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Elimi birakma Season 1
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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Elimi birakma with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

22 Jul. 2018

1. Bölüm

Azra and Cenk’s lives cross paths with a small coincidence, but this coincidence will be the first spark to connect their lives together.

29 Jul. 2018

2. Bölüm

The series of events that Azra goes through in order to take care of Mert will lead to more intersections with Cenk. However, Azra will blame Cenk for everything that she goes through.

5 Aug. 2018

3. Bölüm

Azra who learns about the life insurance policy and payment confronts Sumru. With Feride’s absence, the Çelen family goes into turmoil, and it is only going to get worse for them.

12 Aug. 2018

Inan Bana

Realizing that the voice at the end of the phone is Mert, Azra wields her arms to reach her brother. Without a doubt, Cenk will not leave her alone.

26 Aug. 2018

Birakma Elimi Sensiz

Cenk, who sees Azra at Tarik’s house, cannot believe his eyes. No doubt, Cenk’s emotions will prevent him from making the right decisions.

2 Sep. 2018

Herseyden Önce

Cenk and Azra are confronted by the fact that all the heritage will be left to Azra. He thinks that Azra has set up a game for herself and is determined to go to America.

9 Sep. 2018

En Zor Kararim

Because his stubbornness and anger towards Azra, Cenk starts a relationship with Cansu. Azra, who is on the way to find Mert, is almost destroyed by the news from Feride.

16 Sep. 2018

Tek Dilegim

Cansu is certain that Sumru is hiding something regarding Mert and she learns where Mert is being held.

23 Sep. 2018

Son Istegim

The ceremony prepared for Feride’s birthday is destroyed by Cenk’s surprise. With the revealing of the relationship between Azra and Cansu, Cenk’s plan works as he wishes.

30 Sep. 2018

Insan Severse

Feride’s world is destroyed when she learns Azra’s secret. Even though Azra wants to speak to Feride, the Çelen family does not allow her.

7 Oct. 2018

11. Bölüm

Even though Feride suffers deep pains while in the hospital, her past does not leave her side. The surprise waiting for Feride in the hospital will deeply affect her family.

14 Oct. 2018

Sensiz Asla

When the Azra comes to live in the Çelen mansion, the balance is broken again. While Serap is looking for ways to send Azra out of the house, Cenk starts to give into his feelings for Azra.

21 Oct. 2018

En Özel Hayalim

When Cenk confesses to his mother his love for Azra, Serap soon begins to look for ways to send her out of the house. Serap decides to make tough decisions.

28 Oct. 2018

Tek Umudum

Not even enjoying the fact of finding her brother, Azra collapsed when Mert chooses Sumru. Mert thinks that Azra has abandoned him.

4 Nov. 2018

Söz Verdim

Burhan threatens Sumru in her workplace and continues threatens her with Cansu. Cenk tries to melt the ice between Azra and Mert.

11 Nov. 2018

Zorluklara Karsi

Azra opens a case with Çetin for her father’s dubious death. Cenk searches the missing letter from his car. In the meantime, Cansu’s unexpected disappearance leaves Azra and Cenk in a difficult situation.

18 Nov. 2018

Son Ana Kadar

Azra tries to stand firm against Sumru’s threats. Cansu and Kadir start a game which will effect the Çelen family. Azra and Cenk, on the other hand, live through difficult days because of Cansu.

25 Nov. 2018


After Azra is misunderstood, and the disappointment that she feels towards Cenk because of this situation, all becomes the beginning of everything falling apart.

2 Dec. 2018

Sevdigim Zaman

Azra is hopeful that she is going to win the custody case and get the custody of Mert, so with this hope she ignores the threats made by Sumru and she enjoys the happiness of spending time with Cenk.

9 Dec. 2018

Her Animda

Azra takes another step getting closer with Mert right before the custody hearing. The possibility of winning the case against Sumru and to take away her brother gets stronger.

16 Dec. 2018

Umut Isigim

The decision that Mert announces at the hearing turns everything upside down and out of balance. Cenk is on the verge of a great test with both his love and his work.

23 Dec. 2018

Bana Kalan

Cenk cannot accept his separation with Azra and look for other reasons under which Azra left him. Cenk is becoming more and more angry man and starts street fights.

