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Legend of the Three Caballeros
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Legend of the Three Caballeros Season 1
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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Legend of the Three Caballeros with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

12 Nov. 2019

Chapter One: Dope-a Cabana

After his house is destroyed in a fire on his very birthday, Donald Duck finds that he has inherited an “adventure cabana” in the nearby town of New Quackmore. Forced to share it with co-heirs José and Panchito, he discovers secrets about his great-grandfather.

12 Nov. 2019

Chapter Two: Labyrinth and Repeat

The trio manage to calm the goddess down and she introduces herself as Xandra, the Goddess of Adventure. She initially mistakes Donald, José, and Panchito for The Three Caballeros but is disappointed to find that they are their lackluster descendants. When the trio tell her that they’re looking for treasure, Xandra teleports them to Crete where they fight a Minotaur within the hidden labyrinth. Despite their differences, they manage to prove themselves to Xandra as the Caballeros’s rightful heirs by finding three magical amulets left by their ancestors. Meanwhile, …

9 Jun. 2018

Chapter Three: Pyramid-Life Crisis

The Caballeros follow Felldrake to a pyramid in Egypt, and from there to the moon, where Felldrake awakens an army of Moonbots he plans to use to take over the Earth.

9 Jun. 2018

Chapter Four: World Tree Caballeros

Sheldgoose journeys to Italy so Felldrake can steal the power of the legendary World Tree of the gods. The Caballeros are close behind, but Xandra is disappointed when her heroes, the ancient Roman gods, are not as mighty as she remembers.

9 Jun. 2018

Chapter Five: No Man Is an Easter Island

While Donald tries to rekindle his romance with Daisy, Xandra whisks José and Panchito off to Easter Island, where Sheldgoose leads an attack of the Lava Lizards.

9 Jun. 2018

Chapter Six: Stonehenge Your Bets

The Caballeros must escape from Goblin Jail to defeat Felldrake’s new ultimate weapon: a monster that feeds on conflict.

9 Jun. 2018

Chapter Seven: Mount Rushmore or Less

At Mount Rushmore, Felldrake and Sheldgoose find the mystical Spark of Life, but the ghosts of past presidents foil them, giving the Spark to the Caballeros for safe keeping.

9 Jun. 2018

Chapter Eight: Nazca Racing

While April, May, and June infiltrate Sheldgoose’s mansion, the Caballeros trail the villains to Peru. To stop Felldrake from stealing the Nazca Gyroscope, they must enter a mystical land where everything exists only as line drawings.

9 Jun. 2018

Chapter Nine: Mexico à Go-Go

In Mexico, the Caballeros discover a hidden valley where Panchito must enter a wrestling match against Sheldgoose–to the death.

9 Jun. 2018

Chapter Ten: Mt. Fuji Whiz

Sent by Death to the underworld, the Caballeros must combat a fierce Yokai, plus Sheldgoose and all his ancestors.

9 Jun. 2018

Chapter Eleven: Thanks a Camelot

Xandra takes the Caballeros to Camelot for hero training with none other than King Arthur, while in their absence, Sheldgoose breaks into the cabana to steal the Spark of Life.

9 Jun. 2018

Chapter Twelve: Shangri-La-Di-Da

While Donald takes Daisy on a vacation to the Shangri-La Spa and Resort, Sheldgoose uses the stolen amulets to begin the process of releasing Felldrake from his imprisonment.

9 Jun. 2018

Chapter Thirteen: Sheldgoose Square Dance

The final showdown between the Three Caballeros and Baron Von Sheldgoose may be too late to prevent the summoning of Lord Felldrake.

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