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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Jutro ce promeniti sve with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

8 Oct. 2018


In the first episode of the impatiently expected domestic series “Morning will change everything”, viewers are introduced to the main characters and their current situation.

9 Oct. 2018

Djak generacije

At the consent of dissatisfied parents, Philip agrees to go to his elementary school and maintain public class.

10 Oct. 2018


The whole team helps Angela to transfer her things to a new apartment. Sasha try to not show her sadness because Angela and her will not live together anymore.

11 Oct. 2018


Andjela has disappeared. Ljuba seeks help from Sasa because he appears to have contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

15 Oct. 2018


Ljuba wakes up in an empty gym that is his temporary home – Miljana, after finding out about his problem, mercilessly throws him out of the house to the street .

16 Oct. 2018

Marina Sisa

In order to solve her constant financial problems, Sasha, borrows again money from her mother, in order to be able to make a big pink party for an eccentric starlet called Marina Boob.

17 Oct. 2018


Andjela discovers something surprising about her new lover. Filip meets his friend Jaksa. Sasa desperately tries to solve her financial issues.

18 Oct. 2018

Zigi Stardast

It is revealed how Sasa obtained her precious poster signed by David Bowie. However, due to financial problems Sasa now has to make some sacrifices.

22 Oct. 2018

Dan mladosti

Ljuba has issues with loan sharks. Andjela gets invited to a party.

23 Oct. 2018


Sasha is experiencing a new fiasco, playing in commercial, while Filip presents his idea for the application to his former firm. Ljuba must explain to Ivona what happened. Angela goes with Daria and Victor to listen his band.

24 Oct. 2018

Super Mario Boris

The team sees Sasha’s pate ad, which has already leaked into social networks. Nobody wants to hurt Sasha, but nevertheless . Ivona helps Ljuba with debt.

25 Oct. 2018


Ljuba tries to retrieve Ivona’s trust in all ways, while simultaneously interfering with her frequent calls from Kristina ..

29 Oct. 2018

To su samo reci

Andjela wakes up after a night of wild sex with her students. Filip tries to sell his invention to the local police. Ljuba’s day starts off perfectly but ends as a disaster.

30 Oct. 2018

U magnovenju

Ljuba returns to his peaceful hometown where he meets his friends and family.

31 Oct. 2018


Filip tries to have sex with a girl. Sasa meets someone who will change her life. Andjela has an awkward meeting at work.

1 Nov. 2018

Belaviva devojka

Philip finally realizes that it’s time to stop living with his parents in the same apartment .

5 Nov. 2018


Sasa travels to Novi Sad with her friends in order to meet her father and half sister.

6 Nov. 2018

Ispod koze

Filip and Ljuba spend the whole day high on drugs. While at work, Andjela can’t take her eyes off her crush.

7 Nov. 2018


Filip and Ljuba try to make a living writing dissertations for students. Sasa and Andjela plan revenge on Sasa’s former landlord.

8 Nov. 2018


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12 Nov. 2018


One test returns Angela at the time of six months, when her life still had at least an illusion of some stability. How did things get so easily and quickly turned upside down?

13 Nov. 2018

Sikiriki koli

Filip and Sasa check out some apartments for rent. Ljuba is visited by his sister and her children. Andjela ends up at a karaoke party.

14 Nov. 2018

Zena od vanilije

Ljuba and Filip are moving in a rented apartment, where they starting their life together. Sasha is forced to work as a waitress in a “fancy” restaurant, completely opposite of everything she’s used to .

15 Nov. 2018

Tajna vecera

Filip and Sasa wake up together in bed. Andjela has breakfast with her new girlfriend. Ivona is pregnant.

19 Nov. 2018

Danas mogu sve

Ivona tells Ljuba that the child is his. Andjela attends Marta’s performance.

20 Nov. 2018


Sasha seems to be somewhat threatened by an increasingly intense Angela relationship with Martha, and has her own personal troubles. Filip entrusts Jaksha with his new relationship.

21 Nov. 2018


Everyone is gathering to celebrate Angelina’s successfully defended doctorate. In a pleasant coffee shop owned by Martha’s friend, a multi-generation party can start .

22 Nov. 2018

Teske boje

Sasha goes to the village to her former boyfriend Vuk, her former “guru,” in the hope that she will find a way out of his current troublesome situation.

26 Nov. 2018

Gruba igra

Andjela is angry at Sasa. Filip has to do community service.

27 Nov. 2018

Drustveno korisni

Sasa works as a waitress at a business banquet. Ljuba brings Ivona lunch.

28 Nov. 2018

Plus jedan

Sasha decides to face Philip, who has long been avoided, and tries to somehow smooth his relationship with him. Angela goes to her professor Ciric to complain to him about the unfavorable development of events at the faculty.

29 Nov. 2018

Patike za trcanje

Ljuba insists to see Ivona to discuss the newly created situation, but that meeting also includes Ivona’s new partner, Vojin. Sasha realizes that Philip is still missing her, and tries to deal with her mixed emotions.

3 Dec. 2018

Caj od pelina

Angela, frustrated by the loss of her jobs, tries in every way to be helpful for others because of guilty. Philip urged Jaksa to see his new “corporate” friend Andrea, who offers him a some business offer.

4 Dec. 2018


Filip and Ljuba are preparing for the first working day for new jobs. Ljuba has to prove that he is really capable of being a chef, and Filip is trying out a new application “Capsule” and gets unexpected results.

5 Dec. 2018

Saher torta

Sasha is preparing a party for Svetlana’s 50th birthday, while Filip and Andrej prepare a presentation of “Capsules”. At the celebration, Ljuba tries to show as a chef, Angela appears with an unexpected companion.

6 Dec. 2018

350 dindzi

Filip feels pressure at work. He goes to his “guardian angel” Jaksa to complain to him. Ljuba is in trouble because of the situation with Dina. Angelina’s “socializing” with Miroslav begins to complicate.

10 Dec. 2018


Sasha and Ljuba arrange a new bar, they are full of enthusiasm. Miroslav organizes that they all go together to have fun in the “Escape room”. While everyone is trying to discover the riddle in his own way, Angela cant hide the secret anymore.

11 Dec. 2018


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12 Dec. 2018

Bicu dobro

In the last episode of the series “Morning Will Change Everything”, Angela re-moves from the apartment she shared with her Sasha, this time to go far away – She in her own way greets with Belgrade ..

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