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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of La Reina Soy Yo with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

7 Jun. 2019

Yamelí es víctima de un ataque mortal

Yamelí is about to complete her sentence in a US jail and she’s getting ready to take revenge on Charly for betraying her. Monchis, Charly’s uncle, orders to kill Yamelí and the DEA gives her a new identity so that she can get close to him.

8 Jun. 2019

Yamelí se derrumba al saber que sus padres fueron asesinados

17 years before, after the death of her parents, Yamelí tries to fulfill her dream with the support of Juanjo and Charly, but the presence of Monchis in the neighborhood threatens to change their lives. Soul & Bass organizes its first concert to raise money.


Charly engaña a Yamelí con su amor para acabar con su vida

Soul & Bass gets an opportunity to meet a music producer in Miami. Charly plans to make Yamelí fall in love with him and accuse her of drug trafficking to get rid of her. Charly spends the night with Yamelí and takes the opportunity to steal the notebook with her song lyrics.


Yamelí se convierte en mamá

Yamelí is forced to plead guilty in exchange for saving her grandmother’s life. Charly presents the demo of Yamelí’s song as his own and the producer offers him a contract with his label. Yamelí discovers that she is pregnant.


Monchis asesina a Carmen

Monchis discovers that the baby that Yamelí gave to Carmen is Charly’s son and kills her to stay with the baby. 17 years later, Charly returns to Mexico to open his recording studio and celebrate the birthday of his adoptive brother, Erick.


Yamelí comienza su preparación para vengarse de Charly

Monchis finds out that the DEA intends to use Yamelí to catch him and sends someone to her to kill. Yamelí begins her training with Jack to become a music producer. Juanjo is reunited with Charly and old grudges come afloat.


Yamelí es presentada oficialmente como Lari Andrade

Jack organizes a party to officially present Yamelí as Lari Andrade. Erick decides to participate in a musical ring. Yamelí returns to Mexico and finds herself face to face with Charly during the opening of his recording studio.


Yamelí convence a Charly de trabajar con ella

Yamelí manages to arouse Charly’s curiosity and is willing to show him with a concert that she is the best talent scout. Monchis makes it clear to Erick that he will not allow him to be a singer, but he looks for a way to return to the singing ring.


Yamelí conoce a Erick sin imaginar que es su hijo

Yamelí, with the help of Juanjo, prepares the concert between Gente de Zona and Charly Flow. Charly releases a new song without knowing that it was Yamelí who wrote it. Yamelí meets Erick while searching for new talent in the musical ring.


Yamelí se entera de que Juanjo siempre estuvo enamorado de ella

Yamelí plans to investigate more about Erick’s life and asks Juanjo to help locate him. Charly accepts that Monchis use the recording studio to launder money. Juanjo confesses to Lari that Yamelí was the woman of his life.


Juanjo es víctima de un robo por culpa de Charly

Yamelí fails to try to approach Erick and convince him to record in Luxor. Juanjo refuses to work with Charly and to pressure him he has his entire equipment stolen. Erick tired of the contempt of his family decides to leave his house.


Yamelí tiene a Charly en sus manos: lo grabó siéndole infiel a su esposa

Yamelí and Juanjo begin to work together to launch Cris as the new talent of Luxor. Erick starts the search for his real parents and Monchis tells him that his mother is dead. Charly apologizes to Erick for hurting him.


La examante de Charly amenaza con demandarlo

Yamelí filters an intimate video of Charly with Zaria and Diana has to go out and defend his career. Erick receives an anonymous letter asking him for money in exchange for information about his parents. Zaria decides to sue Charly for Diana’s threats.


Erick acepta trabajar con Yamelí sin imaginar que es su verdadera madre

Charly makes his audience believe that he has a problem with alcohol. Yamelí proposes to Juanjo to set up a recording studio and launch Erick as their first talent. Erick receives an anonymous call telling him that he was stolen as a baby.


