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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 2 of the television series of Elimi birakma with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

8 Sep. 2019

44. Bölüm

The happiest day of Azra and Cenk’s lives turns into total darkness, leaving them both full of pain. The decision that Cenk has made is the beginning of new era for both Azra and the entire Çelen family. Azra, who has been kneading in pain for her entire life, learns once again to stand on her own feet in a new life that is full of surprises.

15 Sep. 2019

Asktan Kalan

After a period of 1 year Azra and Cenk are standing there staring at each other stunned. The incident that Feride had now becomes a second shock for them both to have to deal with. The couple must make a decision that is going to change both of their lives forever. Right at this moment the surprising offer that Baris is going to make to Azra is going to complicate matters even further.

22 Sep. 2019

Dönüs Yok

Azra makes a decision to return to Istanbul. Suddenly she has found the courage to face everything head on. She is going to get a divorce from Cenk and leave everything regarding the past behind her. But things do not go as she has planned. What will Azra choose – a new life or her conscience? Cenk must protect Azra while at the same time keep close eye on his grandmother’s health. How will Azra’s decision effect Cenk? Sumru who has started a new life for herself is having a good time. But she is totally unaware that what she fears most is about to come to the surface…

29 Sep. 2019

Bendeki Yerin

Cenk continues to sacrifice for the benefit of the happiness of the woman he loves, but at the same time he is suffering with deep pain not being able to be next to her. But the step that he makes is going to complicate matters even worse. Baris is very unhappy with the new decision that Azra makes. After everything that they have been through, Baris starts to rethink his position in Azra’s life. But he is going to be head to head in a totally unexpected way with Cenk. As for Feride, she is still trying to figure out everything that is going on. But in a totally …

6 Oct. 2019

Bir Bilsen

The confrontation between Baris and Cenk causes Azra to learn that it was Cenk who has arranged her dream job. This will change the balance between Azra and Cenk. But at that time, it would be a big development that everyone would question the last year again. There are new evidence that there were another vehicle in the accident that Cenk was. This person is so close that no one would even think of. While all this is happening, Feride makes sure that something is hidden from her and takes action to learn the truth. Sumru is confidently moving towards her goal.

13 Oct. 2019

Zaman Dedigin

Having seen the divorce papers, Feride began to suspect what was going on. No matter what Serap says, she cannot persuade Feride. Feride has found a way to solve it. She won’t listen to anyone, she won’t ask questions. To stop her, Serap says in a panic that Azra is pregnant. Azra and Cenk are in a pregnancy game. Azra and Cenk are in a game they can no longer sustain. This pregnancy lie will either bring them back together or break them completely. Sumru and Baris are quick to hear about these new developments. As Sumru takes action immediately, Cenk has another plan…

20 Oct. 2019

Bir Sans Daha

Having learned all the facts, Feride cannot accept such a big game and leaves the mansion. Feride’s departure and the upcoming divorce hearing puts Azra and Cenk in a dead end. The emergence of everything raises Serap’s concern about heredity. As Serp looks for a different path, Cenk’s last-minute move will completely change the balance. Damla’s relationship with her father reaches the breaking point as she is having a very difficult time with her conscious regarding the accident. As she sits trying to figure out what to do, she learns even more information that puts …

27 Oct. 2019

Sadece Sen Ve Ben

Azra and Cenk reconcile, Azra will give their marriage another chance. This will cause Sumru to react again. But there is one thing Sumru does not know, this time Azra is prepared for her moves. While Azra and Cenk deal with their own issues, they try to keep their families together. Baris is determined to keep her daughter away from Arda. While sending Damla abroad, he is not yet aware of how this will change the lives of the two families.

5 Nov. 2019

Sen Olduktan Sonra

Azra and Cenk continue to try to recover their relationship. Finally, they understand that they are connected to each other by unbreakable bond. While everything is getting back on track, the tension between Cenk and Baris escalates. Azra finds a solution to mend the relationship between her husband and the man that she considers as a brother, so she convinces them to come together. At the same time, Arda and Damla’s marriage falls like a bomb in the middle of the both families. This unexpected situation will confront the two families and everyone will have to choose …

12 Nov. 2019

Tek Bildigim

Azra and Cenk, who have solved their issues and are now together, this time will fight for their family. Baris, who perceives the protection of Damla and Arda as a challenge, blames the Çelen family for this marriage. He is determined to make everyone pay a price to show his power to everyone and to get his daughter back from the Çelen family. Feride and Azra first try to reconcile with Baris. However, it will not take long for them to realize that this is not possible. While no one knows what to do, Cenk stands against Baris and protects his family. But Cenk’s …

19 Nov. 2019

Iyi Ki Dedigim

Damla leaves a letter and she runs away from the mansion. Arda is devastated. Azra and Cenk are also very concerned. The tension between Cenk and Baris increases. But Azra has chosen her side and stands by Cenk no matter what. The Çelen family is going through a difficult time, Cenk and Azra join hands and try to protect their family. Azra and Cenk’s love is once again being tested with family problems, but this only brings them closer, after this test they are going to come out even stronger. Arda wants to find his wife no matter what, and is ready to make a deal …

26 Nov. 2019

Mucizem Sensin

Cenk and Azra forget everything as they receive the happiest news. Azra is really pregnant this time. The fight between Baris and Cenk moves to a new level when Cenk loses his case. The battle between the Çelen’s and the Yaman’s have also effected their business decisions and Cenk is now carrying an even heavier burden. Knowing that he will become a father, Cenk acts more responsibly and is determined not to allow any problems that may upset his family. But in spite of all this, something unexpected happens and Cenk’s test at this time will be heavier than anything …

3 Dec. 2019

Masalimiz Bitmesin

Azra enjoys the pleasure of the pregnancy. The Çelen family is very happy because of the baby news. There is a sweet flurry in the mansion, Feride has already started preparations for the baby. In order not to ruin Azra’s happiness, Cenk does not mention her illness. He tries to find a solution for the disease while making an extraordinary effort not to show his own sadness. He finds the best doctors in the field. But things go differently than Cenk thinks and they reaches such a point that Cenk is on the verge of making one of the most difficult decisions of his life…

10 Dec. 2019

Seni Sevdigim Için

Azra’s disease has reached a critical point. Cenk has to make the toughest decision of his life. To this day, Cenk, who shouldered this burden alone, cannot bear it any more and shares the whole truth with his family. Now the whole family will fight together for Azra. Sirin and Ersoy are getting closer. But they cannot openly admit their feelings to each other. The couple who have yet to hide their love from each other and from everyone else, will be caught from the most unlikely person – Feride. Even that they are not in good terms right now, Baris’s sudden …

17 Dec. 2019

Benim Için Aile

When Azra learns what her fault is, she is deeply in despair because she has lost her mother from the same disease. Cenk never gives up hope, he is ready to do whatever it takes to save his wife’s live. They will either pass this challenging exam together, or they will get a deep wound and will completely fall apart. Sumru reveals a very critical truth about Gurkan. Now both she and the Çelenl family are in danger. Sumru tries to warn everyone but nobody listens. Thus comes the moment when Sumru’s love for Baris will be tested. Either she’s going to uncover the truth …

24 Dec. 2019

Elimi Birakma Veda

As Azra’s life remains in danger, the Çelen family bonds together and wait with much anticipation. Eventually, life gives them their miracle and Azra is saved. However, the critical process continues. Cenk and his family do not lose hope. Azra and Cenk continue their struggle by giving each other strength. Love and the power of the family will prevail, and life will flourish again from where it all ends. Sumru does her best to prove her innocence and to get out of jail. But divine justice has some surprises for her too.

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