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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 2 of the television series of Avlu with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

20 Sep. 2018


After the loss of her daughter Ecem, Deniz is able to stand with the sedatives. Zerrin, the new manager of the prison administration, discontinues her medication as she now believes that Deniz should return to life. Deniz has a whole new path and another person to take revenge; Alp Ozturk. Will Deniz be able to manage her plans despite the new manager Zerrin who has changed all balances?

27 Sep. 2018


With her last move, all eyes turned to Deniz. Kudret’s heart burns, but will she ever let the play of Zerrin? On the side of both Azra and Kudret, while everyone’s heart has been petrified and mixed up, will the most profitable Zerrin emerge? The vegetable garden established in the courtyard will actually be the answer to many questions.

4 Oct. 2018


In response to Zerrin’s sentence, the prisoners rebelled in prison. After this rebellion Zerrin will continue to increase the stiffness of her moves. Sides have been stretched and everyone has begun to reveal their true color. Meanwhile, the report tension against Oktay is growing. While all this, will Deniz succeed in running the plan she set up to take revenge from Alp?

11 Oct. 2018


Three new prisoners will shake the balance. On the other hand, the role of Zerrin in the tension of Oktay and Murat; is growing up. Kudret has plans to take revenge while everyone’s attention is over these three prisoners. Now Deniz has a huge question in her mind: Which one of the new arrests is Alp’s hired killer?

19 Oct. 2018


Deniz’s tension continues because she is now preparing to appear in court. How will the trial of Deniz, who came to the judge in the face of her attack on Kudret this time? When Deniz starts to run her plans for Alp, Zerrin and Kudret will not stand idle.

25 Oct. 2018


Zerrin helps Kudret to be strengthened from the bottom up. Naciye is stuck in a corner. Zerrin, on the other hand, has missed the persecution of prisoners in prison, so the foundations of a great rebellion are laid in prison. Who will succeed in surviving this rebellion?

1 Nov. 2018


Will Zerrin’s games work? Kudret is in solitary confinement. After the great rebellion, the wounds are wrapped. Naciye had to change tactics to protect her daughter. While Murat is investigating Zerrin’s past, Zerrin will also learn a great secret about Azra.

8 Nov. 2018


It turned out that Azra killed Nihal. All the dreams of Deniz were destroyed. When the friendship of Deniz and Azra are severely cracked, Zerrin will not be delayed in turning this situation into an opportunity. How does Deniz draw her way now that all the balances have changed?

15 Nov. 2018


Zerrin tries to turn the tension between Azra and Deniz to her advantage. But this is just one of the dark plans. The traumatic past of Azra came to the fore once she had no hope. The chip that Sevda brought with her fell like a bomb on the prison agenda, while Deniz was able to process the plan she didn’t share with anyone.

22 Nov. 2018


Deniz’s unexpected move caused storms inside and outside the prison. Zerrin, mad with fury, surprised what Kudret will do with fear. The prison is awaiting a news. With the help of a surprise name, Deniz is approaching her goal step by step. But there is a treacherous trap that she has not see on.

29 Nov. 2018


On the other hand, Azra lost the man she loved.. On the other side, Kudret lost her son.. The fire in these two women’s heart has caused confusion in the courtyard. Inside, everyone wonders where and when the big bomb will explode. While waiting for Deniz in the corridors of the prison, a completely different female footsteps will be heard.

6 Dec. 2018


Deniz has been waiting patiently for a long time. She took revenge for her daughter. But now everyone is after her and the time passes quickly. Deniz has to make a choice and there is one more thing to do. This time, it is not for itself her. Meanwhile, Kudret and Azra are always looking for an opportunity to destroy each other. Zerrin must stop them and prevent an event from occurring.

13 Dec. 2018


It’s time for Deniz to return to the courtyard. Once again she will pass through the same corridors, but this time as a completely different person. Inside, two great threats await her. Zerrin, who is in trouble on one side and Kudret, on the other hand, is suffering from her son’s pain. In the meantime, Azra sinks to her sister, she gets more angry as she goes down.

20 Dec. 2018


The gunfire in prison has led everyone into a fearful silence. Zerrin goes into a dead end from day to day. The person who is looking for the way out is not just she. It is time for Azra to make a decision and act. Well Azra’s choices are what will give her? Kudret is about to pay the price of her decision. Deniz is doing everything for her loved people.

