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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Çarpisma with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

10 Jun. 2019


Kadir, Zeynep, Kerem and Cemre – As Kadir said, this accident will connect their lives with each other.

29 Nov. 2018


Kadir, Zeynep, Cemre and Kerem in the accident, the only person who is conscious is Zeynep. There is no one in the vehicles used by Kadir and Zeynep when the medical teams and the fire department arrive at the scene.

6 Dec. 2018


Kadir, who saw the medallion as a kind of signature of Veli, understands that the old books are reopened. He knows where to find him, but he doesn’t know the trap Veli will set.

13 Dec. 2018


Veli’s attacking Kadir over his mother drives him mad. Kadir knows what Veli is reading, and warns Zeynep to be careful.

20 Dec. 2018


Veli will make Kadir’s angry and make another move that will shatter him. At the same time, Veli threatens Zeynep with her daughter’s life, and pushes her to make a very difficult choice.

27 Dec. 2018


The time has come to reckoning, Kadir Adali acted. At the same moments, the mysterious curtains of the past, which bring Kadir and Veli to animosity, will be revealed.

24 Jan. 2019


Kadir, Zeynep, Cemre and Kerem come together at the same table for the first time after the big accident that changed the flow of their lives. On the other hand, Demir joins Veli and Selim.

31 Jan. 2019


With his plan, Veli will attack Kadir, Zeynep, Cemre and Kerem as much as he has ever seen through their lives, their families and their loved ones.

7 Feb. 2019


Zeynep takes a dangerous job to help Kadir find his mother. Cemre takes a big step in destroying the walls of her mind about Kerem’s future.

14 Feb. 2019


On the one hand, the second informer in the police, and on the other hand, Kadir Adali, who is after the mole, has a new and very dangerous enemy that he does not know at all.

21 Feb. 2019


Kadir is very angry when he learns that Zeynep has met Veli. The inanimate is also a great threat not only for Veli and Selim, but also for Kadir Adali.

28 Feb. 2019


Zeynep and Kadir are in love since childhood.Kadir will find his family.

7 Mar. 2019


Kadir continues track to Cansiz step by step. When a door opens the other door, a name indicates another name address. The start of a big storm is now very close.

21 Mar. 2019


Cansiz makes his plan which tests the power of Kadir. He will send Kadir step by step to death. Veli, who is afraid that Cansiz will learn the truth, will make an evil plan.

28 Mar. 2019


There is a coyote in front of Kadir and a wolf in the face of Cansiz. Weapons are pulled, the game of death of the coyote with the wolf begins.

4 Apr. 2019


Kadir learns a new name from Zarif that will lead him to Cansiz. Unaware that there is a new ambush, Kadir enters the death cage. But the quarterback is not just Cansiz.

11 Apr. 2019


The bells are now playing for Selim, whom Cansiz has faced with a cruel choice. Cansiz has a great surprise for Veli.

18 Apr. 2019


Ivan makes a ruthless attack plan. This time there are also no Cansiz. In addition to Kadir, Zeynep, Cemre and Kerem are on their way to death without even knowing what to expect.

25 Apr. 2019


Zeynep, Kerem and Cemre are in the death car. The bomb explodes with a big noise, the guns are fire, the bullets fall like rain, and it turns to the battlefield.

2 May 2019


Zeynep is very concerned that Kadir learns the true identity of Cansiz and kills him. Zeynep asks for help from the last person she thinks can stop him.

9 May 2019


Kadir and Cansiz set up a new game against each other. Kadir suspects Cansiz to be his father. He goes after this suspicion.

16 May 2019


Zeynep and Cemre are nose to nose with death. Kadir, Veli and Kerem are making great efforts to save both of them. However, the game of Cansiz is not finished yet.

23 May 2019


Cansiz had prepared a lethal bombing system which was too hard to destroy. After Zeynep, Kadir falls into the death trap of Cansiz.

30 May 2019

24.Bölüm Final

Kadir brings Zeynep quickly to the hospital. Zeynep is on the edge of death. Kadir learns the names of those who know Cansiz, one by one, and traces him.

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