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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Fandom Fights with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

1 Jun. 2018

Play-In #1: Hunter vs Eli vs Harley vs Russell vs Dave

In the pilot episode, five fighters battle for a spot in the upcoming tournament and a match-up against “The Comic Book Lad” Grant Gregory.

1 Jun. 2018

Play-In #2: Zaddeus vs Tim vs Subrath vs Nazario vs Matthew

The second half of the pilot episode sees five more fighters battling for a spot in the tournament to face “The Titan” Chance Ellison.

8 Jun. 2018

Cain McMillan vs Jessica Morgan

Fandom Fights host and Comic Book League champion Cain McMillan steps in the ring to face off against the Full Metal Trivia Season 1 champion Jessica Morgan as each attempt to advance forward in the tournament and get closer to a new belt.

8 Jun. 2018

Jake Maringoni vs Rene Villereal Jr

The tournament continues as the co-host of Movie Warzone Jake Maringoni takes on Full Metal Media’s Rene Villereal Jr and the smack talk is real.

8 Jun. 2018

Nico Suave Regoli vs Christopher Woodburn

The hunt for the title belt continues as the manager of House Nightfury Nico Suave Regoli faces the biggest Batman fan on Earth, Chris Woodburn. Will Woodburn flip the table over the questions, or will Nico have another “Jefferey Dean Morgan” situation?

8 Jun. 2018

Kaleb Koho vs Ryan Permison

In what is likely the host most heated grudge match in online trivia history, Kaleb Koho squares off with Ryan Permison, but this time the stakes are higher than ever.

15 Jun. 2018

Eli McCaig vs Grant Gregory

As the first round of the tournament reaches the midpoint, first play-in victor Eli McCaig takes on Grant Gregory, the commissioner of the Comic Book Movie and TV League to advance to the second round and attempt to humble “The King” Kaleb Koho.

15 Jun. 2018

Alex Worden vs Jim Green

With a traitor being amongst the members of Alpha Alliance, Ryan Permision sets out to investigate. Meanwhile, Alex Worden takes on Jim Green for a spot in the second round.

15 Jun. 2018

Malcolm Lay vs Robert Parker

As round draws near to a close, a hungry Robert Parker sets his sights on Malcolm Lay in an effort to make his way to the title.

15 Jun. 2018

Chance Ellison vs Nazario Montenegro

In the final fight of the first round, “The Titan” Chance Ellison sets his sights on the Fandom Fights belt, but must go through the second play-in victor Nazario Montenegro to get it.

22 Jun. 2018

Kaleb Koho vs Eli McCaig

In a fiery battle of big talkers, “The Showman” Eli McCaig faces off with “The King” Kaleb Koho, as the two grapple for a spot in the Fandom Fights Singles Tournament Semi-Finals.

22 Jun. 2018

Alex Worden vs Nico Suave Regoli

The quarter final battles continue as Alex “Omega” Wooden faces off with longtime friend turned enemy Nico Suave Regoli, as each looks to advance to the semi-finals.

29 Jun. 2018

Chance Ellison vs Ryan Permison

After earning a second chance at glory, The Hunter sets his sights on revenge against The King, but must go through The Titan to get it.

29 Jun. 2018

Robert Parker vs Jake Maringoni

With the semi-finals drawing near, two former teammates desperately wage war on each other in an attempt to reach them. Meanwhile, The Kid finally arrives in the world of Multiplex.

6 Jul. 2018

Kaleb Koho vs Chance Ellison

As the Fandom Fights tournament draws to a close, a bloody grudge match ensues between “The King” Kaleb Koho and Chance “The Titan” Ellison, as they each fight for a title match. Meanwhile, The Hunter has plans of his own.

6 Jul. 2018

Alex Worden vs Robert Parker

In the climax of the tournament, Robert Parker faces Alex Worden to determine two very different paths and the future of Fandom Fights.

13 Jul. 2018

Hunter Chambless vs Dave Goodger

Following the events of the tournament, Dave Goodger and Hunter Chambless square off in the undercard fight for the regular season premiere.

13 Jul. 2018

Kees Cornelisse vs Ed Sale

The headlining match of the debut of the regular season sees two titans of the game fight it out as they each look to start strong in the Fandom Fights league.

24 Jul. 2018

Paul Oyama v Lucas Schildbach

Two new competitors enter the Fandom Fights ring, each with their sights set on Kees Cornelisse.

24 Jul. 2018

Kings of Winter vs Afro Samurai

The introduction of the teams division sees a bloody rivalry reborn as Kaleb Koho and Jim Green, the Kings of Winter, face off against Nico Suave Regoli and Matthew Rosa’s Afro Samurai.

