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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Let’s Go Luna! with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

21 Nov. 2018

What’s the Big Idea?/The Day of the Dead

Andy learns about murals while looking for a big surface to paint to Mexico City. / Carmen celebrates the Day of the Dead while also paying tribute to her late grandmother.

26 Nov. 2018

Hola Mariachi/Loco for Cocoa

Carmen finds a mariachi band to fil In when the Circo orchestra gets the hiccups; Leo, Carmen and Andy help return a lost cocoa bean.

27 Nov. 2018

You Froze My Shorts/What a Matryoshka

The kids and Luna try to keep warm when Circo gets frozen in by a storm; Leo orders a Russian nesting doll but gets the wrong one.

22 Nov. 2018

Lullaby for Baby Vlad/Space is the Place

Leo, Andy and Carmen are enlisted to babysit a fuzzy bear while in Moscow; space museum.

28 Nov. 2018

Bob the Plant/Aren’t We a Pair?

Leo must find out what is wrong with his plant, Bob; Carmen makes a friend in Cairo who teaches her about Egypt.

29 Nov. 2018

The Big Dig/Amazing Man

Andy unearths an ancient statue in Cairo; Andy and the others search for the meaning of hieroglyphics.

3 Dec. 2018

She is the Moon of Moons/Beats of Beijing

The kids learn about China’s Moon Festival; Honey, a mischievous hamster, settle down in a drum that is to used for a drum ceremony.

4 Dec. 2018

Hoopin’ Hopper/A Chopsticky Situation

Andy loses his basketball in Beijing, and learns that friendship is more important than winning; Leo learn how to use chopsticks.

4 Dec. 2018

Speaking Wigglewalker/London Frog

In London, Andy and friends are sent on a shopping trip for the Circo, but the simple task becomes confusing! Then, When thick fog hides London’s Big Ben, Luna helps Andy realize that the sounds of the city can provide important clues.

10 Dec. 2018

Queen for a Day/Jolly Special Friend

In London, Carmen loves the idea of being a queen at Buckingham Palace, but finds out the royal life is more complicated than it looks. Then, Leo, Carmen, Andy, and Luna search London for food that is special!

4 Mar. 2019

Guitar to Sitar/Spring Has Not Sprung

The strings on Carmen’s guitar snap while writing a song. While looking for somewhere to buy strings, she learns of a new instrument; Andy offers to take colorful photos for his Mother’s costumes, but it’s all cloudy and gray.

5 Mar. 2019

Where’s Luna?/Pulling Strings

Luna has vanished from the sky. After learning she’d lost her hat, her friends search for her to return it; Carmen and Andy are feuding and Leo and Luna want to help them make up.

6 Mar. 2019

Didgeridoo and Carmen Too/Not Home on the Range

Carmen loses her new friend’s didgeridoo and tries to get him a new one; Andy takes Carmen and Luna to visit his Uncle’s ranch, but he is secretly afraid of horses.

7 Mar. 2019

Boomin’ Boomerang/House Music

Upon learning she’s naturally skilled at boomerang-throwing, Carmen enters a contest in Australia; After hearing a song about him, Andy decides to find the band that sang it.

27 May 2019

You Can’t Move the Moon/Lizardzilla!

In Japan, Salami Strong injures himself before a show, so Luna and her friends find a Sumo wrestler to take his place; Andy is scared from seeing a Kaiju movie, so Luna takes him to a movie studio to show him the monster isn’t what it seems.

28 May 2019

Windy Washi/When the Bowl Breaks

In Tokyo, Andy needs to make posters for the Circe, but has no paper; after Mr. Chockers’ tea-bowl is shattered, Andy, Carmen and Leo go searching for a replacement.

22 Jul. 2019

A Prickly Pair/Turkish Delight

In Istanbul, Carmen is excited to see the juggling act ;The Prickly Brothers’ but the two are feuding; after his tortoise is rescued by a firefighter, Andy wants to make him some Turkish Delight, but doesn’t pay attention to the recipe.

23 Jul. 2019

Story of Smoothie/Andy the Giant

In Istanbul, Leo tells his friends that his tortoise’s grandfather worked in the palace of Topkapi and asks Luna to help him prove it; Andy tries to make a drawing of Hagia Sophia but can’t do it properly until he learns there’s more than one way to see things.

12 Aug. 2019

C’est Cheese/C’est La Vie a Paris

In Paris, Leo has to find the perfect thing to cook for his French Food class; Leo and the kids need to find something in Paris to help poor Mister Hockbar calm down before his need to get everything done right away runs him ragged.

13 Aug. 2019

D’Orsay Day/Honey in Paris

In Paris, Andy tries painting a picture of a train, but can’t get it to look ‘alive’ enough, so Luna helps him find a way; In Paris, Honey the Hamster falls in love with “Mon Amour”. Can the kids find out who the mysterious “Mon Amour” is?

5 Feb. 2020

Lost and Found/Time of Goodbye

While in Barcelona, Senor Fabuloso loses his creativity and Luna and the trio try to help him get it back/Saint George’s day has come. Carmen wants to get her new friend a book, but Senor Fabuloso thinks it will lead to disappointment.


Castells in the Air/Barcelona Birdy

Carmen has been asked to help in a Castell contest; Leo want to help a small bird get back to her nest, but it’s at the top of a huge mountain.

4 Nov. 2019

Stairway to Art Day/Melvini Madness

Andy is about to enjoy an entire day of art, but his Dad needs him to help fix his trailer’s steps./ Carmen has accidentally awoken the Circe’s flock of Melvinis and needs to find out how to make them fall asleep again.

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