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Chip and Potato
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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Chip and Potato with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

15 Oct. 2018

Morning Potato!

It’s Chip’s first day of Kindergarten, and she wants to show that she’s ready to get ready for school all by herself, just like her big brother Spud. But it’s a lot to do for a little pug, and Potato has to lend a secret hand.

16 Oct. 2018

Chip Starts Kindergarten

It’s Chip’s very first day at school. At Rainbow Forest School, she meets her classmates and Kindergarten teacher, Mr. Diggerty. Chip is so excited, she wants to be the first to try everything-but she’ll have to learn to wait for her turn.

17 Oct. 2018

Chip Gets Lost

Chip volunteers to take the class attendance to the school office, but Rainbow Forest School is a pretty big place for a little pug to navigate all on her own. When Chip gets lost in the corridors, she’ll need help to find her way.

18 Oct. 2018

Car Wash Chip

When neighbours Mr. and Mrs. Dazzle return from vacation, Chip volunteers for her first ever chore-washing their dirty RV. The RV is huge compared to little Chip. She’s determined to finish the job-but how can she reach all the way to the top?

19 Oct. 2018

Chip Goes Rollerskating

Mr. and Mrs. Dazzle give Chip a pair of rollerskates, and she wants to go rollerskating right away. But learning a new skill can be scary. It takes practice, perseverance, and more than one helping paw.

22 Oct. 2018

Chip n Grandma Day

Chip gets to spend the day with her Grandma in her amazing new car. But when traffic and line-ups delay their big plans for the day, Chip worries they won’t have time for the special treat Grandma promised.

29 Oct. 2018

Nico’s First Day

Chip’s new neighbour Nico is nervous about his first day at Rainbow Forest Elementary School, so Chip volunteers to be his First Day Buddy. But when Nico gets help from other Happy Hoppers, Chip doesn’t want to share the responsibilities.

5 Nov. 2018

Sporty Chip

Chip is excited for her first gym class, but with her short puggy legs, she can’t jump as high as the other Happy Hoppers. Chip worries she’ll never be good at gym class-until Mr. Diggerty changes the activity.

12 Nov. 2018

Stomp and Stamp’s Slide

Everyone on Welcome Walk can’t wait to try out Stomp and Stamp’s new slide. But first the builders have to assemble and test it, which is a big job. The Pug family and their neighbours are getting impatient-until Chip comes up with a smart solution.

18 Nov. 2018

Show and Tell Chip

It’s Show and Tell day for the Happy Hoppers. Chip brings her homemade mouse house to show, but it gets stomped and sat on before her turn to present. She’ll have to think of something else to show.

26 Nov. 2018

Chip and Deely Bear

After taking care of the class snuggly toy, Deely Bear, for the weekend, it’s the night before school….and Chip can’t find Deely Bear. With Potato’s help, she looks everywhere, and finally spots the bear outside….just as the rain begins.

3 Dec. 2018

Chip’s Piano Lesson

It’s Chip’s first piano lesson with her teacher, Corella Cockatoo. Chip wants to play a tune just like Momma, but first she has to learn to play just one note…and then one more note. At this rate, Chip wonders if she’ll ever play a full tune.

10 Dec. 2018

A Playdate at Nico’s

Chip goes to her new friend Nico’s house all on her own for their first playdate. Everything is very different at Nico’s house, from the big ladder steps to bamboo bake for lunch, so Chip will have to get used to trying new things.

17 Dec. 2018

Roxy the Babysitter

A new babysitter, Roxy the rhino, is looking after Chip and Spud for the night, and Chip is nervous that Roxy won’t be able to sing her usual bedtime song. Luckily, Roxy and Chip have a great time…until Chip remembers she needs to make a pirate costume for the class show tomorrow.

7 Jan. 2019

Chip’s Class Show

The Happy Hoppers are performing a pirate show for their families. Chip is feeling confident about saying her line…until right before she has to go on stage, when she realizes that Potato is in Nico’s pirate jacket pocket instead of hers.

14 Jan. 2019

Double Playdate Chip!

After school, Spud’s best friend Paco and Chip’s best friend Nico come over for a double play date. But Spud, Paco, Chip and Nico all like to do different activities. It’s up to Chip to think of something they can all enjoy together.

21 Jan. 2019

Chip’s First Sleepover

Chip goes to Nico’s house for her first ever sleepover. Bedtime is a lot different at the Panda house. They sleep in hammocks, and Nico likes to sleep with the lights off. After Nico falls asleep, Chip isn’t sure she wants to stay overnight.

28 Jan. 2019

Doctor Chip

When Potato catches a cold during a family fun day, Chip tries to help her get better. But the little sneezes and Chip’s strange behavior make the family think Chip is the one with a cold.

4 Feb. 2019

Chip’s Swimming Lesson

It’s time for Chip’s first swimming lesson, along with the rest of the Happy Hoppers. A little encouragement from Nico helps her get up the courage to swim with a kickboard, but when she has to swim without the board, Chip isn’t sure she’s ready.

11 Feb. 2019

Spud’s Homework

Chip wants to help Spud with his homework assignment-painting an ancient Egyptian scene-but he won’t let her. She tries to surprise him by finishing the last few strokes that night-but ends up spilling water all over the painting.

4 Mar. 2019

Police Pug Chip

It’s Bring Your Child to Work Day and Little Poppa takes Chip to the police station where he works. She wants to help with an emergency, but Happyton doesn’t have a lot of them, so Poppa gives her something simple to do. Afterwards, she deals with real emergencies.