30 Dec. 2018


When Mine’s family returns home Azra is forced to move out. Even if Azra first thinks to move into a hotel, with Feride’s insistence she agrees not to hurt her and moves back to the mansion. When Sumru learns that Azra has moved back to the mansion she immediately starts to threaten her using Mert. However, Sumru is not the only person threatening Azra with Mert. There is a secretive someone who is demanding her to withdrawn the complaint that she filed with the police regarding her father’s death, and they are sending photographs of Mert to threaten her. While a news…

13 Jan. 2019


When everyone finds out that it is Sumru who has purchased all of the offered stocks, they are all shocked. However for those who know Sumru they are constantly asking each other from where did she find the money to make this purchase. Azra speaks with Feride that the time has come for her to stand on her own feet, and Feride accepts this explanation with total understanding, so she rents herself a home in a modest neighborhood staying within her budget. At the same in order to protect Mert she takes back her request for an investigation of her father’s death. The …

20 Jan. 2019

Bütün Kalbimle

Cenk, along with the jealousy he feels, misunderstands and loses complete control with the closeness that he sees between Kadir and Azra, and the two men get into a huge and serious fight. In a moment of anger towards Cenk, Kadir makes a mistake for which he will truly be very sorry about later. The single and only evidence that will insure that Azra will get custody of hr brother is now lost. Sumru, who now witnesses with her own eyes and confirms to herself that the relationship between Azra and Cenk is officially over, turns Mert over to hiss sister Azra …

27 Jan. 2019

Sensiz, Asla

Everyone is extremely stressed with the possibility that Fatma was able to successfully leave the hospital. Feride becomes very concerned with the possibility that Mert may be kidnapped once again, so she takes the necessary precautionary measures for security to insure this does not happen. The police is siding with Azra and are searching the area surrounding her home, while Sumru and Azmi start searching anywhere they know to try and find Fatma. But in-spite of all of the security measures in place, it is not enough to prevent Fatma from getting in touch with Mert. …

3 Feb. 2019

Kavusma Zamani

After everything that she has been through, Azra finally realizes that she cannot keep hiding the truth from Cenk, so she decides to explain him the real reason why she was forced to keep her distance from him. However Cenk’s reaction to this explanation is not exactly what Azra was expecting. Azmi and Sumru continue to use Serap, pushing her even further towards Feride. However Feride is not sitting by and just watching what i happening. Feride also makes her move against Azmi, who has been working for her for all these years, knows exactly what is needed to bring …

10 Feb. 2019

Gitme, Kal

Just as Cenk and Azra have joined together and took the first step towards happiness, Cenk is involved in a car accident and has got into a emergency surgery. He is in critical condition. Kadir, who was with Cenk at the time of the accident, is nowhere to be found. While Azra and the other members of the family are distraught, Serap is blaming herself because she had an argument with Cenk right before the accident.

17 Feb. 2019

Her Nefesimde

Following the accident a brain aneurysm is discovered in a very dangerous part of Cenk’s brain. Cenk’s doctor, Defne, warns him about the seriousness of his condition and tells him that they must take action immediately. However during this time Cenk has to decide what his priorities are. He must make a decision between his own personal health or happiness with those that he loves. Meanwhile it is becoming more and more difficult for Serap to hide from Cenk that she is the true owner of the company shares that are in Sumru’s possession. Feride wants Serap to explain …

24 Feb. 2019

Son Sansim

Cenk is growing through tremendous plan and the loss of the trust towards his family, as he has now learned that it was his mother Serap who is behind the purchase of the stock made by Sumru. Azra is working very hard to prevent Cenk from breaking all of his ties with his family. Serap and Feride are both after trying to win Cenk back. On one hand hiving to deal with his illness, and yet on another trying to deal with being stabbed in the back by his own mother, Cenk is on the verge of making a very important decision regarding his life.

3 Mar. 2019

Ailem Sensin

Cenk arrives at the hospital with only minutes to spare and is immediately taken into surgery. Melis who has learned that Kadir has changed his mind about leaving, now gives her hope regarding their love for each other. However Kadir changed his mind only because he feels guilty about Cenk’s illness, and he is still determined to keep his distance from Melis. Azmi starts to apply pressure to Sumru to give back the shares of the company. Azra is busy trying to get Cenk to change his attitude and the way that he is treating his family. Meanwhile Feride is working on a …

10 Mar. 2019

Dünyam Sensin

The sudden arrival of Zerrin is a huge surprise for everyone. At one point Zerrin was a very wealthy woman, however after her husband died she lost everything, and she has absolutely no intentions of explaining any of this to the Çelen family. Cenk is working on a new plan to bring the company back up to its glory, and included in this plan is a huge surprise for Kadir and Melis. Azra has started to become suspicious that Cenk is hiding something from her, so she starts to chase down the causes of her suspicions.

17 Mar. 2019

Asla Birakmam

Azra and Cenk attend to a wedding party of one of Cenk’s friend. This party is going to be filled with surprises. Zerrin who has been hiding from all of the Çelen family that she is broke, with the arrival of an unexpected guest she is going to be put in a very difficult situation. Now that Cenk is forcing Kadir and Melis to work together, are they going to be able to control their feelings for each other? Meanwhile Sumru, who was planning on getting married to Azmi, learns something that drives her totally insane. Sumru’s attacking actions leading with attacking …

