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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Season 1
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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

17 Jun. 2019

Meet Sonakshi And Rohit

Sonakshi Rastogi opens up about her life as an actress, while Rohit Sippy, a surgeon, recalls his past after receiving an award. How will their lives get entwined?

18 Jun. 2019

Sonakshi Falls Unconscious

Rohit preps for a complicated surgery while Sonakshi is all set for her shoot. Later, a tired Sonakshi faints while shooting a dance sequence.

19 Jun. 2019

Rohit Is Exasperated

Sonakshi refuses to listen to Rohit’s medical advice. Later, Sonakshi’s mother confronts her while Rohit is filled with rage.

20 Jun. 2019

Rohit Meets Sonakshi

A frustrated Rohit meets Sonakshi on the sets of KPK while Sumit and Netra indulge in a dispute. Later, Rohit and Sonakshi argue on TV serial content.

21 Jun. 2019

Rohit’s Family Reunion

Nishi makes a deal with Suman while Rohit is overwhelmed to meet his family members. Elsewhere, Sumit hatches a diabolical plan against Sonakshi.

24 Jun. 2019

Sonakshi Slaps Sumit

A furious Sonakshi slaps Sumit after he misbehaves with her. Rohit recalls the progress he has made as a doctor. Later, Sonakshi spots Rohit in grave danger.

25 Jun. 2019

Sonakshi In Trouble?

Sonakshi rescues Rohit but he does not appreciate her gesture. Later, she panics on seeing some police at the check post while Netra gets some unexpected news.

26 Jun. 2019

Sonakshi Takes a Drastic Step

At Netra’s insistence, Sumit apologises to Sonakshi. Later, she overhears Rohit’s conversation, which forces her to take a drastic step.

27 Jun. 2019

Sonakshi Impresses Rohit

Rohit is forced to call Sonakshi to inaugurate the new wing of the hospital. Later, he gets impressed with her speech at the press conference.

28 Jun. 2019

Sonakshi Is Hurt

The Sippys praise Sonakshi at the party, but she is hurt when Rohit remains unimpressed. Later, he stops her from meeting a young fan in his hospital.

1 Jul. 2019

Rohit Is in for a Shock

When Sonakshi spends a night in the hospital, she chances upon her ex-boyfriend Karan. Later, Rohit gets a shocking phone call in the middle of the night.

2 Jul. 2019

Rohit, Sonakshi’s Endless Tussle

Sonakshi narrates the events to the Sippys and apologises to them for being late. Later, Rohit gets into a heated argument with her.

3 Jul. 2019

Rohit’s Midnight Mission

Veena and the servants do everything they can to cure Rohit’s fever. Later, he appears at Sonakshi’s doorstep at midnight to reclaim a valuable item.

4 Jul. 2019

Sonakshi Tends to Rohit

Hell-bent on getting his watch back, Rohit spends the night on a bench. Later, Sonakshi tends to him after learning about his ill health.

5 Jul. 2019

Sonakshi’s Sweet Gesture

Sonakshi struggles to distract the media, while Nishi and Suman have a fight. Later, Sonakshi apologises to the Sippys on TV and performs a wholesome deed..

6 Jul. 2019

Sonakshi Surprises Rohit

While Suman’s behaviour disturbs Sonakshi, Pulkit consoles her. Later, Rohit and Veena are awed by Sonakshi’s calm demeanour.

9 Jul. 2019

Rohit Saves Sonakshi

Rohit saves Sonakshi from a disaster while Rohan lands himself in trouble. Later, a furious Suman is taken aback.

10 Jul. 2019

Suman in a Tight Spot

Nishi seeks revenge against Suman while the police barge into Sonakshi’s house to arrest Suman. Elsewhere, in a fit of rage, Pari throws alcohol on Pooja.

11 Jul. 2019

Rohit to the Rescue!

Rohit struggles to get Suman released while Sonakshi makes a tough decision. Later, Rohit is taken aback when a nurse gives an odd response to his question.

