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Escape to the Chateau DIY Season 2
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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 2 of the television series of Escape to the Chateau DIY with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

18 Feb. 2019

Episode #2.1

Dick tells us about 3 couples that are renovating their chateaux and will be operating businesses in them by either having a B & B or renting out the whole house. One couple have yet to buy their property.

19 Feb. 2019

Episode #2.2

Tim battles to get a fence built fo keep their 25 sheep from getting too near their chateau that they will be renting out. He gets his Dad in to come to the rescue. Another couple are still checking out which chateau to buy. Angel teaches a woman how to gild a metal wall drape holder with bronze leaf to give a touch of luxury to a bedroom, and the woman will apply her new skill to gild the exterior of a cast iron bathtub back at her chateau, 400 miles away, that she and her husband have owned since 2004.

20 Feb. 2019

Episode #2.3

Belinda travels to Dick and Angel’s Chateau so that Angel can teach her the art of decoupage on a classic 1950’s dressing table.

21 Feb. 2019

Episode #2.4

Dick and Angel invite Tim and Krys over to their place; Dick shows Tim how to host a gourmet weekend; Angel has a heart to heart chat about Chateau living with Krys.

22 Feb. 2019

Episode #2.5

Tim and Krys have their first gastronomic weekend and the pressure is on to make sure it all runs smoothly. Tim has a background as a Chef and in the last episode they both visited Dick and Angel to discuss how they conduct their foodie weekends. Belinda and Lee are enjoying their Chateau life. They have five buildings on their property and have paying guests now. Next they are planning a special evening of dinner and Jazz at £22 per head and are expecting 60 people. It is a rush to get the Chateau Keep ready for the event.

25 Feb. 2019

Episode #2.6

Dick helps Tim and Rebecca find their feet in a dilapidated chateau with no plumbing. Edward and Anna host a wedding for 185 guests in their fairy-tale chateau. but things don’t go according to plan.

26 Feb. 2019

Episode #2.7

Tim and Rebecca call in their mates to help with the renovation work. Dick and Angel host a special wedding for her dear close friends. Motorcycle enthusiasts Martin and Kim search for their perfect chateau to purchase.

27 Feb. 2019

Episode #2.8

Tim and Rebecca Jones from Lincolnshire are living in an 18 th century Chateau in the Pays de la Loire area, the Chateau de la Ruche. They are busy getting the first bedroom ready for guests as a Tour Operator is coming to inspect it and it could mean potential bookings. Their Chateau is close to where the famous Le Mans races occur in June, and available rooms rent at a premium then. Bike loving Essex couple, Martin and Kim view 3 more Chateaux. Paul and Karen in a 19 room 19 th century Chateau in the Loire area are renovating the chicken coop to prepare for the …

28 Feb. 2019

Episode #2.9

Tim and Rebecca receive a booking and prepare for the imminent arrival of their first paying guests. Motor bike enthusiasts Martin and Kim view 3 more Chateaux. Paul and Karen have to get a local mason to come and give them an estimate for a problem with crumbling masonry. Karen also reupholster a treasured family sofa, and Angel visits to offer advice.

1 Mar. 2019

Episode #2.10

Anna hosts another big wedding , this time without Edward; she hopes it goes off without a hitch, even with the food delayed and the weather threatening to take a turn for the worst. Edward has 2 nd degree burns to his arm from a BBQ accident. Karen meets with a wedding planner and then the perspective couple to view their chateau as a potential. enjoy for their wedding. Tim and Rebecca at the Chateau de la Ruche in Pays de la Loire are building a new floor in the en-suite of the 2 nd B & B chambre. The old floor was nowhere near level.

4 Mar. 2019

Episode #2.11

Dick shows how he maintains his land on with the help of his tractor; three sisters travel to France from Australia in search of the perfect chateau, but they have a long checklist.

5 Mar. 2019

Episode #2.12

Dick helps Paul cut some Vitrolite vintage tiles for an art deco bathroom, but it proves to be harder than they think.

6 Mar. 2019

Episode #2.13

Mariam and Johnno have a chateau 70 miles north of Bordeaux. Mariam was a fashion designer and Johnno a bespoke tailor. They have lived in many places around the world with the most recent in Dubai. They move into their chateau to discover that they have no running water and the builders are busy in every room renovating. Mariam visits Angel to get help turning her designs into tiles for her new home. At Chateau de Doux where Clive, Karen, Abbie and Ross live, Abbie and mum Karen decide on wallpaper for a guest bedroom. They have a very large chateau and it is up and …

7 Mar. 2019

Episode #2.14

Emma and Paul prepare the artists’ retreat that they are hosting; Emma stands in to model the Victorian outfits for the artists; Paul is left on kitchen duty. Later Paul has to drain the well to fill the lake in. Emma decides to flush the pump while it is running to clear the sediment and gets drenched. Mariam and Johnno paid £315,000 for their 17 th century chateau that is set in 52 acres. They have 12 bedrooms, 2 Gites and a forest. Their 16 year old son, Monty helps out. Renovations are not ready yet and the next day they are expecting some women fir a sewing …

8 Mar. 2019

Episode #2.15

Emma and Paul invite the mayor to view the work they have done on their chateau; Abbie, Clive and Karen host their biggest wedding of the season; Mariam and Johnno host a thank you meal for their builders.