11 Mar. 2019

Pumpkin Picking Chip

Chip, Spud and Grandma Pug compete against Stomp, Stamp and Granny Fant in the annual pumpkin picking competition. Chip and Potato find the biggest one in the patch and must bring it to Welcome Walk to win, but it’s so big, they can’t even move it.

18 Mar. 2019

Chip’s School Trip

The Happy Hoppers take a field trip to the museum. Chip isn’t having a good time because she had to pair up with her mischievous classmate, Howie, for their object-finding activity. Howie just keeps running off on his own; and what’s worse, Chip and Potato then get separated.

25 Mar. 2019

Big Sister Chip

The new Pug baby is about to be born, while she waits for the news from Momma and Poppa, Chip has a sleepover with the Pandas next door.

1 Apr. 2019

Chip’s Baby Sister

The new baby pug’s been born. Chip wants to be her special big sister, but she thinks the baby dislikes her when she can’t hold her without making her cry. Chip then tries to do something sweet to get the baby to love her and thinks of what to name her.

8 Apr. 2019

After School Chip

Chip has to go to the After School Club since Momma’s busy with the baby and Poppa’s working, but she doesn’t want to attend. Chip felt so uneasy, she tried to avoid going there, then when she got there, she wanted to hide from all the fun and games, new faces, and how noisy it was.

15 Apr. 2019

Grandma Pug’s Birthday

It’s Grandma Pug’s birthday, and Chip has planned her party for her family at the Happyton Garden Centre Cafe. However, her plan wasn’t for enough guests when Grandma invites her friend, Gordie. Will Chip’s party plan still work in her favor even with an extra guest?

22 Apr. 2019

Puggy House Guest

Little Momma’s friend, Fernanda, visits the Pugs, and gives them a foosball table to have them face each other with before facing her. Chip competes against her family, but she can’t win, and doesn’t want them to go easy on her. Fernanda gives her advice on how to get good at the game.

29 Apr. 2019

Puggy Butterfly

The Happy Hoppers do butterfly activities when the class chrysalis hatches, but Chip keeps dozing off from not getting enough sleep. Soon, she feels worse than just tired, but doesn’t want to tell Mr. Diggerty or else she’ll miss out on all the fun and watching the butterfly fly.

6 May 2019

Itchy Chip

Chip’s got the puggy spots, making her very itchy and she’s not allowed to scratch them. She tries not to do so by keeping herself busy until they stop itching. With Chip unable to go to school, Little Momma and Potato help her find things to do to have her stay occupied.

13 May 2019

Back to School Chip

Chip gets better from her puggy spots and returns to school with just a few of them left. While she was away, a new student, Pedro, joined her class, befriended Nico and they played a new game together. Because of this, and how she gets treated differently because of her spots, Chip feels sad that things have changed.

20 May 2019

Chip’s Big Bike Ride

Little Momma and Tot are going to ride a bike to Happyton Park, and Chip wants to come too. With no room in Momma’s bike, Chip uses and learns how to ride Spud’s old bike, with training wheels included. On their way to the park, Potato gets lost and Chip’s training wheels break off.

27 May 2019

Bye Bye Dazzles

The Dazzles are moving away and they have a yard giveaway before they leave. Chip and Potato make a goodbye card for them, but everyone at the giveaway keeps interrupting Chip when she tries to give it to the Dazzles. Will she be able to deliver it to them before it’s too late?

3 Jun. 2019

Puggy Parent-Teacher Day

It’s Parent-Teacher Interview Day and Chip is looking forward to Mr. Diggerty tell her parents that she’s been a perfect student. However, during a quiet assignment, she loses recess for talking a lot. Chip knows Mr. Diggerty will tell Momma and Poppa that, and gets scared about the meeting.

10 Jun. 2019

Chip’s First Piano Exam

Chip is about to take her first piano exam, but she’s so nervous, her paws are shaky. Because of this, she plays badly on the practice piano and doesn’t want to take the exam. Chip then feels and plays better when Little Momma comes to wish her good luck, but gets scared again when it’s time for her exam.

17 Jun. 2019

Chip’s Homework Project

Chip must do a homework project about drawing all of her friends and family on a sheet of paper. She had to start over when she made someone too big, then restart again when she forgot her friends and had no room for them. Spud helps her find a way to include everyone in her homework.

24 Jun. 2019

Hospital Trip Chip

Nico’s in the hospital after breaking his arm and bumping his head, and Chip visits him. She hopes that he’ll come home for her birthday tomorrow, but that’s up to the doctor who will see him later. They then get taken to and have fun in the playroom, but Nico doesn’t want to climb the slide because of how he got injured.

1 Jul. 2019

Chip Without Potato

Potato spends the night with Nico at the hospital and Chip must spend the rest of her night without her. While her parents are busy getting her 5th birthday ready tomorrow, Chip misses Potato and finds someone else to spend time with. She plays with Tot and sees her crawl for the first time, then reads her a bedtime story.

8 Jul. 2019

Chip’s Birthday

After snowing overnight, it’s Chip’s 5th birthday. She hopes that Nico and Potato will come home for her party on time, but during a call from the Pandas, the nurse tells Chip that the doctor won’t check on Nico for a while. Party guests arrive as Chip worriedly waits for her two best friends.

15 Jul. 2019

Snow School Chip

On the last school day before the holidays, Chip and Nico have snow activities with the class and take turns looking after Potato. However, when Potato gets lost in the snow, Chip and Nico think each other has her and don’t know she got separated. Potato couldn’t reunite with them, leaving her in the snow.

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