Erick se entera de que su mamá se llamaba Yamelí

Rizzo carries out a police operation to catch Monchis and Charly is wounded. Yamelí approaches Vanessa to support her in her family problems. Erick discovers that his mother’s name was Yamelí.


Charly descubre el micrófono que Yamelí escondió para espiarlo

Yamelí earns Diana’s trust by helping her with the issue of Charly’s disappearance. Erick starts looking for information about Yamelí in the neighborhood. Charly finds a microphone inside his office and Yamelí has to divert suspicion.


Yamelí casi es descubierta como la infiltrada de la policía

Yamelí and Rizzo try to erase the videos from the security cameras of Luxor, but the situation is complicated when Axel takes a backup. Vanessa gives Erick the money he needs to discover the truth about his parents.


Charly despide a Axel al creerlo un traidor

Charly discovers that the security videos were deleted and accuses Axel of being a snitch. Toño kills Carrancho before he gives Erick information about his parents. Monchis imposes his will and abuses Ligia.


Yamelí y Charly se besan nuevamente

Diana, driven by Charly’s humiliation, accepts Alberto’s proposal to resume her modeling career. Vanessa has a car accident for driving drugged. To avoid being discovered, Yamelí makes Charly believe that she admires him.


Charly le confiesa a Yamelí que se siente muy atraído por ella

Jack asks Yamelí to desist from her revenge before she loses control of how she feels about Charly. Yamelí takes advantage of the consequences of Vanessa’s accident to put Silvana’s parents against Charly.


Yamelí evita que Vanessa se quite la vida

Monchis hits Erick. Silvana’s father blames Vanessa for her daughter’s accident in the media. Juanjo begins to suspect that Lari is not who she says she is. Yamelí prevents Vanessa from committing suicide in front of Charly and Diana.


Episode #1.22

Juanjo begins to investigate Lari’s true identity. Rizzo asks Yamelí to manipulate Erick to reconcile with Monchis. Yamelí gives Erick a cell phone tapped by the DEA.


Episode #1.23

Lari confesses to Juanjo that she is Yamelí and tells him about her deal with the DEA. Erick and Lidia decide to leave their house without knowing that the DEA and Monchis are following them. Charly asks Axel to spy on Yamelí.


Episode #1.24

Yamelí explains to Juanjo the reasons why she seeks revenge on Charly. Charly, Diana and Vanessa begin to take family therapy. Juanjo does not agree with Yamelí’s decisions about Erick’s career.


Episode #1.25

Juanjo tells Yamelí that he is willing to support her in her mission to destroy Charly. Yamelí gets in touch with Zaria to offer her an alliance. Charly confronts Alberto for Vanessa being semi-nude.


Episode #1.26

Yamelí and Zaria plan to use the conflict between Charly and Alberto to affect him. Juanjo asks El Buhó to help him promote Erick’s song on the radio. Yamelí causes Charly to contact Monchis to silence Alberto


Episode #1.27

Charly gets upset because Pez Koi’s song is more successful than Chris Vega’s. Charly confronts Juanjo knowing that he is the musical producer of Pez Koi. Alberto rejects Diana to avoid further problems with Charly.


Episode #1.28

Vanessa despises Diana by not understanding the reasons why she has decided to separate from Charly. Juanjo organizes a party at his bar to celebrate Erick’s success. Zaria broadcasts an interview with Alberto to unmask Charly.


Episode #1.29

Erick offers a press conference revealing that he is Pez Koi and son of Monchis. Chente gives the DEA the location of Monchis. Charly asks Axel to withdraw all his savings from the bank and Yamelí tells Diana so she will do it before him.


Episode #1.30

Diana and Charly are willing to fight for the goods that correspond to them. Charly despises Erick and decides not to support him with his music. Monchis mobilizes his people to discover where Erick lives.

21 Jun. 2019

Episode #1.31

Monchis takes Charly and Yamelí to his ranch against their will and demands the money he asked for. The police arrest Vanessa and Ruco for possession of drugs. An employee of Monchis discovers where Erick lives.

