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El General Naranjo Season 2
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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 2 of the television series of El General Naranjo with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

15 Nov. 2019

Episode #2.1

Naranjo finds out that it was indeed El Liso who was behind the whole palace siege. Escobar celebrates his ¨triumph¨ after the attack and we witness all the pain over the death and burial of Lieutenant Talero.

15 Nov. 2019

Episode #2.2

Naranjo displays his shrewdness to give with the whereabouts of Álvaro Fayad. Escobar shows his hatred toward Naranjo and threatens to get him out of the way. Amado Carrillo is left intrigued by El Liso’s skills.

15 Nov. 2019

Episode #2.3

An operation led by Fonseca goes terribly wrong. A wave of paid killings perpetrated by officers hired by El Liso put all of the decisions made by Naranjo and his team in check.

15 Nov. 2019

Episode #2.4

Naranjo questions the army’s loyalty after the confusing events at the Palace of Justice. El Liso shows the infiltrated aces he has inside the DEA and devises a plan to kill Naranjo.

15 Nov. 2019

Episode #2.5

El Liso escapes from Gacha and takes shelter at his mother’s place. Naranjo and Andrade find out where El Liso is hiding and go after him. Naranjo receives some compromising pictures of him and Rita, which jeopardizes his marriage.

15 Nov. 2019

Episode #2.6

Escobar takes measures against Wendy for being a DEA informant. El Liso puts himself in charge of all the drug trafficking business. Naranjo has to prove he can be part of the DEA’s trusted men.

15 Nov. 2019

Episode #2.7

Naranjo takes the lie detector but Rita aims at getting personal information on account of her feelings toward him. Gacha interviews with Naranjo to try to talk him into stopping the hunt, but he makes it clear he will not stop.

15 Nov. 2019

Episode #2.8

Naranjo extradites the first prisoner to the US to prove that the government’s intentions in the fight against drug-trafficking are serious. The team hunters plan a strike against the cartel and go after Carlos Lehder.

15 Nov. 2019

Episode #2.9

Naranjo meets with the US ambassadress and asks her to support Colombia in fast tracking Lehder’s extradition. Meanwhile, in Nápoles the operation and capture of such trafficker is set in motion.

15 Nov. 2019

Episode #2.10

The Hunters arrive to Medellín looking to El Negro. Fonseca captures Jorge L. Ochoa, generating confusion within Cali’s cartel. Bustamante is wounded while trying to defend Martínez after being attacked by henchmen working for El Negro.

15 Nov. 2019

Episode #2.11

Senator Santacoloma mediates with the government to put a halt to the extradition bill, after the kidnapping of the Secretary of Government’s sister, but things go wrong after a tragic incident. El Liso joins forces with Carlos Castaño.

15 Nov. 2019

Episode #2.12

Dussan confronts Santacoloma, accusing him of supporting Escobar and kicks him out of the Party. Escobar kidnaps Saldaña to put more pressure in stopping the approval of the extradition. The hunters plan to capture him at his own ranch.

15 Nov. 2019

Episode #2.13

Fonseca pressures Tobón to get info on Escobar, while Naranjo devises a plan with his team to rescue Saldaña destroying everything in their path. Escobar makes his intentions clear to Saldaña.

15 Nov. 2019

Episode #2.14

Naranjo and his men rescue Saldaña but El Negro, feeling cornered, takes a quick revenge. Martínez and Fonseca infiltrate Nápoles to capture Escobar, but the drug baron is one step ahead of them. Fonseca kisses Johana.

15 Nov. 2019

Episode #2.15

El Liso moves his strings to make the Federal Police arrest Amado Carrillo and thus take over the traffic routes. Escobar finds out that Colonel Quintero has questioned his family. Fonseca meets with the Abadía.

15 Nov. 2019

Episode #2.16

Escobar attacks Coronel Quintero for having messed with his family. El Liso wants to smear Naranjo’s name with the help of DEA Agent Jones. Naranjo stands up for his men when they are accused of stealing money lost during an operation.

15 Nov. 2019

Episode #2.17

Desirée cuts a deal with the DEA to give the money back, clear the name of Naranjo and his men. Jones is exposed when trying to take a cut for himself during the operation.

15 Nov. 2019

Episode #2.18

Rita takes matters into her own hands to get Jones out of the way and prevent the DEA from meddling in Colombia. Martinez and her agents set the operation in motion to get to Gacha’s son and by way of him capturing Gacha himself.

15 Nov. 2019

Episode #2.19

Naranjo and his men start suspecting shady business within the DNS run by General Rocha, who are involved in the murder of Dussan. Naranjo sets Fonseca aside due to his poor handling of the Abadía situation.

15 Nov. 2019

Episode #2.20

Naranjo captures Gacha’s son and pressures him to give away the location of his father. He turns to Fonseca knowing he will make use of unorthodox methods; but this triggers another terrorist attack from Escobar.


Episode #2.21

Claudia is victim of a planned attack. They find out that Escobar’s men are planning another important attack to make their presence known. They release Gacha’s son placing trackers that will lead them to his father.

15 Nov. 2019

Episode #2.22

Gacha and his son are shot down during a commando operation led by Naranjo. Escobar places a bomb inside the DNS facilities causing tragedy and destruction.

15 Nov. 2019

Episode #2.23

Fonseca opens up to Bustamante and explains why she doesn’t trust in love or men after a tragedy that involved her sister. Capanegra coordinates the lethal attack against the life of presidential candidate Pizarro.

15 Nov. 2019

Episode #2.24

Escobar turns himself in to justice but under his own terms to continue committing crimes from the jail that he built. Upon realizing this outrageous plan, the government call for Naranjo to lead the hunt for his recapture.

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