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Her Yerde Sen Season 1
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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Her Yerde Sen with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

14 Jun. 2019


Demir and Selin, two extremely stubborn people who both claim to have right to a house and who are now forced to live together. As if this is not enough one of them arrives at the work place of the other as a supervisor, and things now really get out of control.

21 Jun. 2019


While Selin and Demir are trying to find a solution for only one of them to be the owner of the house, Firuze and Lelya are trying to find a joint solution so they invite both of them over for dinner. In order to get Demir out of the company operation “Cheetah” has made it’s first move. While Bora and Merve are working out and trying to reconcile, Burak and Ferruh are busy trying to solve the dangers of the old situations. A series of unfortunate events happen back to back for Selin, and this is going to affect Demir very much.

28 Jun. 2019


When Selin and Demir goes to the police station to report a complaint regard the thief, things become even more complicated when they both are taken into custody. Firuze and Leyla who can see that Selin and Demir are having a difficult time living in the same house, put a new plan into motion hoping to make them get a bit closer. When Demir realizes that the company is about to lose their largest client, he makes a move to handle the situation all by himself. However when Selin and the rest of the team start to put their own plan into motion things become very …

5 Jul. 2019

Güvenmek Istiyorum

When Yildirim catches Artemim’s staff in the archives this now causes a huge crisis at the company. Demir, who is out looking for answers regarding this crisis, now puts pressure on Selin, forcing her to make a decision. Firuze and Leyla start new and huge plan to put this love affair to start already and in order to save themselves, the plan has Artemim crew sending Demir off. However a totally unexpected circumstances causes a crack of danger in this new operation.

12 Jul. 2019

Yalniz Birakma

As the gang continues to plan their next move, they all break out into a cold sweat when they are caught by Demir, so they make a decision to move more quickly. Alara, who is trying to get close with Demir, makes a surprise visit to Demir’s house and Selin does not like this at all. However, unknown to both Demir and Selin, there is even bigger surprise that awaits them as the night progresses. Firuze is now in complete panic mode with the surprise arrival of Selin’s family, and as Firuze and Leyla try to take control of the situation things become even more …

19 Jul. 2019

Sen Varsin

As Demir continues to be supportive of Selin while she is in a difficult position with her family, Selin notices the stress that all of this is putting Demir in, and her thoughts regarding Demir start to change. As Ibo and Ayda continue to get close with each other, it becomes obvious that Uzay’s Happy Pie debt disappears. Burak discovers a shocking tip regarding the person who had taken the photos that were sent to him. As Alara starts to put her own game in order, she is going to run into an obstacle known as Selin.

26 Jul. 2019

Sen Hakliydin

Demir once again is the one to support Selin as she feels the burden of having lied. As her conscience continues to bother her, Selin prepares herself to confess everything. As the feelings and emotions between Selin and Demir continue to escalate, the surprise birthday party that has been arranged for Selin is going to endanger the secrets that they have been hiding.

2 Aug. 2019

Ikimiz Olsak

During the surprise birthday party, Selin is sweating profusely as she is trying to hide the secrets regarding Demir, but she ends up coming face to face with a very dangerous guest. When Demir learns that Alara has learned their secret he makes his move. As Selin and Demir continue to grow closer an unexpected confession from Selin pushes Demir to make a decision.

9 Aug. 2019

Gidecek Misin

Demir, who learns that the woman that Vedat likes is Selin, is very angry with Selin who caused this by lying and sees the presentation in Paris as an opportunity to get away. Selin, who cannot understand Demir’s reaction, cannot accept that he will go with Alara. As Alara makes a lot of plans for the trip to Paris, Vedat notices the distance that Demir is keeping so he calls him in for a showdown.

23 Aug. 2019


While Demir and Selin have an intense conversation regarding the trip to Paris, they actually got stuck on Alara’s two-day vacation plan. But this time the entire company is invited. In this holiday, where everyone brings their special guests, the competition between Selin and Alara escalates and this will lead Demir and Selin onto the path of love.

30 Aug. 2019

Ask Yasak

When Demir and Selin find their way to love, they soon encounter their first exam. The ban on love in the company forces Demir to choose between his principles and his feelings. While Demir is trying to make a decision, Selin swings between hope and concern about the future of her relationship. Alara makes one last move to get Demir away from Selin and with the little game that she plans, she unknowingly activates a bigger problem.

