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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Kimbiseoga wae geureolkka with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

6 Jun. 2018

I Want to Pick Up My Life Now

Young Joon has never been turned down by anyone for his entire life. However, Kim Mi So, his secretary, suddenly tells him that she will quit her job. Young Joon tries everything he can to make Mi So stay.

7 Jun. 2018

She Just Doesn’t Want to Get Married

Young Joon does not really understand why Mi So wants to quit her job, so he proposes to Mi So to keep her on his side forever. To his great surprise, Mi So rejects Young Joon’s proposal and leaves him dumbfounded and even more confused.

13 Jun. 2018

Go on a Date

Mi So, who only cared about her job, goes out on a blind date. Young Joon hears about Mi So trying to get into a relationship and feels anxious about Mi So being with other guys.

14 Jun. 2018

I Come Back to Forgive You

Young Joon’s brother Sung Yeon returns to Korea after 3 years abroad to visit his family. However, something is not quite right the way Young Joon greets his long waited brother home.

20 Jun. 2018

Ordinary Relationships

Love and an ordinary way of life are not in Vice Chairman Lee’s repertoire, but he makes a valiant effort to profess his feelings to Mi So, his personal secretary, who feels otherwise.

21 Jun. 2018

What’s Wrong with Vice Chairman Lee?

Mi So requests a leave for the first time in her nine years of service. Young Joon, who can’t deal with Mi So’s absence, misses his secretary so dearly that he compromises to resolve his loneliness by joining Mi So on her day off.

27 Jun. 2018

Memories Should Stay Buried

Secretary Kim grows closer to Sung Yeon knowing he was the one she was with when she was kidnapped. The sight of Secretary Kim and Sung Yeon together drives Vice Chairman Lee mad.

28 Jun. 2018

I Like You Too

Young Joon invites her to his house for dinner. Although she has visited his house almost every day for the last eight years, Mi So feels totally different this time and gets very nervous. Young Joon awaits her with a surprise gift to make her heart melt.

4 Jul. 2018

Let’s Make it Official

It seems making their relationship official does have its drawbacks. Their roles clash with each other’s desire that gets the whole office to notice, and puts Mi So in a position to set things right.

5 Jul. 2018

It Was You All Along

Mi So doesn’t really understand why the whole family of her boss is lying about his real identity. To confirm her speculation, she pays a visit to Young Joon’s mother and finds a clue that might lead to her childhood hero.

11 Jul. 2018

Why Hold Back the Truth?

Lee Sung Yeon realizes why his brother, Lee Young Joon, never pitied his suffering because he knew all along it was him who was kidnapped and not Lee Sung Yeon. Mi So wakes up finally knowing the person she had searched all this time is standing in front of her.

12 Jul. 2018

I Don’t Want to Waste Away Tonight

Young Joon can’t help himself but worries about Mi So because now she remembers what really happened when she was kidnapped. Young Joon persuades Mi So to let him move into her studio for a while.

19 Jul. 2018

I Will Always Stay with You

Rumors of Mi So spread across the company that she gets ahead by her charming looks to seduce her boss, and people speak ill of her. Mi So’s last day at work is coming up. Mi So gets herself ready to leave Yumyung group once and for all.

25 Jul. 2018

Wedding Bells

Mi So’s dad approves Young Joon as his son-in-law under one condition, a proper marriage proposal. Young Joon is faced with the greatest challenge of his life. Sung Yeon gives him tips on how he should propose to Mi So.

26 Jul. 2018

What’s Wrong with You, Kim Mi So?

After the proposal, Young Joon and Mi So’s wedding preparations are on track. Young Joon wants to become a perfect husband as he promised, so he plans a perfect wedding for Mi So and himself.

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