12 Jul. 2019

Suman Expresses Her Feelings

Rohit seeks Nethra’s help regarding Sonakshi while Nishi and YK rebuke each other. Elsewhere, a shattered Suman expresses her feelings to Sonakshi.

16 Jul. 2019

Sonakshi Visits Rohit’s Hospital

Sonakshi is distressed, recalling her late father while Netra plans her next shoot at Rohit’s hospital. Later, Netra makes a shocking revelation to the latter.

16 Jul. 2019

Rohit Humiliates Sumit

Rohan plans to take Tanya out for a romantic dinner. Later at the hospital, Rohit humiliates Sumit in front of everybody.

17 Jul. 2019

Rohit’s Mysterious Phone Call

Sonakshi gets a surprising offer while a desperate Rohit makes a mysterious phone call. Later, Pari is left in tears after a dispute with Suman and Sonakshi.

18 Jul. 2019

Karan Molests Sonakshi

Sonakshi is unable to get over Pari’s words while Rohit is determined to make things right. Later, she is stunned by Karan’s outrageous demand.

19 Jul. 2019

Sumit Plots Against Pari

Sumit manipulates a designer so that Pari has a wardrobe malfunction. Later, Sonakshi and Rohit get into a heated argument before the event.

22 Jul. 2019

Sonakshi’s Startling Performance

While Sumit berates Rohit, Karan has an evil plan up his sleeve. Later, Sonakshi’s dance performance leaves everyone in awe.

23 Jul. 2019

Pooja’s Wardrobe Malfunction

Pooja is devastated following a wardrobe malfunction during the ramp walk. Later, she shoots sharp accusations at Sonakshi.

24 Jul. 2019

Rohit’s Frantic Outburst

Rohit holds Sonakshi accountable for Pooja’s wardrobe malfunction. An enraged Nareen slaps Pooja while Pari’s confession scares Sonakshi.

25 Jul. 2019

Sonakshi Strikes a Deal

Sonakshi makes a deal with Ashish to stop Pooja’s news from being published. Next day, the Sippys are shocked to read the newspaper.

26 Jul. 2019

Sonakshi Investigates the Truth

Rohit yells at Sonakshi for his mistake while Pari is shocked to hear about Pooja’s new opportunity. Later, Sonakshi’s search leads to a vital clue.

29 Jul. 2019

Rohit’s Stern Decision

Sonakshi and Sumit get into a heated conversation while Rohit berates YK’s actions. Later, she is shocked by Rohit’s drastic decision.

30 Jul. 2019

Sonakshi Confesses the Truth

A furious Nishi throws YK out of the room while Rohan slaps Ajit for misbehaving. Later, Sonakshi confesses the truth to Rohit regarding the ramp walk.

31 Jul. 2019

Pooja’s Emotional Breakdown

Pooja has an emotional breakdown after Rohit confronts her. Later at midnight, Suman is admitted to hospital while Sonakshi struggles to get her help.

1 Aug. 2019

Rohit Learns the Truth

Sonakshi refuses to let Rohit treat Suman while Nishi gives YK an earful. Later, Rohit overhears the truth through Sonakshi’s conversation with Pari and Pulkit.

2 Aug. 2019

Sonakshi Shares Her Suspicions

Sonakshi is taken aback by Rohit’s odd move in the court. Later, in a meeting with Rohit and Deepa, she shares her suspicions regarding the case.

5 Aug. 2019

Sonakshi Is Confused

Rohit threatens Sumit and Karan while Rohan lends a helping hand to Pari. Later, Sonakshi is baffled by Rohit’s odd behaviour while Ajit teases him.

6 Aug. 2019

Rohit Saves Sonakshi

Sonakshi hugs Rohit during her attempt to escape from Karan. Later, Rohit assaults the latter while Rohan offers to help Pari.

7 Aug. 2019

Rohit, Sonakshi Recall the Past

During a severe storm, Rohit takes shelter at Sonakshi’s house. Later, they recollect their past when they spend some time together on the terrace.