11 Mar. 2019

Episode #2.16

Chateau de Borno in the Pays de la Loire was built in the 19 th century on a site that dates back to 1464. The style is mock renaissance, the property has 40 acres and has 50 rooms and a moat. Anaesthetist Erin and French Engineer Jean Baptist (JB) bought it for £600,000 plus they bought a site with 4 Gites (holiday cottages). Problem is they have a rising damp problem. Then we visit Paul and Allison that bought the 11 th century Chateau d Brametourte in Lautrec in the Occitane region and have been renovating for 11 years. They want to expand business for the Spring, …

12 Mar. 2019

Episode #2.17

Erin from the UK and J.P (Fr) own a chateau in the Pay’s de la Loire area. They have 4 cottages ( Gites) to rent and they are renovating the Solarium to make a guest breakfast room for the in-house guests. At a chateau in the Picardy area Tim and Dutch born Marguerite are trying to make a Gin Bar from an old shed to use for wedding receptions. In the south near the Pyrenees in Loutrec, British couple Paul and Allison are building an outdoor kitchen and a Terrace for weddings. They paid £650,000 for their chateau but it will end up costing over 3 times that cost. They …

13 Mar. 2019

Episode #2.18

Erin and JB host a 90th birthday party, and the oven thermostat is not working properly; May and her family start work on turning a run-down outbuilding into a yoga retreat but there is a dampness problem, Tim and Marguerite are within 2 hours of the wedding reception and the Gin Bar is not ready, plus Tim forgot to light the wood fired BBQ.

14 Mar. 2019

Episode #2.19

Tim and Marguerite decide to launch a “foodie” weekend, Erin and JB call in professional climbers to scale their bell tower in order to discover the source of another leak. May teaches her son to paint, but her standards are not that high.

15 Mar. 2019

Episode #2.20

The Chateau Saint Loup, an inspiration for the story of Puss In Boots, is used regularly as a wedding venue. Ex Lawyer Charles Henry bought this chateau 30 years ago for £1.2 million and it has 120 acres of grounds and 25 bedrooms. Charles gave up his career as an International lawyer and he says it costs 100,000 Euros a year to run the property. He is working with a wedding planner for an upcoming wedding of a Canadian couple. At May’s chateau she is very excited to be finally can using her renovated Yoga studio, Erin visits Dick and Angel’s chateau to obtain some …

18 Mar. 2019

Episode #2.21

Johnny and Ashley plan to host artist workshops and are busy preparing an outbuilding for a dining venue. Ben and Billie want to have foodie events so they are cleaning up an old winery building on their property as Mike, an acclaimed chef, is arriving to inspect the venue before he agrees to cater an event. Water is gushing down the stairs at Stephano and Nicole’s chateau , taps in a bathroom and kitchen were left running.

19 Mar. 2019

Episode #2.22

Near the Loire Valley Ben and Billie own the Chateau de Grand Madison and they continue with their foodie event plans. Billie visits Dick and Angel’s chateau for tips on decorating their Orangerie. British Designer Nicole and Belgian Architect Stefan start work on their ancient gatehouse, a friend, Eric, helps to break down a wall in a bathroom. Stefan wants to make the gatehouse into an apartment to rent.

20 Mar. 2019

Episode #2.23

Dick visits Ben and Billie to help restore Ben’s traditional wine press. Nicole and Stefan expect their first paying guest in their apartment, but it is nowhere near ready. Chateau de Lomanie in the SW of France near Bordeaux is owned by Johnny and Ashley, and they want to remove a metal grid in the ceiling to make a feature of the skylight above, but it is dangerous work.

21 Mar. 2019

Episode #2.24

Two musicians, Ben and Billie with daughter Ella have been restoring their chateau for 7 years. It is their home and a B&B business. They have converted an Orangerie to a dining space and made an Event venue from a ballroom. Wendy is a company director and she bought a chateau for £600,000 in 2010. When Bill came form the UK to renovate, they fell in love, and later married. The chateau is only 30 miles from Calais, just as well, as they split their time between there and Kent, UK where they have jobs. The chateau does not currently earn enough money to be their full …

22 Mar. 2019

Episode #2.25

Musicians Ben and Billy have a chateau 70 miles from Nantes and they have finished their music studio. Next project is hosting a Pop-Up dinner. At 60 miles from Dunkirk, Nicole and Stefan are converting part of their chateau in to 18 holiday homes. Stefan is breaking down a wall as he believes there is a hidden fireplace. Another couple are renovating a barn to make a wedding venue.

25 Mar. 2019

Episode #2.26

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26 Mar. 2019

Episode #2.27

Dick visits Stephanie to give advice on the 19 th century pizza/bread oven. The first thing is to climb in and clean it out. Then thick tiles have to be laid on to the sand floor. Near Toulouse, Jayne and Steve are busy finishing their first room to be opened to guests, entitled “The Nature Room”. Their daughter and boyfriend then visit to inspect the room and take photos to upload on to social media so that they will obtain bookings. They like it much more than they ever thought they would.

27 Mar. 2019

Episode #2.28

Angel shows the best way to frame artwork, while Justin and Annabelle install their shutters. A mixup causes mayhem. A brand new guest suite receives mixed reviews.

28 Mar. 2019

Episode #2.29

Dick visits Stephanie to give advice on the old boiler that Mum bought. Justin, wife Annabelle and 3 year old daughter Rosie live in a chateau an hour from Toulouse. They want to turn 6 current bedrooms into 10 en-suite rooms but the renovations are taking longer than expected.

29 Mar. 2019

Episode #2.30

A wedding is to take place at a chateau but a dark cloud threatens. Stephanie finishes her Mum’s apartment while Jayne and Steve put the final touches to the Oriental room.

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