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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 2 of the television series of Drain the Oceans with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

3 Jun. 2019

Secrets of D-Day

Using the latest sonar technology, an expedition to map sunken Allied vessels off the Normandy Coast reveals stunning images from beneath the waves. There are over 100 shipwrecks in the English Channel of the landing craft and ships that took part in the greatest amphibious invasion fleet ever assembled.

10 Jun. 2019

Secrets of New York City

The latest sonar technology reveals shipwrecks as never seen before. As water drains away, a secret beneath Manhattan’s skyline, an earth-shattering feat of engineering, a record-breaking icon and a casualty of World War I stealth warfare are revealed. Examining these hidden giants can explain New York City’s meteoric rise to a bustling world metropolis.

17 Jun. 2019

Killer U-Boats

Using the latest sonar technology, hundreds of shipwrecks around the British Isles are uncovered as victims of World War II’s German U-Boats, one of the world’s first stealth weapons. Draining the oceans sheds light on this historical event as the secret technology deployed by Germany to sink ships and nearly bring the Allies to their knees is uncovered.

1 Jul. 2019

Buried Secrets of the Gold Rush

Buried Secrets of the Gold Rush drains the streets of San Francisco, the Sacramento River and the icy wastes of the Klondike in northern Canada to tell the true story of 19th century gold mania. In the race to be first to the gold fields, hundreds of thousands of people from across the world headed west despite the risks.

22 Jul. 2019

Secrets of the Civil War

The land battles of the American Civil War are well known, but it’s the war on the seas that shaped the outcome of the war. Maritime archaeologists and historians go in search of Civil War secrets, hidden deep underwater. Scientific data combines with computer graphics to drain the oceans to investigate the lost wrecks of the war.

29 Jul. 2019

Lost Nukes of the Cold War

When the world’s two greatest superpowers vie for supremacy, they spur extraordinary advances in military technology. For nearly 50 years the United States and the Soviet Union engage in a monumental arms race known as the Cold War. Groundbreaking CGI allows us to Drain the ocean to reveal shocking evidence of secret nuclear confrontation.

5 Aug. 2019

Secrets of the Spanish Armada

Draining the ocean near Newfoundland reveals a preserved Basque galleon trading in lucrative whale oil. The Spanish empire relies on powerful ships like this to bring back valuable cargo, like silver and tobacco, from the New World. But when emerging rival England wants a share of this wealth, the Spanish attack. Draining an Armada wreck off the coast of Ireland reveals an extraordinary battle for control.

12 Aug. 2019

Pacific War Megawrecks

A high-tech expedition searches for the iconic wrecks of the Battle of the Pacific, including the aircraft carrier USS Lexington, and the ship that delivered the Hiroshima bomb, the USS Indianapolis. Funded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, the expedition’s discoveries reveal new evidence that helps explain some of the greatest mysteries of World War II at sea

2 Sep. 2019

Thai Cave Rescue

The rescue of 12 boys trapped in the Tham Luang cave in Thailand was the most dangerous cave-diving rescue mission of all time. With unique access, Drain the Oceans conducts the first accurate 3D survey inside the cave. The data, combined with computer graphics, offers the first accurate visualization of how the boys were trapped and how they were saved.

9 Sep. 2019

London’s Secret History

London is one of the most iconic and powerful cities on Earth. But how did London, the center of a vast empire, once the undisputed capital of the English-speaking world, become so dominant? Through a series of astonishing maritime discoveries, Drain the Oceans reveals the secret story of the city’s meteoric rise.

16 Sep. 2019

Secrets of Loch Ness

Drain the Oceans solves one of the world’s great mysteries – the identity of the Loch Ness monster. Using comparisons with the deepest lake on Earth – Lake Baikal in Russian Siberia – combined with military-grade scanning technology and a sonar curtain drawn across its entire surface, the plug is pulled on Scotland’s famous loch. As the waters drain away, much more than a monster is revealed.

23 Sep. 2019

Hitler’s Killer Warships

Hitler’s dream is to build an armada of state-of-the-art warships and take on the might of the British Royal Navy. But his plans to dominate the oceans slowly unravel in a series of disastrous battles. Drain the Oceans investigates the mysteries and reveals how the Third Reich’s mighty fleet finally sank beneath the waves.

30 Sep. 2019

Lost Giants

Over the past century, a new breed of ocean giant has emerged. Maritime archaeologists and historians go in search of the biggest wrecks ever sunk beneath the seas. New scientific data combines with cutting-edge computer graphics to drain the oceans to investigate the world’s most awe-inspiring wrecks.

7 Oct. 2019

Pacific Shockwave

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14 Oct. 2019

Rise of the Roman Empire

We unlock the secrets of how the Roman Empire controlled the seas of the ancient world and harnessed the power of volcanoes to defy nature itself. We reveal the extraordinary secrets of one of the oldest shipwrecks in the world and unearth a port lost for centuries under Italian soil.

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