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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Hekimoglu with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

17 Dec. 2019

Herkes Yalan Söyler

Ates Hekimoglu, who is the most distinctive physician in Istanbul Valide Atik Training and Research Hospital, is way different from the definition of a physician with his personality and the way he treats patients. He is well-known for his success in the fields of infectious diseases and neurology. Hekimoglu involuntarily accepts the case of Mine who had a seizure and collapsed while teaching. He approaches this case as a puzzle that waits to be solved. The young teacher’s situation deteriorates day by day. Hekimoglu takes on the teacher’s case and tries to diagnose …

24 Dec. 2019

Babasinin Oglu

Sixteen years old Deniz is accidentally hit by a teammate in a high school basketball match. He finds himself in Istanbul Valide Atik Training and Research Hospital’s ER after he has a concussion. Doctors have difficulty in diagnosing Deniz who has double vision and night terrors. Meanwhile, Zeynep who looks for a new case to study on learns about Deniz and takes the case to Ates Hekimoglu. As soon as he hears about night terrors, he volunteers to take the case to everyone’s surprise. As all these happen, there have also been some changes in Orhan’s life. Ates doesn’t…

14 Jan. 2020

Ana Yüregi

Hekimoglu overhears two doctors speaking about two sick babies that were born in the same delivery room. Both of the babies have a fever and vomit. Having realized this, Hekimoglu warns Orhan and Ipek that there may be an outbreak in the hospital. Ipek and Orhan think that only two babies’ sickness doesn’t mean there is an outbreak in the hospital. Then, Hekimoglu starts to examine all the babies in the hospital with his team to prove there is really an outbreak. He finds what he looks for shortly after. The newborn floor is put in quarantine. Hekimoglu and his team …

21 Jan. 2020

Bir Ben Vardir Bende

Gulay and her son Kerem find themselves in Valide Atik Training and Research Hospital after a seizure. Gulay’s doctor sees the case as a simple vascular occlusion due to alcohol. However, Kerem insists that there is another reason for her mother’s illness. Hekimoglu overhears Kerem and decides to take the case. Even though Hekimoglu is interested in Gulay because she is diagnosed with schizophrenia, Kerem, who has lost his father at an early age and takes care of his mother very well, also attracts Hekimoglu’s attention. Hekimoglu and his team start to look for a …

28 Jan. 2020

Olum Kalim Meselesi

The famous musician Cihan Yenerler, diagnosed with ALS, is taken to Valide Atik Training and Research Hospital. Cihan Yenerler loses hope realizing that he will not be able to play the clarinet when his condition deteriorates. Hekimoglu doubts this diagnosis. However, Ipek wants Mehmet Ali to take care of the case. Mehmet Ali is going to make the final decision, which in turn triggers a reaction from Hekimoglu that is both new and funny to the others. On the other hand, Ipek tries to make the clinic duty more fun for Hekimoglu.

4 Feb. 2020


A homeless woman is taken to Valide Atik Training and Research Hospital. While Orhan expresses a keen interest in the woman’s condition, Mehmet Ali avoids undertaking the case. Hekimoglu continues to mess with Ipek whereas Zeynep is disappointed seeing that Hekimoglu hasn’t opened his birthday present yet. As for Mehmet Ali, he becomes more like Hekimoglu day by day.

11 Feb. 2020


A sixteen years old boy is admitted to the Valide Atik Training and Research Hospital suffering from hemolytic anemia. Meanwhile, Ipek thinks that Hekimoglu’s painkillers do more harm than good. Hekimoglu and Ipek make a bet on the painkillers, if Hekimoglu doesn’t take them for a month, he will get away with the clinic duty during the month. Ates realizes that Mehmet Ali is late, so he sends Mehmet Ali to the clinic duty as a punishment. During an argument with a patient, Mehmet Ali introduces himself as Hekimoglu. As a result, Ipek wants Hekimoglu to apologize to …

18 Feb. 2020

Iyi Gunde Kotu Gunde

Hekimoglu has two tickets for the most important horse race of the year. Although Orhan is thrilled to go with him, he doesn’t join him using an oncology symposium as an excuse. In fact, he hides something from Hekimoglu. So, Hekimoglu goes to the race with Zeynep. In the meantime, two distinct cases are examined in the Valide Atik Training and Research Hospital.

25 Feb. 2020


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3 Mar. 2020

Episode #1.10

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10 Mar. 2020

Episode #1.11

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17 Mar. 2020

Episode #1.12

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24 Mar. 2020

Episode #1.13

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