24 Jun. 2019

Episode #1.32

Yamelí agrees to spend the night with Charly in order to obtain information about Monchis. Due to Wendy’s distrust, Juanjo has to confess that Lari is an agent of the DEA. Monchis discovers that Rizzo and Lari are agents of the DEA.

25 Jun. 2019

Episode #1.33

Yamelí spends the night with Charly and manages to obtain the location of Monchis’ ranch. Lidia makes Monchis see all his defects as a husband and he confesses the truth about Alberto’s death.

26 Jun. 2019

Episode #1.34

Monchis orders to kill Yamelí and Charly believing that he has betrayed him. Ruco arrives at the same rehabilitation clinic as Vanessa. Yamelí gives the location of Monchis to Rizzo and he begins to mobilize his agents.

27 Jun. 2019

Episode #1.35

Yamelí manages to survive Toño’s attack. Erick participates in a radio contest and meets Irma, the Hurricane. Monchis is cornered by the DEA and Rizzo shoots him while trying to save Lidia. Yamelí confesses to Monchis who she really is.

28 Jun. 2019

Episode #1.36

Rizzo informs Yamelí that she has been released from prison. Lidia confesses to Charly that Monchis killed her father. Lidia and Erick attend the funeral of Monchis. Just before getting married, Juanjo tells Wendy that Yamelí is alive.

1 Jul. 2019

Episode #1.37

Diana asks Charly for another opportunity. Erick can not hide the strong attraction he feels for Irma. Wendy gets drunk during the wedding and tries to reveal the truth about Yamelí. Toño asks Charly to take charge of Monchis’ business.

2 Jul. 2019

Episode #1.38

Yamelí and Zaria plan to sabotage Charly’s concert and promote Erick’s career. Charly offers Erick a concert together, but Juanjo is opposed. Charly contacts Toño to ask for money.

4 Jul. 2019

Episode #1.39

Diana and Yamelí convince Charly to modify the concert and make an exclusive presentation at Juanjo’s bar. Ruco is still trying to convince Vanessa that he is willing to change for her and proposes to escape from the rehabilitation center.

5 Jul. 2019

Episode #1.40

Vanessa tries to reach an agreement with Charly and Diana to allow her to live with Ruco. Charly meets Toño to meet Edgar and close one of Monchis’ businesses.

8 Jul. 2019

Episode #1.41

Erick gives Vanessa money to help her, but is upset to see that she lives with Ruco. Yamelí gives Diana the contact of a detective to investigate Charly. Juanjo and Yamelí prepare Erick and Charly’s concert.

9 Jul. 2019

Episode #1.42

The press conference of Charly and Erick’s concert becomes a battle of egos. Charly seeks to sabotage Erick’s presentation in order to close the concert. Charly makes peace with Vanessa.

10 Jul. 2019

Episode #1.43

Erick’s presentation is a success, but the audience begin to boo Charly. Axel believes that Juanjo is responsible for the attacks on Charly during the concert. Charly is affected by the public’s rejection.

11 Jul. 2019

Episode #1.44

Yamelí and Juanjo manage to get Erick to close the concert even though Charly tried to sabotage his last song. Charly blames Juanjo for having wanted to damage his presentation. Yamelí’s investigator discovers Charly on a date with Carolina.

12 Jul. 2019

Episode #1.45

Yamelí is upset to see the photos of Charly with Carolina. Vanessa is disappointed in Ruco when she discovers that he continues to sell drugs. Wendy decides to support Yamelí in her revenge against Charly. Diana thinks she can reconcile with Charly.

15 Jul. 2019

Episode #1.46

Yameli has Restrepo send the photos of Charly and Carolina to Diana, complicating the negotiation of the divorce. Irma hesitates to accept Juanjo’s proposal to represent her. Erick asks Irma to be his girlfriend.

16 Jul. 2019

Episode #1.47

Juanjo confesses to Yamelí that he is in love with her and that it was a mistake to marry Wendy. Ruco tries to force Vanessa to return with him, but Sergio defends her. Yamelí tells Charly that the Luxor figures are altered.

