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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Love Thy Woman with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

10 Feb. 2020

The Wongs

Struck with tragedy after tragedy, Adam Wong (Christopher de Leon) and Lucy Wong’s (Eula Valdes) marriage begins to turn sour. Things become even more complicated when Adam falls in love with a woman named Kai (Sunshine Cruz). Compromising for the sake of love, the women enter into a tangled relationship with Adam in the middle. A few years later, Kai’s daughter, Jia (Kim Chiu), suffers through a horrible day but finds a savior in the form of a handsome stranger. Soon, Jia gets shocked when she learns about the identity of the man who saved her and Dana returns home …

11 Feb. 2020


The truth comes out about Dana and David’s relationship and they are expecting a child but Lucy does not approve. Jia didn’t get the promotion she deserved because of Lucy but she got a chance to prove herself when Adam partner her up with David. Dana decided to choose her mom over David and Lucy and Jia confronted each other about the promotion.

13 Feb. 2020


Tired of being overlooked at Adam’s (Christopher de Leon) company, Jia (Kim Chiu) decides to pursue her dreams in Singapore. Heading to her job interview, Jia unexpectedly runs into a familiar face. Kai (Sunshine Cruz), on the other hand, informs Adam about the reason behind their daughter’s decision to chase her destiny elsewhere. Missing David (Xian Lim), Dana (Yam Concepcion) makes a hasty decision after being goaded by her friends.

13 Feb. 2020


Jia’s trip to Singapore arouses Dana’s suspicion. A forboding about Dana and David’s union rattles the Wongs and the Chaos. David’s mum Helen met with the Wongs to discuss the wedding. The families went on to visit an elder to seek guidance on their wedding but were met with a rather shocking news instead, David and Dana should not get married to avoid awakening the curse of the Wongs.

14 Feb. 2020


A tragedy spoils David’s and Dana’s incident. Devasted over the issue, the Wongs put out all the stops to counter the lingering curse of Lucy’s father. Both David and Dana got into an accident after their wedding, David was badly hurt but survived whilst Dana was Comatose. Jia, David and Adam try to counter the curse by doing good deeds.

17 Feb. 2020


After the great tragedy, Adam spent the night at Kai’s which Jia was against based on her expressions and When Lucy found out, she confronted Kai and Jai got in-between. Helen consoles David and tells him Dana would wake up soon. Lucy is still trying to make life hard for Jia as she refuses to grant her promotion.

18 Feb. 2020


Jia, David and the rest of the team decided to check out illocos for one of their buildings but were met with something else, both Jia and David were kidnapped because Jia was a Wong and the kidnappers asked for 100million pesos for their freedom, Adam was worried and tried to send the money but Lucy was reluctant which led to a heated confrontation among her, Lucy and Kai. Jai and David managed to escape but they met with another tragedy .

19 Feb. 2020


After the Kidnapping incidents Jia and David grew fonder of each other, they checked up on each other on a daily basis, but not everyone was happy of this newfound friendship, Lucy confronted Jia and asked her if she was flirting with David and Kai also warned Jia from becoming attached to David, this then created a rift in their relationship. Dana had a fever.

20 Feb. 2020


Jia’s hardwork finally pays off as she was appointed project head by Adam, but Lucy was not happy about it and decided to tease Jia every chance she got. Some months past, then a full year and then Dana and David’s wedding anniversary which hit everyone hard especially Adam. Jia finally confesses her feelings for David to Dana but she doesn’t want to work on it , and David’s feeling is growing for Jia.

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