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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Hitler’s Most Wanted with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

15 May 2019

Heinrich Himmler

James is retracing the story of Heinrich Himmler to find out how the middle class son of a schoolteacher became one of the main architects of Nazi evil. Second only to Hitler, Himmler was the criminal mastermind behind the Aryan breeding program known as Lebensborn, and the infamous death camps. Today, James picks up disturbing signs of fascism’s resurgence in contemporary Munich.

15 May 2019

Hermann Goering

As Hitler’s second in command, Hermann Goering was a ruthless and flamboyant manipulator, and James is exploring how this revered fighter pilot of the First World War could emerge as a psychopathic war criminal in the Second. Addicted to wealth and power, Goering was willing to attain his goals by any means necessary, and as his power increased, so did his taste for the good life.

22 May 2019

Josef Goebbels

Hitler’s minister of propaganda, Josef Goebbels was the mastermind behind the brainwashing campaign that eventually seduced Germany into joining the Nazi cause. James explores how the virulently anti-semitic Goebbels orchestrated a campaign of hate that paved the way for the Holocaust. Today, radicalism is again on the rise in Germany, and James joins a hair-raising counter protest on the front lines.

22 May 2019

Adolf Eichmann

James is on the trail of Adolf Eichmann, the notorious Nazi bureaucrat who escaped justice for 15 years until his trial made the Holocaust a household name. Under oath, Eichmann insisted he was a powerless middle manager who was simply following orders, and James is determined to find out if there’s any truth to his defense.

29 May 2019

Albert Speer

The architectural mastermind of the Third Reich, Albert Speer escaped the noose at the end of the war. But James believes there’s a monstrous truth behind Speer’s carefully crafted lies, and is determined to reveal the full extent of his crimes.

29 May 2019

Josef Mengele

The notorious demon doctor of Auschwitz, Josef Mengele conducted barbaric experiments on innocent victims, including children. Tracing the origins of his sadistic pseudo-science, James is on a mission to determine what so corrupted a medical doctor that he went down in history as the Angel of Death.

16 Oct. 2019

Karl Donitz

Hitler’s naval commander Karl Donitz was a fanatical Nazi who would do anything to support the party’s despicable aims. After the war, he claimed he’d only been a sailor following orders, but James is determined to prove Donitz was a committed war criminal who earned his bloody role as Hitler’s successor.

23 Oct. 2019

Hans Frank

As Hitler’s personal lawyer, Hans Frank twisted the law to further the Führer’s brutal agenda, and in enslaving an entire nation became known as the Butcher of Poland. James is determined to find out how this lawyer turned into a power-hungry monster.

30 Oct. 2019

Wilhelm Canaris

As Hitler’s master spy, Wilhelm Canaris staged covert operations that ultimately caused chaos and destruction. But he was also a double agent who provided secrets to the Allies and helped Jews escape from Germany. It’s a complex story, and James wants to know more.

6 Nov. 2019

Benito Mussolini

James is in Italy where he’s investigating Benito Mussolini-the brutal dictator whose violent path to power set the template for the rise of Nazi Germany. Though not a Nazi, Mussolini’s fascist alliance with the Führer places him squarely inside Hitler’s circle of evil.

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