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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of La verdad with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

21 May 2018

La jaula abierta

Paula Garcia has disappeared under suspicious circumstances, but one day she returns to her family and friends with no logical or convincing explanation.

28 May 2018

La sombra de la duda

Now that Paula is home the family has to adjust to her presence and she has to deal with her past. Eguía and Costa use a computer expert to move forward in their investigation. Lalo gets into trouble again. Eguía uses controversial investigation methods.

4 Jun. 2018

Vivir con miedo

Important people in the city pressure the police to stop the investigation. Paula’s past is revealed and starts haunting her and her family. Paula and Eguía come closer, each one for different reasons.

12 Jun. 2018

Secretos de familia

Eguía and Costa travel to Madrid to look for Baranov, suspected of selling Paula. Eguía is certain Paula is lying. Ricardo travels due north to meet Sara. Lalo investigates Fernando’s businesses. Toni calls for Eguía when he hears Paula setting a meeting at the pier.

19 Jun. 2018

Corre, Sara, corre

Paula is troubled by Ricardo’s threats, meanwhile the Police try to prove there is a connection between the two. Laura, Marcos’s fiance, is worried about how close he is with Paula. Paula’s grandfather throws a party in her honor at his home.

26 Jun. 2018

Jugar con fuego

Paula is looking for a way to avenge Martha’s death. Eguía doubts Paula’s past, which raises tension between the two. Fernando acts behind Enrique and Lidia’s back, Enrique warns Lidia about Fernando.

12 Jul. 2018

Líneas rojas

Now that Ricardo is dead, more details about Paula’s past are revealed and tie her to a serious crime. Eguía is torn between his attraction and knowing she is not telling him the entire truth. Lidia decides to take charge of the bank instead of her sick father.

19 Jul. 2018

Sara, Sarita, chula

Paula is released. Lidia is starting to be suspicious. Despite Paula’s acquittal, Eguía finds it hard to stop investigating. Fernando is desperate and tells Lidia what had happened.

7 Nov. 2018


Paula’s identity is still under suspicion. Paula continues to use manipulations, contacts Eguía and sends a message to her mother. Fernando takes Lidia to their daughter’s grave.

14 Nov. 2018


Eguía realizes Fernando and Lidia know that Paula is an impostor. Lida feels remorse for her part in her daughter’s death, and decides to tell Laguna the truth. Paula doesn’t let go of Eguía. Irina warns Paula that Petrov is out and that the both of them are in danger.

21 Nov. 2018

Adiós, Irina

Paula hides Irina. Eguía tells Laura about his relations with Paula. Lalo tells Lidia that her daughter is not buried where Fernando says she is. Costa suspects Fonseca is involved in Ana’s push. Enrique asks Laguna to stop investigating Vega’s murder.

28 Nov. 2018

Sara te quiere

Paula manages to escape Petrov. The police suspects the relations between Eguía and Paula. Lalo suspect Cirilo knows where Fernando buried Paula, which is the reason for their strange friendship.

5 Dec. 2018

Cada vez más profundo

Enrique makes Lidia the bank president. Lalo and Eguía continue their investigation. Eguía is arrested. Paula is in danger.

12 Dec. 2018

Nunca más

After Enrique dies Paula is abducted and the search for her begins. Her mother, Lidia, is willing to pay ransom that one of the policeman, who was supposed to guard Paula, asked for. The search leads to Petrov’s yacht.

19 Dec. 2018

El camino, la mentira y la vida

Paula returns home after being confined by Petrov. Fernando is appointed to be the bank president. Lalo gets evidence, that advance the investigation, with Puri’s testimony that she saw the clothes, Paula wore when she disappeared, at Cirilo’s home. Lidia comes to a decision.

26 Dec. 2018

Deseos cumplidos

Lalo and Eguía arrive to question Cirilo, but they are to late. Costa blames Fonseca for her girlfriend’s death. Eguía tries to prevent Paula’s DNA results from being revealed. Fernando tells Lidia what really happened on the night her daughter died.

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