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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Evim with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

25 Dec. 2019

Episode #1.1

Zeynep has two totally different lives with two mothers who have totally different expectations from her. She is stuck in the middle of those two women, while also attending law school. While on one hand she is feeling the guilt of her biological mother and the sacrifices she has made for her, while on the other hand she is carrying the burden of the dreams that her other mother has had for her. For years while trying to balance both sides evenly, she also continues to question who she is and to which family does she really belong to. These are the only questions that…

15 Jan. 2020

Dogdugun Ev

Zeynep is on a new merry-go-round when she realizes that Mehdi is very serious about his offer. While her mind and heart are saying two totally different things, Zeynep does what she thinks she must do and agrees to marry Mehdi. The announcement that these two are going to get married spreads loudly through the neighborhood. Meanwhile while Nermin is putting together plans to save her daughter, Ekrem has plans of his own. Ekrem takes his steps very carefully. As Zeynep is still in shock with the decision that she has made, another offer is made by Zeliha and Sakine, …

22 Jan. 2020

Episode #1.3

When Zeynep meets Mehdi’s dark side she is heartbroken. For years she has been running from her fate, but it continues to surround her. As Mehdi is trying to figure out what is happening, Sakine opens her mouth and tells a lie without thinking what the consequences are going to be, and this lie cracks open another door in Zeynep’s marriage. Zeynep is now face to face with the fact that she and Mehdi know nothing about each other. Faruk feels like he has been betrayed and he starts to makes thoughtless and stupid moves. He has no intentions of giving up on Zeynep very …

29 Jan. 2020

Benim Kaderim

The lie that Zeynep has told comes out into the open with all of it’s ugliness. There is nowhere left to run and hide any longer. Mehdi feels like he has been conned. His pride has been hurt. Mehdi’s pain and disappointment spreads to his family as well. The blow that their relationship has taken causes even more of a storm at home. Some of the truths that Nermin remembers confuses Zeynep even more. As she takes her steps she is now forced to consider all of this as well. As Mehdi is trying to make a decision regarding the future, he is totally unaware of the danger …

5 Feb. 2020

Gitme, Kal

With everything that she has been through, Zeynep makes a radical decision. Life is no longer going to be the same for her or for her mother and father. Mehdi’s mind is totally on his children. Kibrit is in just as bad condition as Mehdi. In order to be reunited they must overcome many many obstacles. Nuh has a couple of plans in mind in order to get Mehdi and Zeynep together. However with each step he faces more and bigger surprises. Zeynep and Mehdi are at a new crossroad.

12 Feb. 2020


Zeynep and Mehdi start off their relationship on a new path. Now, they will not only take up responsibility for themselves, but for Kibrit as well. The news that a new member is going to join the families at home creates a “bomb effect”. Setting up a new living pattern will not be easy as they think. Things get more complicated as this scene was witnessed by the auditor who arrives at their home to inspect Kibrit’s new residence. Breaking up this storm is going to be very hard. Zeynep and Mehdi, both unaware that the other is walking on a thin rope with the secrets …

19 Feb. 2020

Asik Oldum

When Sakine finally gives up on Bayram, her relationship with Zeynep is wounded in such a manner that will be difficult to repair. The ammunition that she has against her daughter have started to lose their effect on Zeynep. Zeynep has reached the point of giving up her future. However the step that Mehdi takes gives her the courage and support to stand much more firmly on her own two feet. The books regarding her life, that Müjgan had closed suddenly and unexpectedly reopen. Life starts to test Müjgan’s weak points as well. As Zeynep is preparing a surprise for Mehdi…

26 Feb. 2020

Sevda Baskadir

Zeynep’s world messes up with Mehdi’s love confession. While she does not know where in her heart she is supposed to place what she just heard; she also begins to face her own feelings. Benal decides to leave the neighborhood for her baby. However, this departure turns out costly. Nermin organizes a housewarming party for her new home. Even though Zeynep and Mehdi tries to ignore that they are in fact two very different people, this truth resurfaces yet again. Zeynep and Mehdi rushes to the farm following an emergency phone call from Nermin. The opened door leads to …

4 Mar. 2020

Inan Bana

Seeing Benal at Nermin’s home surprises Mehdi very much. Now, he is trapped in a corner against the secrets he hides from Zeynep. While Zeynep consoles Nermin, she gradually faces her own truth. She understands by experience that she is not supposed to speak big about what life brings. The circle in which Ekrem remains is getting smaller. It’s time to choose between Nermin and Meltem. Emine thinks she is walking towards her salvation but she is unaware that she is actually running into darkness. Zeynep and Mehdi’s love is tested painfully. A huge obstacle by …

11 Mar. 2020

Episode #1.10

Mehdi’s condition is very critical. Zeynep is going through life’s most difficult tests – yet unable to do anything as her hands are tied. Emine wakes up to a happy morning and witnesses a view she never expected. Everyone is mobilized and ready to do anything for Mehdi’s recovery. However, a helping hand is extended by someone unexpected. Benal not being able to bring herself to the hospital makes the tension with Zeynep grow even more stronger.

18 Mar. 2020

Episode #1.11

With Mehdi’s eyes being opened, the dark clouds over the family scatter. While everyone is happy with this news, Zeynep finds question marks in her mind. While Mehdi is facing the biggest truth of his life, the festive atmosphere in the house is replaced with a lot of showdowns. Emine thinks she is keeping her relationship with Faruk a secret from everyone. However, in the most unexpected way, she encounters a big obstacle. Zeynep is trapped between love and conscience.

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