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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Hercai with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

15 Mar. 2019


Miran Aslanbey, who came to Midyat as a businessman from Istanbul, offered Nasuh Sadoglu more than a partnership. Miran asks Nasuh’s grandson Reyyan to be his wife. However, Nasuh, the most powerful family head in the region, has different plans for Miran, which he calls a very good fortune. He’s going to give her a grandchild, but not what he wanted. Nasuh is unaware of Miran’s plans. While the decision to be given between the two men is expected curiously, the news will deeply affect the lives of Reyyan and Yaren.

22 Mar. 2019


Miran’s revenge plan, which he prepared during his life, is about to reach the end. But the surprises of life are waiting for him at the door. He was raised by feeding a grudge and hatred towards the Sadoglu family. As he spends time with Reyyan, he begins to feel different emotions. Azize Aslanbey, who is aware of everything, has different plans against this situation. Azat, who cannot stand any more than all of this, does his best to make Reyyan stop. Azat, who is willing to stand against the world in order to prevent any damage to Reyyan’s hair, causes a great …

29 Mar. 2019


The marriage, which was built with the fire of revenge between Miran and Reyyan, ended as planned by the Aslanbey family. Miran left Reyyan the next day. Unable to bear the pain, Reyyan burned the hut in which she spent her first night with Miran. Miran goes to his mother’s grave to let his news of vengeance. Miran who heard the news of the burning hut from Firat, will he leave Reyyan, who is not guilty in this war of revenge?

5 Apr. 2019


The mansions of Sadoglu and Aslanbey are on a thorn. The news that Reyyan and Miran jumped into the river shakes all of Mardin people. Now everyone wonders if Miran and Reyyan are dead. Hazar is determined to find Reyyan. Miran, who jumped into the river from behind Reyyan without blinking, manages to save Reyyan. Now it’s time to find a secluded and safe place where the two can stay together. Miran’s only request is to protect Reyyan. But there is something that he does not know; Reyyan does not want to stay in the same house nor to see Miran’s face after all these …

12 Apr. 2019


The Aslanbey family is shocked when Miran brings Reyyan to his mansion. When does Reyyan, who has been having a hard time at the mansion, will reach happiness? What will be the reaction of Azize Aslanbey in the face of this incident all Midyat heard of? Gönül, who living with Miran’s dream, will be able to handle this much? Zehra Sadoglu, who wants to save her only daughter from the hands of Miran, prints the house of Aslanbey. Yaren blames Reyyan for everything she lost. How will Yaren lead threats against Miran Aslanbey? Who is the target of Yaren who doesn’t want …

19 Apr. 2019


After Gül’s exit from the hospital, Miran secretly takes Reyyan to the mansion. Gül, who misses her sister, is surprised to see Reyyan. Gül and Reyyan meet for the first time after their long separation. Yaren Sadoglu is in pursuit of new plans. Azize Aslanbey, who plans to protect Elif, loses the confidence of her grandson. Elif hears Aslanbey family what they were doing to Reyyan. She does not remain silent against those in the mansion. Elif, who is shocked by the facts she learns every day, how long will she endure this? Azize Aslanbey will continue to lose loved …

26 Apr. 2019


Reyyan learns that Miran is married, and she accepts Azat’s offer. On the one hand, trying to deal with the fact that Miran is a wedded wife, is Reyyan going under Azat’s wings? Azat keeps the hand of Reyyan in front of the entire Sadoglu family. Azat’s sentences create an earthquake effect in Sadoglu Mansion. Miran can’t decide what to do. What are the current plans of Gonul, who believes that Miran will return to her after all this? What will Sultan do when she hears Gonul’s plans?

3 May 2019


Miran Aslanbey who tries all the way to save Reyyan, collapsed with Reyyan’s saying, “The one who’s here stays here.” After Reyyan accepts a marriage proposal from Azat, things get mixed up in two mansions. In all this mess, Miran’s path intersects little Gül. There are also tense moments in Sadoglu Mansion. On the one hand there is Azad who stands against his grandfather Nasuh Sadoglu. On the other hand, Yaren chasing games again. And Miran, who grows up to take revenge, whirls between his heart and mind, turning his gun into Reyyan’s father.

10 May 2019


Reyyan goes to Melike’s village in order to move away from her experiences and make the right decision, but Miran finds Reyyan there. Miran tries to persuade Reyyan to trust him again. Azat, destroyed by Reyyan’s departure, has no intention of giving up immediately. Azat, who cannot accept what Reyyan said, takes action. On the other hand, Yaren, who was caught by her father while she was working with the enemy, waiting a big surprise. Cihan, who learns his daughter’s actions and has no more patience, is furious.

17 May 2019


After the move made by Azize Aslanbey to buy the Sadoglu mansion, Miran went to Nasuh Aga with his offer. The result of the showdown between Miran and Nasuh will once again change the balance between the two mansions. How will Reyyan respond to Miran’s offer? On the other hand, the plans of Gönül who does not want to lose Miran are revealed. Miran decides to divorce. This causes a second earthquake in the Aslanbey mansion. How will Azize and Sultan move against this situation?

24 May 2019


Miran asks for a second chance from Reyyan. Reyyan, who does not trust Miran, has remained in the midst of her heart and mind. Miran kidnaps Reyyan and Azat gets angry. Azat in turn abducts Gonul. He says if they don’t bring Reyyan back, he won’t release Gonul. Azat’s move brings two families face to face.

31 May 2019


Miran wants Reyyan for twenty-four hours in order to explain all the events and to gain her trust again. Hazar, who eventually learns about Reyyan’s place and wants to take his daughter, faces Miran once again. Reyyan learns that Azat has kidnapped Gonul. She makes the right decision to prevent any harm. Gonul does her last move in order not to lose control when she encounters an unexpected situation.

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