27 Jul. 2018

Sandy Robinson vs Jay Burnz

Two new players step into the ring, each looking for a future in the Fandom Fights league.

27 Jul. 2018

Malcolm Lay vs Cain McMillan

Malcolm Lay returns to the ring against Cain McMillan who is looking for a fresh start. Meanwhile, Ryan Permison has plans of his own which will soon be put into action.

3 Aug. 2018

Arkham Knights v Royal Flush

Two debuting teams enter the ring as Robert “The Hobbit” Parker and Tim “The Hulk” Brzakala (Arkham Knights) face off against “The Black Lantern” Brooklyn Vail and “The Potions Master” Ed Sale (Royal Flush), each looking to advance in the team tournament.

3 Aug. 2018

Jim Green vs Nico Suave Regoli

The bitter rivalry between the Kings of Winter and House Nightfury continues as Jim “The Wolf” Green battles “The Cosmic Nightfury” Nico Suave Regoli to stay in the title picture.

10 Aug. 2018

Jeremy Adams vs Dominic Rizzi

Two debuting players enter the title scene as Full Metal Media’s Jeremy “The Atom” Adams takes on “The Movie Nerd” Dominic Rizzi.

18 Aug. 2018

Nuclear Option

As the team tournament takes off officially, Nuclear Option (Alex Worden and Kees Cornelisse) sets their sights on the Silver Shamrocks (Paul Oyama and Lucas Schildbach)

18 Aug. 2018

Knights of Steel vs Killer Nerd Squad

After Cain disappeared weeks ago, the Knights of Steel are set to face Killer Nerd Squad. But, will they show up?

26 Aug. 2018

Team 80’s vs Ranger Force

As the team tournament continues to unfold, Atomic Nation finds themselves at war within itself as Team 80’s faces RJ and his partner Tim: the Ranger Force.

26 Aug. 2018

Eli McCaig vs Alex Worden vs Kaleb Koho

In an all-out war for the Fandom #1 Contendership, Eli “The Showman” McCaig takes on Alex “Omega” Worden and “The King” Kaleb Koho in an iron man match to secure a spot at Mayhem at the Multiplex.

1 Sep. 2018

Toon Squad vs Arrowverse Champions

The new House Nightfury team of Arrowverse Champions take on a vengeful Toon Squad, a team with a vendetta against Tim Smith.

1 Sep. 2018

Smartacus vs Pat Out of Hell

After the retirement of Equipo Asesino, Pat Out of Hell steps up to face Smartacus, with a secret plan that is soon enacted.

9 Sep. 2018

Jen Kempe vs J.D. West

House Nightfury’s resident Meme Queen enters the single ring against the big mouthed Brawler: J.D. West.

9 Sep. 2018

Truth About Chaos vs Knights of Ni

As the first round of the teams tournament winds down, Dave and Isaac face off against Thomas and Matt. Will the Knights of Ni learn the Truth About Chaos or will TAC succumb to the powers that Ni.

21 Sep. 2018

RJ vs Zaddeus Smith

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29 Sep. 2018

The Kid vs The King

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29 Sep. 2018

Robert Parker vs Alex Worden II

As Mayhem at the Multiplex draws to a close, Robert Parker takes on Alex in a high stakes rematch for the Fandom Fight Singles Title.

27 Oct. 2018

Jen Kempe vs RJ

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6 Nov. 2018

Ed Sale vs Tim Smith

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10 Nov. 2018

Jen Kempe vs Kaleb Koho

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30 Nov. 2018

Tim Brzakala vs Chris Dohmen

The first match in the war between Nuclear Option and Arkham Knights as Chris “Skywalker” Dohmen debuts against Tim “The Hulk” Brzakala.

30 Nov. 2018

Silver Shamrocks vs The Usual Suspects

The pool c finals arrive as The Usual Suspects (1-0) march into the finals following a victory over The Odd Couple and a forfeit from Truth About Chaos, while Silver Shamrocks (2-1) swept the second chance bracket and find themselves in a position for the underdog tale of a season.

7 Dec. 2018

Arkham Knights vs Nuclear Option vs Silver Shamrocks

The team titles are on the line. The Arkham Knights (3-0) arrive with possibility of making Robert Parker the first double champion. After making a run by KO’ing Royal Flush, a controversial victory over Knights of Hydra, and a tight finish against Smartacus, Arkham Knights are in prime position to become champions. Standing in their way is Nuclear Option, a team whose membership saw a change post-round 1. After close wins over Silver Shamrocks, Arrowverse Champions, and Kings of Winter, Kees and Dohmen look to make Kees a double champion as well. In the third place …

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