouTube legend known as Aurélio Loucão and brought him to solve the problems of the filming of “Calafrio”. If solving problems is causing new problems, then Aurélio …


Dia 12

If Aurélio Loucão worked out as director, nobody knows. But that it has placed #CalafrioBaby in the world’s top trending, ah – it has. And the broadcasting channel liked it. And the press liked it. Did the audience like it? It is not important. Not even. If you want Loucão, you’ve got Loucão. When nothing works, what should you do? Laugh. Nothing like laughing at your problems. And that the new director (who is it this time !?) decided to turn “Calafrio” into a sitcom, with fake laughs and all. That. Sitcom. Situation Comedies – Isn’t ” Calafrio ” a horror series? The…


Dia 13

Did you think every bizarre thing has already happened? Imagine. 7 days left to finish it all. And if a horror series has already become a Youtube program, and then a sitcom where the director has left, then returned. What’s more? Why not a competition program? Ah, It will be great. Trust and follow me. Aurélio Loucão – yes, of course, was fired by Roberta – she realized that her best bet was Paulo Matheus’ Making Of. Why not, then, steal the buddy’s program? May the best win. And the duel will start in the “Amazing Making Race” competition. Who will continue to host …


Dia 14

After so many comings and goings, comings and goings, just like a song by Simone, the studio wakes up with two pieces of news: (1) there is no director (but since Carlos Seva existed?), but some new ‘director’ is coming and (2) a van knocked down the area’s cell tower, causing an Internet blackout, causing traffic that would not allow a great portion of the filming crew to reach the set. That is practically another normal day. Until the new director – not director #MisogynistNotAllowed- arrived. Marciana arrived. She came from the musical theater, made a career on …


Dia 15

Yesterday, Paulo Matheus wasn’t that wrong. It was just a half fake news – if a lie could possibly be a half truth. But let us leave philosophical discussions for those whom understand. This is not Piauí Magazine; this is “Calafrio”. So if all too much has already been tested to bring someone who runs this hell of a series (#PunStandUp), why not test a real director? Of those who come from an artistic background, from a background that made the man, a woman, if she allows herself, will live several lives? The theater. Yes, this is theater we’re talking about – and …


Dia 16

When the audience makes requests, what does a good TV producer do? Listen, and pretend that he will think about it, right? Yeah. What if the sponsor asks? Then you quickly obey. Especially if the audience and the sponsor are – both together and at the same time – asking for Aurélio Loucão. #ReturnAurelio #GiveMeAKissLoucão #BabyEyBaby. But if Loucão can’t return as director – then it would be awesome – if the Frankstein he invented is already dead, what can be done for the joy of the people who watch and the people who pay? Ah, another day without filming won’t be a …


Dia 17

Come here. Come. I’ll tell you something very quietly and very fast: the set was hacked, all cell phones, computers, and cameras. And worse: everything was discovered and published on the internet. All. Nudes, blackmail videos, the truth as it is (sincere lies interest you?). And to make matters worse, Paulo Matheus gave the Making Of to Vania and João because now, the director is Paulo Matheus. Yes, yes, oh, no one knows that the studio has been hacked. For now, this is seen as if it was just the madness of the set. And the BOSS counts down, very slowly, how many …


Dia 18

Two days left to finish, Roberta needs to restore order on set and film the remaining scenes. If there’s no director, what can we do? Imagine. Do we hire one now???? No, my love. No. We film it ourselves. I didn’t warn you, but the previous two sentences were Roberta’s thoughts, of course. And that’s what she did: she promoted herself as director, and decided that she will solve what has not been solved so far during the 18 days of recording. And she realized that it could get worse: she turned the Stagehand into an assistant director – who became a Captain Nascimento…


Dia 19

Second to last day. Second-to-last. Oh man, so much has happened, no? Nothing that could keep more surprises in store. Yes, yes, Roberta has taken a liking to the things are and she continues to direct the series. At least until the first half of the day. “But what about the surprise?”, you ask. I answer you: Rafaela reappeared. She has returned. She returned to direct the merchandise which will be produced during the second to last scenes of “Calafrio.” By the way, no one knows whether or not it will be the end of everything the day after tomorrow. Not even Roberta …


Dia 20

The day will bring – or not # Caetaneei2X – the solutions and answers of everything we want to know: who is the BOSS? What happens to abductees (abductees who keep coming to work normally? #XFilesFail)? Who is the writer of this crazy story? Where is Carlos Seva? Is João called João or Pedro? Why does milk candy tear off the dental fillings? #PrayForCalafrio #JuquinhaBags. Do you want answers? Paulo Matheus too. He wants answers for the big end of season special he’s preparing with exclusive interviews and happy, homesick farewells from the set. #TheEnd. Ah, do you …

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