24 Mar. 2019

Bizim Için

Azra’s hopes go up after meeting someone at the cemetery who claims to know the person responsible for her father’s death. As for Cenk, he is extremely concerned that the person whom no one knows, as he is hiding his identity, can actually harm Azra. In order to prevent this to happen he is going to make sure that he has taken every needed precaution. The attack made by Sumru at the restaurant shakes deeply Feride. Even though Sumru’s words were extremely harsh, causing Feride to start questioning herself. Meanwhile, at the same time Sumru has now learned about Azmi’s…

7 Apr. 2019

Pesini Birakmam

While Cenk is busy working on the eve of a very important business deal, the video where Sumru caused a scene at the restaurant has appeared on internet. Cenk immediately makes his move to find out who leaked this video. Once it is discovered that the video was leaked by someone from the restaurant an outrage breaks out. When Azmi learns that it was Sumru who is responsible for his being rehired, he goes to see her to find out why she did it. Sumru’s answer is going to change the direction of their relationship. Meanwhile the secretive man who was going to reveal to …

14 Apr. 2019

Tek Korkum

Azra has given the money to Faruk but with Cenk’s sudden arrival she misses the opportunity of learning who is her father’s murderer. Azra is also sure that now as Faruk has his money he will never contact her again. Tensions between Cenk and Azra continue to escalate after it is discovered that the video causing the scandal at the company was sent from Chef Ferhat’s phone and after Cenk accuses him of betrayal. Feride is busy first trying to save the reputation of the company and second trying to win big deal that was lost when the scandal broke, as she is determined…

21 Apr. 2019

Sirlarin Ardinda

Cenk is furious at Azra for arranging and going to a meeting without even telling him. This causes them to have a huge argument. Meanwhile the relationship between Melis and Kadir has an explosive effect at the mansion. While Feride is arguing about the point that Cenk is need to be told about this as soon as possible, Serap would prefer to wait for the right moment. However thanks to Arda that right time will never arrive, and a huge fight breaks between Cenk and Kadir. Cenk accuses Kadir of getting close to Melis in order to get revenge. Azra has loss all hoe of …

28 Apr. 2019

Sen Varken

Azra and Cenk return from the antiquarian empty handed, the flash drive is not inside the back cover. Azra’s hope of finding her father’s murderer has total dissipated. Meanwhile in the mansion there is a huge crisis, Melis has runaway. When Cenk hears the news he immediately starts searching for her as well. When news comes from the hospital Cenk, Azra and Feride are deeply shaken. What has happened to Melis? While all of this is going on, Sumru is trying to convince Cansu not to leave and move away with Burhan. Will Sumru be successful in convincing Cansu?

5 May 2019

Mutlulugun Adi

While Azra and Cenk are living the sweetest moments of their wedding preparations, Feride wants to take Azra dowry shopping. All of the women of the family join together for this fun shopping spree, the destination is the Covered Bazaar. Meanwhile Cenk is preparing a surprise for Azra and he asks Cansu for her help in this endeavor, but he has no idea what situation he is going to come face to face with. At the same time Azmi’s suspicions regarding Burhan continue to escalate, so he approaches Mesut and now as they work together, will they be able to find any clues …

12 May 2019

Tek Destegim

Cansu is living through the biggest shock of her life after listening to the recording and learning that her father is a murderer. Burhan’s future is now in Cansu’s hands and her decision. What will Cansu decide? Step by step Azra and Mesut are getting closer to Kemal’s murderer. Burhan is trying to keep them away from him. Azra and Cenk are living the excitement of marriage as they wedding day approaches. The wedding gift that Cenk has planned for Azra is something that she could never have dreamed of, and it has a lot of meaning. At the same time Azra is preparing a…

19 May 2019

En Acisi

Cansu makes a decision regarding her father’s fate and she makes her move to turn him over to the police. However, when certain events happen that are totally out of her control, she is now stuck at a point of which she cannot get herself out. Azra and Cenk get into an argument regarding the inheritance situation. Azra is heartbroken and as she turns and walks away from Cenk she has no idea of what is about to happen. The move that Cank makes regarding Azra is the type of move that is going to affects both of their lives. In spite of everything she has done, Zerrin is…

26 May 2019

Sen Gidersen

Cenk is certain that Azra has been kidnapped by Faruk and he immediately starts searching for her. However, with the clue that Azra leaves behind, Cenk is now certain of the possibility that Burhan is the actual murderer. Sumru has no idea that the reason her daughter even had the accident is because of Burhan, she stays by her daughter’s bedside as she continues to struggle between life and death. Meanwhile Azmi and Mesut, who also think that the real murderer is Burhan and who continue to follow his every move, but they have no idea that with every step they take …

2 Jun. 2019

Simdive Daima

Months have passed since Cansu’s death. Cenk no longer wants to allow Azra and Mert out of his sight even for a second, so he does not want to delay the wedding any longer. The entire family is excited about the wedding. After Cansu’s death Sumru was checked in to a clinic, and when she learns that Azra and Cenk are getting married she escapes from the hospital. After Cansu’s death Sumru has turned her entire anger on Azra. Will Sumru be able to prevent the wedding from taking place?

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