6 Sep. 2019

Sensizlik Zor

While Demir is deeply wounded with all the secrets that were exposed, Demir’s reaction would be a big shock to Selin. Burak becomes very angry when he sees how much upset is Selin and decides to take a huge gamble. As Demir tries to regain control of his life by hanging on his principles, he is constantly finding Selin in front of him. With the sudden arrival of a surprising visitor at the house, the relationship which has been torn to pieces and the back to back blows, weakens Demir. But when he is at his weakest, he will find a new strength.

13 Sep. 2019

Gizli Hayran

As Artemim is divided into two separate companies, Demir gradually loses power. Selin, who confesses her love to Demir, tries to win him back, but Demir wants to keep his distance. As Bünyamin tries to solve the problems between them, he starts to unlock Demir. However, Demir’s final exam, which is not easy to pass, will be someone who does not hide his admiration for Selin.

20 Sep. 2019

Aska Kapildim

Demir and Selin are happy in their new relationship, however, the fact that all customers are on Burak’s side put Demir in a difficult situation. While Demir is trying to get new customers, he interferes with a problem Selin has at work and this causes the tension between him and Selin. On the other hand, Burak reveals a secret which didn’t give him rest during his search for a trump card against Demir. With Burak’s attempts, Demir will face an exam he isn’t ready for.

27 Sep. 2019


Shaken by Eylül’s unexpected arrival, Demir is confronted with his past and tries to prevent the reflection of this situation on his relationship with Selin. Seeing that Demir has a problem, Selin comes with a different proposal. In the company, Eylül’s arrival arouses curiosity and causes positive developments. Ibo, caught on Bünyamin’s radar, asks Demir for help in doing his assignment. Burak will choose to be honest with Selin while showing friendship to Eylül.

4 Oct. 2019


Demir wants to talk to Selin, because of her fear of losing people, but this puts him in a difficult position. Selin and Demir, who want to live in the present, plan to spend the weekend in their house. However, a various surprises await them. When Merve returns from Antalya, she is depressed and her friends bring in the therapist Bünyamin. As the tension between Eylül and Demir reaches its peak, Selin will remain between them.

11 Oct. 2019


While encountering Eylül at home is an unpleasant surprise for Demir, Eylül discovers that the woman in Demir’s life is Selin. Demir warns Eylül to stay away from Selin. Merve has a big shock about Bora and has a nervous breakdown at work. While Artemim’s financial difficulties put Burak and Demir in a difficult situation, Eylül and Selin’s attempt to help them lead to an unexpected situation which leaves Demir with his greatest fear.

18 Oct. 2019


While stuck in the mansion for the night, Selin tries to get to know Eylül, and Demir is most worried about it. While Selin gets closer to Eylül, Burak confronts Demir. Demir, who is about to lose everything, seizes another opportunity and plans to take Selin away. However, his plan will be attached to an obstacle which he never expected.

26 Oct. 2019

Beni Anla

Selin, who realizes that the discovered secret is only the visible part of the iceberg, falls apart. Selin, who tries not to be crushed and coping with her conflicting emotions, sometimes takes refuge in her anger and sometimes in her love. Demir does everything he can to avoid losing Selin. Eylül will face Selin and try to save Artemim with a dangerous move.

2 Nov. 2019

Çok Sevmek

In order to process what she has learn, Selin leaves home and goes to live with Ayda. Demir, who is left alone, is supported by his friends. Selin and Demir, who cannot stay together and keep in touch with each other, take a break from the chaos they live on for the occasion of a happy event. Demir, who tries to cope with the crisis in the company while trying to solve the crisis in his private life, gets hit from unexpected place that causes all hell to break loose and he has to make a difficult decision.

9 Nov. 2019

Seninle Güzel

Demir, who moves out of the house, takes action to solve all problems. The increasing burden in the company becomes the reason the tension between Burak and Demir to increase, and this causes Burak once again to make his move against Demir. Selin, who cannot stay alone at home, constantly invites her friends. The arrival of a surprised guest makes Selin happy until he encounters an obstacle known as Demir. Burak, who thinks that Eylül is moving away from him, makes a sudden decision that causes new problems.

16 Nov. 2019

Kalbimin Sesi

Everyone is mad at Burak because of the encounter in Eylül’s house. Demir now takes a radical decision to completely resolve the problems with Selin and sets new rules. Selin will do her best to disobey these new rules and Demir will do his best to ensure that she obey them. As the business begins to go well in the company, another threat awaits Artemim.

23 Nov. 2019

Her Yerde Sen Finale

While Artemim undertakes a financial investigation, Demir, Burak and Eylül make an important decision about the company. The whole team comes together for Muharrem and Leyla. On this happy day, Demir will come to surprise Selin and Selin will surprise Demir. But to surprise each other will not be as easy as they think.

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