8 Aug. 2019

Sonakshi Is Lost in Memories

While Suman is irked by Rohit’s behaviour, Pari provokes her against Sonakshi. Later, Sonakshi reminisces about the times spent with him.

9 Aug. 2019

The Sippys Assault Sumit

The Sippys arrive at Sonakshi’s shooting set to confront Sumit. They assault him after he makes an arrogant confession regarding his misdeeds.

12 Aug. 2019

Sonakshi Thanks Rohit

Sonakshi expresses her gratitude to Rohit while Pari secretly stalks Rohan. Later, Rohit organises a dinner with Sonakshi while she plans a surprise for him.

13 Aug. 2019

Rohit, Sonakshi’s Dinner Date

Rohit and Sonakshi go out for dinner while Akash learns a startling truth about Pooja. Later, while trying to save a woman, Rohit is reminded of a horrible memory.

14 Aug. 2019

Sonakshi’s Confusing Gift for Rohit

Sonakshi praises Rohit and gives him a gift. Later, Akash confronts YK and Nishi about Pooja’s real parents while Sonakshi receives a strange video call from Rohit.

15 Aug. 2019

Sonakshi, Rohit’s Chance Meeting

An embarrassed Sonakshi accidentally utters Rohit’s name in her dialogue during the KPK shoot. Later, she runs into him on her way to Pune.

16 Aug. 2019

Rohit’s Desperate Attempt

Sonakshi is shocked on learning about Ashish’s intentions behind inviting her. Meanwhile, Rohit makes a desperate attempt to meet Raima, his ex-girlfriend.

19 Aug. 2019

Sonakshi to Save Rohit

A startled Sonakshi strives to save Rohit after seeing his tragic condition. Elsewhere, Veena creates a scene at the Sippy mansion.

20 Aug. 2019

Sonakshi Consoles Rohit

Sonakshi’s outburst leaves Suman speechless as the latter decides to leave the house. Later, she consoles Rohit after the Sippys make a stern decision.

21 Aug. 2019

Rohit in a Tough Spot

Ajit spots a delusional Sonakshi outside his house. Later, Rohit is puzzled by his family’s odd behaviour while Ajit puts him in an awkward situation.

22 Aug. 2019

Rohit Stuns Sonakshi

Suman is shocked to see Veena at her doorstep while Rohit puts forth a shocking request to Sonakshi. Later, Raima’s vitals show improvement.

23 Aug. 2019

The Sippys Celebrate Teejri

Raima’s sister decides to take her to Chandigarh. Later, Rohit struggles to find a chance to speak to Sonakshi amidst the Teejri celebrations.

26 Aug. 2019

Rohit and Sonakshi in Trouble

While trying to convince Sonakshi to attend a party, Rohit gets stuck in the ladies washroom. Later, Pari’s fondness for Rohan irks Suman.

27 Aug. 2019

Rohit, Sonakshi’s First Teejri

Rohit helps Sonakshi to get ready for the Teejri function while Veena asks them to perform the ritual. Later, the Sippys are in for a big shock.

28 Aug. 2019

Rohit Is Guilt-ridden

Veena tells Sonakshi that Rohit wants to marry her while YK presents Nishi with a ring. Later, Rohit feels guilty about Raima’s deteriorating health.

29 Aug. 2019

Rohit Visits Sonakshi at Work

On Veena’s orders, Rohit visits the sets of KPK. Later, he is asked to look into Raima’s case while a decked up Pari accompanies Rohan to a party.

30 Aug. 2019

Suman, Nishi at Loggerheads

Rohit offers to help Sonakshi in biology. On the other hand, Nishi deliberately invites Suman to the Janmashtami party.

31 Aug. 2019

Sonakshi Feels Embarrassed

Sonakshi accidentally bumps into a partly-clothed Rohit while Pari faces a puzzling situation. Later, the police question Sonakshi about a murdercase.

2 Sep. 2019

Sonakshi Is Accused

Rohit stands by Sonakshi when the police take her for interrogation. Later, she is accused of an unthinkable crime while he struggles to meet her.