17 Jul. 2019

Episode #1.48

Irma decides to sign with Luxor. Charly meets Toño and Edgar to receive money from Monchis’ business and Restrepo follows him. Yamelí makes Juanjo see that what he feels is not right. Diana is not willing to give up her part of Luxor.

19 Jul. 2019

Episode #1.49

Erick discovers that his mother is the same Yamelí who was Juanjo’s friend. Diana confronts Charly about money laundering and he makes her see that he can use the invoices signed by her against her. Juanjo tells Yamelí that Erick could be her son.

22 Jul. 2019

Episode #1.50

Yamelí cannot believe that her son is still alive and plans to investigate what else Erick knows about his mother. Charly asks Toño to investigate who has been following him. Diana records Charly’s confession about money laundering.

23 Jul. 2019

Episode #1.51

Yamelí and Juanjo plan to obtain a sample of Erick’s saliva to do a DNA test. Diana does not accept the division of goods and manages Charly to give her seventy percent of Luxor. Erick asks Charly about Yamelí.

24 Jul. 2019

Episode #1.52

Juanjo helps Yamelí with the DNA test, causing Wendy’s jealousy. Restrepo confesses to Toño that Diana was the one who hired him to follow Charly. Yamelí makes Charly believe that she received some photos where he is unfaithful and breaks up with him.

25 Jul. 2019

Episode #1.53

Charly tries to clear things up with Yamelí, but she doesn’t allow him. The business between Charly and Edgar fails and they lose money. Charly gets violent with Diana when he discovers she’s dating Javier.

26 Jul. 2019

Episode #1.54

Yamelí reports Ruco to the police. Charly asks Toño to teach Diana a lesson. Cris Vega asks Juanjo to give him a chance to work with him. Charly pays a fee for Irma’s song to play on the radio.

29 Jul. 2019

Episode #1.55

Diana regrets reporting Charly and Yameli confesses the whole truth to help her do justice. Toño attacks Diana and when he is discovered he shoots her. Charly discovers that Lari is a DEA informant and blames her for the attack on Diana.

30 Jul. 2019

Episode #1.56

Yamelí asks Zaria to help her prove her innocence and records a video where she confesses the truth. Charly tries to convince everyone that Lari was the one who killed Diana, but Erick doubts she is responsible.

31 Jul. 2019

Episode #1.57

Lari is indicated by the police as the main suspect in Diana’s death. Yameli confesses to Erick what happened during the attack in Luxor and he decides to help her hide. Juanjo gives Yameli the DNA results.

1 Aug. 2019

Episode #1.58

Yamelí confirms that Erick is her son, but prefers not to say anything. Zaria makes Lari’s confession public, but Vanessa doesn’t believe in her words. Juanjo gives Contreras the information he has about Toño.

2 Aug. 2019

Episode #1.59

In a moment of weakness, Yamelí steals a kiss from Juanjo and confesses that he loves him, but makes it clear that they cannot be together. Contreras pressures Charly to know more about Toño and the divorce process.

5 Aug. 2019

Episode #1.60

Contreras begins to doubt Charly’s statements by questioning those involved in Diana’s case and confirming that Toño was in Luxor. Juanjo confesses to Wendy that he does not love her and decides to separate from her.

6 Aug. 2019

Episode #1.61

Contreras does not accept the evidence presented by Juanjo. Erick discovers that Irma’s father is an alcoholic. Sergio confesses to Vanessa that Yamelí is hiding in his house and she gives her away.

7 Aug. 2019

Episode #1.62

Yamelí surrenders to the police and asks Juanjo to help her prove her innocence. Wendy can’t get over her breakup with Juanjo and finds out she’s pregnant. Charly prohibits Erick from getting close to him and Vanessa again.

8 Aug. 2019

Episode #1.63

Juanjo gives Contreras a document that reveals Lari’s true identity. Wendy confesses to Juanjo that she is pregnant, but he does not agree to get back with her. Charly visits Yamelí in jail to confront her about Diana’s death.

