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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Byuti Insaideu with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

1 Oct. 2018

The Secret

Han Se-gye is internationally famous Korean actress. She is haunted by inexplicable phenomenon, that complicates her life. Seo Do-jae is a CEO of large Korean company. He suffers from a rare condition – prosopagnosia. Neither of them was born that way.

2 Oct. 2018

Episode #1.2

After the unexpected change that happened to Se-gye in the plane, she realizes that Do-jae has a problem of his owns. In the mean time he gets confused, as she somehow is different than other people. They both conduct a series of tests to find out what is wrong with other one.

8 Oct. 2018

Episode #1.3

Do-jae’s step-sister, Sa-ra, spreads rumours about Do-jae and Se-gye dating and then tries to misuse the situation and make him look bad in eyes of his grandpa, who is the owner of the company they both work in, in order to get herself in a better position. Both, Se-gye and Do-jae manage to deduct what is the condition that other one has, but it turns out that he is much better in hiding it. Eun-ho starts falling for Sa-ra.

9 Oct. 2018

Episode #1.4

Se-gye and Do-jae enter into a secret contract. Se-gye tries to get role with one of the top directors who despises her.

15 Oct. 2018

Episode #1.5

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16 Oct. 2018

Episode #1.6

Se-gye transforms for the first time in front of Do-jae. They spend a week together, while she looks like highschool boy. Eun-ho gets into argument with his mother about him wanting to become a priest. Sa-ra is having hard time to establish her position in men-dominated bussines.

22 Oct. 2018

Episode #1.7

Eun-ho moves in at Sa-ra’s place to work for her. Yu-ri does everything she can to make hell of Se-yae’s life. However the director realizes Se-yae didn’t really change from the time he worked with her on her first movie, so they are at good terms again. Do-jae has hard time saying what he feels.

23 Oct. 2018

Episode #1.8

Se-gye and Do-jae officially break up, but actually start dating. His mom is upset with the breakup, so she sends his step-dad to talk with him. Woo-mi tries to turn the tables in their favor. The couple actually has great time dating, hiding, and getting to know each other better. Eun-ho has hard time with his family about going to become a preist.

29 Oct. 2018

Episode #1.9

Se-gye transforms into a kid on the same day her mother, that knows nothing about her condition, comes to her place to visit for some time. Things get out of control and Se-gye calls Do-jae to rescue her. They take another noble task upon themselves. In the mean time Do-jae’s Grandpa tries to get hold of Se-gye. It’s Sa-ra’s birthday.

30 Oct. 2018

Episode #1.10

Se-gye’s mom finds out Se-gye and Do-jae are actually dating, and is trying to pressure them into the marriage. Sa-ra wants to win Eun-ho, who applied for seminary. Sook-hee is ill.

5 Nov. 2018

Episode #1.11

After Sook-hee’s funeral, Se-gye is devastated. She pulls herself together to finish the movie, and director Lee apologizes for judging her based on gossips. Yu-ri hires a private detective to investigate Se-gye. Eun-ho finds oit that Sa-ra is engaged to a playboy. The engagement is pure business deal, and they can’t stand each other.

6 Nov. 2018

Episode #1.12

Sa-ra and Woo-mi, separatelly find out about Do-jae’s condition. Unexpectedly, things turn out better than he could have hoped. Sa-ra makes important decisions. Yu-ri doesn’t want to give up on her investigation.

12 Nov. 2018

Episode #1.13

Se-gye gets stucked in the form of an old man, and feels she need to leave everyone. Do-jae has hard time accepting that. Woo-mi recovers from the accident.

13 Nov. 2018

Episode #1.14

Do-jae tells Se-gye about his accident, and she comes to a realization that makes her run away again. There are some changes in the Mr. Im’s company.

19 Nov. 2018

Episode #1.15

A year has passed. Do-jae got surgery and is recovering. Sa-ra takes care of the company while he is away. Se-gye run away from Seoul.

20 Nov. 2018

Episode #1.16

Endings and new beginnings for everyone.

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