3 Sep. 2019

Rohit Demands Answers

After overhearing the interrogation at the police station, Rohit confronts Sonakshi regarding the truth. Later, Sumit deals a devastating blow to her reputation.

4 Sep. 2019

Veena Slaps Rohit

YK puts forth a condition to Akash while Nethra is asked to replace Sonakshi for KPK. Elsewhere, Veena slaps Rohit after he argues with Naren.

5 Sep. 2019

Rohit’s Drastic Move

An emotional Sonakshi shoots her last scene for KPK while Sumit mocks Nethra’s humble request. Later, Rohit locks Sonakshi in his car’s trunk. Why?

6 Sep. 2019

Rohit, Sonakshi’s Ganapati Puja

Rohit urges Veena to invite the Sippys to Sonakshi’s place for Ganapati puja. Later, Rohit confronts Sailesh for making an odd statement about Sonakshi.

9 Sep. 2019

Rohit, Sonakshi’s Romantic Moment

Nishi and Suman taunt each other while Rohit has a romantic moment with Sonakshi. Later, Rohit secretly follows Sailesh while Nishi creates a scene.

10 Sep. 2019

Rohit Is Kidnapped!

Rohit is thrashed brutally by some goons and gets kidnapped while the Sippys learn about Sonakshi’s sacrifice. Elsewhere, Raima regains consciousness.

11 Sep. 2019

RoNakshi in Danger

Sonakshi guides Rohan and YK to save Rohit from danger. The Rastogis and the Sippys perform the Ganpati puja while Sonakshi and Rohit get trapped in a truck.

12 Sep. 2019

Rohit Saves Sonakshi

Rohit takes a drastic step to save Sonakshi from the cold while the Sippys makes a shocking confession to the media. Later, Rohit plays a prank on Sonakshi.

13 Sep. 2019

Does Rohit Love Sonakshi?

Rohit and Sonakshi have an intimate conversation after they get stranded. Later, Raima’s vitals show improvement while Sonakshi is certain Rohit loves her.

16 Sep. 2019

Sonakshi Performs Ganapati Visarjan

Rohit arrives with a Dhol party to celebrate Ganapati Visarjan at Sonakshi’s house. Later, he forgets Raima’s birthday and blames Sonakshi for not reminding him.

17 Sep. 2019

Sonakshi Tries to Help Rohit

Sonakshi is hurt by Rohit’s blame-game while Nethra gives her a surprising news. Later, Sonakshi pleads with the father of a church to let Rohit enter the premises.

18 Sep. 2019

Is Rohit in Love?

Rohit gets confused when he imagines Sonakshi in his prayers. Later, Sonakshi spots an intoxicated Pari on the street late at night.

19 Sep. 2019

Rohit to Propose to Sonakshi?

Suman slaps Pari while Sonakshi assumes that Rohit does not love her. On the other hand, a determined Rohit resolves to confess his feelings for her.

20 Sep. 2019

Raima’s Unexpected Move

Raima’s unexpected reaction after noticing Sonakshi leaves her mother and the doctor surprised. Elsewhere, Rohit rehearses his proposal to Sonakshi.

23 Sep. 2019

Sonakshi, Rohit to Part Ways?

Sonakshi tells Rohit that she wants to end their fake relationship. Unable to confess his feelings, he agrees to part ways with her.

24 Sep. 2019

Sonakshi Visits Raima

Rohit realises that Sonakshi loves him, while Mrs Sengupta requests her to meet Raima. What will happen when the past and present come face-to-face?

25 Sep. 2019

Rohit Proposes to Sonakshi

Raima is shocked to meet Sonakshi while Rohan vents his anger on Tanya. Later at the hospital, Rohit romantically proposes to Sonakshi.

26 Sep. 2019

Ronit Recalls His Past

An emotional Rohit narrates his past to Sonakshi while Raima wakes up from her coma. Later, Sonakshi gives him tips to impress her mother.