9 Aug. 2019

Episode #1.64

Yamelí refuses to be with Juanjo when she learns that Wendy is pregnant. Jack returns to help prove Yamelí’s innocence. Erick is jealous to see Irma and Charly kissing, she feels controlled by Erick and breaks up with him.

12 Aug. 2019

Episode #1.65

The police exonerate Yamelí and Charly asks Toño to accelerate the attack against her in jail. Vanessa convinces herself that Lari is innocent and questions Charly about the attack on Diana. Juanjo and Zaria start a campaign to free Yamelí.

13 Aug. 2019

Episode #1.66

Yamelí’s life is at risk in jail. Vanessa begins to investigate if there is any connection between Charly and Toño. Charly asks Carolina to help Mora not to confess his participation in money laundering.

15 Aug. 2019

Episode #1.67

Irma, tired of her father’s mistreatment, leaves home and looks for Erick to apologize. Axel is disappointed to hear how Charly modified his song. Yamelí decides to reveal her true identity to Charly.

16 Aug. 2019

Es hora de que sepas quién está detrás de todas tus desgracias

Charly finally finds out about Lari’s true identity. Toño puts an ultimatum to Charly to give him the money he needs to leave the country. Vanessa’s dinner ends badly when Charly despises Sergio for helping Lari.

19 Aug. 2019

¡Yo soy tu mamá!

Contreras organizes an operation to capture Toño, but it gets complicated and they end up killing him. Yamelí confesses to Erick her past and reveals that she is his mother. Yamelí and Erick decide to tell Lidia the truth about their origin.

20 Aug. 2019

¡Soy tu hijo!

Erick confesses to Charly that he is his son, but he prefers not to care. Charly makes a press conference to make believe that Toño extorted him. Zaria and Yamelí publish a video where she tells everything that happened next to Charly.

21 Aug. 2019

Esas canciones son mías

Axel can’t stand Charly’s humiliations anymore and hits him. Irma’s father drives drunk and runs over Wendy. Marlene blackmails Charly with the information she has on Toño’s cell phone.

22 Aug. 2019

Baila conmigo si tienes el flow

Charly tired of Marlene’s blackmail, kills her and retrieves Toño’s cell phone. Erick confronts Chris Vega in a musical duel. Charly tries to silence criticism of his career and denies Yamelí’s accusations.

23 Aug. 2019

El príncipe azul no existe

The talents of Luxor and Surround face off in a concert organized by Dj Mike. Mora decides to tell the truth about Luxor’s embezzlement. Contreras gets the recording where Charly blames Diana for money laundering.

26 Aug. 2019

Vengo arrasando con todos los males

Charly puts his fans against Yamelí and sues her for defamation. Yamelí gives Zaria the audio where Charly threatens Diana so she can upload it to the internet. Juanjo reaffirms his love for Yamelí and decides to leave Wendy.

27 Aug. 2019

¡Que se sienta el flow!

Vanessa begins to suspect that Charly had to do with Marlene’s death and takes Diana’s gun and cell phone from the safe. El Buhó tells Juanjo that Rosalia arranged the contest for Erick to win.

28 Aug. 2019

Te voy a destruir

Yamelí makes Jack see that their relationship cannot work. Vanessa decides to deliver Diana’s cell phone and the gun to Contreras to find out if Charly is really guilty of Marlene’s death. Yamelí and Juanjo spend the night together.

29 Aug. 2019

A ver cuánto te dura tu teatrito, Charly Flow

Erick takes Charly on stage and makes a fool of himself. Contreras issues an arrest warrant against Charly. Erick, Irma and Axel are a hit during the Surround concert. Charly kidnaps Yamelí to avoid going to jail.

30 Aug. 2019

Vieja resentida

Charly keeps Yamelí captive in a house far from the city and with Vanessa’s help, Contreras discovers his location. Yamelí has the opportunity to end her revenge and threatens to kill Charly.

2 Sep. 2019

¿Tanto miedo tienes?

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4 Sep. 2019

Callejón sin salida

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