27 Sep. 2019

Rohit’s Desperate Attempt To Impress Suman

In an attempt to impress Suman, Rohit makes a fool out of himself in front of her. Later, Raima heads to the Sippy Mansion with a hidden motive.

30 Sep. 2019

RoNakshi’s Romantic Time

While Raima gets help from an unexpected source on her way to the Sippy Mansion, Rohit gets romantic with Sonakshi.

1 Oct. 2019

Sonakshi Is Speechless!

Raima enters the Sippy Mansion as Rohit is proposing to Sonakshi. Later, she shocks everyone when she narrates the events of 26th September.

2 Oct. 2019

Rohit Ignores Sonakshi

Ignoring Sonakshi’s desperate pleas, Rohit asks her to leave. While Rohan and Pari get intimate, Raima’s mother unleashes her fury on Sonakshi.

3 Oct. 2019

Rohit Tends to Raima

The Sippys are shocked when Rohit reveals the truth about his relationship with Sonakshi. Later, he tends to Raima when her condition drastically deteriorates.

4 Oct. 2019

Raima, Rohit’s Alone Time

Rohit and Raima spend some alone time while Sumit assures to stand by Sonakshi. Later, Rohit gets threatened by Tanushree at the hospital.

7 Oct. 2019

Rohit, Sonakshi Patch Up?

Sonakshi is overwhelmed by Rohit’s honest confession. Later, she reveals a dark secret from her past while YK’s mother does the unthinkable.

8 Oct. 2019

Raima Is Missing!

Upon learning that her daughter is missing, Raima’s mother confronts a miserable Rohit. Meanwhile, Rohan invites Pari to accompany him for a couple’s massage.

9 Oct. 2019

Sonakshi’s Drastic Move

Deepa slaps Pari after a verbal spat while Rohit tries to pacify an infuriated Raima. Later, a guilt-ridden Sonakshi takes a drastic step.

10 Oct. 2019

Raima Does the UnthinkableS1

Deepa reveals Rohan’s shocking truth to Tanya. Later, Raima stuns the Sippys and the Rastogis with an unexpected announcement.

11 Oct. 2019

Karan Threatens Rohit

Rohit is delighted to receive a romantic note from Sonakshi. Later, Karan threatens Rohit in order to extort money from him.

14 Oct. 2019

Rohit Gets Shot!

Rohit gets shot when he attempts to play a clever trick on Karan. Later, Sonakshi is perplexed when Rohit’s staff tells her the shocking truth.

15 Oct. 2019

RoNakshi in Danger?

Naren and Rohit get embroiled in a spat. Later, the Sippys and the Rastogis fix Sonakshi and Rohit’s wedding date unaware of the danger approaching the duo.

16 Oct. 2019

Rohit’s Weird Demand

Suman and Sonakshi are scared when Rohit puts forth a outrageous demand. While Naren agrees for the marriage, Mahesh vows to ruin it.

17 Oct. 2019

Sonakshi Is Horrified

Deepa’s spy catches Rohan and Pari romancing while Raima is hurt by RoNakshi’s conversation. Later, Sonakshi is shocked upon learning a disturbing truth.

18 Oct. 2019

RoNakshi’s Haldi Ceremony

The Sippys celebrate the Haldi ceremony while Raima and Mahesh vow to cause trouble. Later, Rohit stops Veena from applying Haldi to Sonakshi.

6 Nov. 2019

RoNakshi’s Romantic Dinner

Sonakshi agrees to sign the papers while Mahesh executes his diabolical plan. Later, Rohit and Sonakshi enjoy a romantic dinner on the terrace.

19 Nov. 2019

Mahesh Wreaks Havoc

A regretful Raima apologises to Rohit and Sonakshi. Later, Mahesh wreaks havoc at the wedding venue and threatens to kill Rohit.

6 Dec. 2019

Sonakshi Slaps Tapasya

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9 Dec. 2019

Episode #1.127

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10 Dec. 2019

Episode #1.128

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11 Dec. 2019

Episode #1.129

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12 Dec. 2019

Episode #1.130

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