27 Dec. 2018


The last move of Azra has greatly disappointed Deniz. Zerrin is in the pursuit of new plans to take back the ropes, but she will get it return in a way that she never expected. Kudret does not take her eyes away from Özge for a moment. One question in the mind of Özge. What does a baby in her belly bring with her? While all of this is happening, the Christmas excitement of Öykü is slowly spreading the entire courtyard.

24 Jan. 2019


The result of Deniz trial was a great repercussion both inside and outside the prison. Ozge’s dilemmas about the baby get up with a surprise. The idea of having grandchildren excites Kudret. Naciye is worried about her daughter. While Zerrin tries to solve the mysterious of her sister, Azra is approaching her freedom step by step.

31 Jan. 2019


Azra returns with a smile on her face from the court, where she waits a long time for the outcome. The doors of her freedom are now open. Deniz will be greatly disappointed with the news whispering in her ear. The surprise developments in the murder of Nihal made Murat shocked. In the meantime, Zerrin will get new information that will be useful from the re-opened archive.

7 Feb. 2019


Deniz still hasn’t learned who the traitor is, and she is constantly feeling uneasy. In the meantime, a new convict shocked Deniz. A dark shadow falls on Azra’s freedom from her past. Moreover, this is not the only obstacle. When Zerrin looks at the files she has just received, she sets out to prepare a surprise for Azra.

14 Feb. 2019


When Azra finally gets rid of Yigit’s hand, she finds herself in a different state of trouble. In the meantime, Ozge’s baby has disappeared. Deniz got the trump she had lost to Kudret. Now the cards in the courtyard will be redistributed. In Pelin’s case, unknown facts began to emerge. When Deniz attempts to persuade her to talk, what will Kudret do to silence her?

21 Feb. 2019


Deniz takes Pelin under her wings and does her utmost to ward off any kind of danger around her. Kudret seeks her grandson who disappeared on the one hand and the mole beside her. The new prisoner in the courtyard arouses suspicion in Deniz. Will Zerrin keep watching Azra walk again from the courtyard by waving her hand?

28 Feb. 2019


Azra is determined not to return to the prison until she finds the person who sets her trap. Being a fugitive will force her too much. And those who are after are not only security guards. While Deniz contemplates the welfare of the baby and Pelin, Kudret is planning dark things.

7 Mar. 2019


Deniz’s blow from Kudret causes an incredible panic inside. Azra is about to be stalemated by both Kudret’s men and the police. When Zerrin searches for the perpetrator of the terrible attack in the courtyard, the prison is shaken by a terrible news. Will Tolga’s plan work?

14 Mar. 2019


The sadness of Deniz, who dominated the courtyard, gradually leaves its place to anger. While Zerrin struggles with the investigation of her negligence, Azra is re-connected to life with a news story. Kudret’s joy of victory will cause her to find herself in the middle of a situation she never expected.

21 Mar. 2019


Deniz’s return was in front of the apocalypse which was about to break in the courtyard. This is also the end of Kudret’s temporary victory. When Azra runs after her goals outside at the cost of her life, Denise is planning something in courtyard. In the meantime, all eyes directed towards the mysterious darkness of Zerrin.

28 Mar. 2019


Deniz’s darkened her eyes. She floats in dangerous waters. Azra finds herself in the midst of a danger she never expected. Zerrin is not aware of the crowd gathered against her. Will she be able to turn Deniz’s coup into an advantage?

11 Apr. 2019


Zerrin struggles with buzzing in her mind while adding another one to her moves to defeat Deniz. Will Deniz be able to withstand this harsh wind from the past? Oktay is unaware of what kind of danger he is drawn into. Tolga’s clue leads him to a point where he can’t even guess.

18 Apr. 2019


Deniz is about to see the answer to her question as to how her past can shake a person. At the same time, they are trying to form a consensus with Azra and are looking for a solution to their problems. The wind blows on Zerrin and every move she makes achieves its purpose. Tolga overcomes the obstacles to reach a conclusion, but will not like what he see.

25 Apr. 2019


Azra and Deniz learn a truth about Zerrin’s terrible plan. But no one knows about the disaster that this information will bring. On the other hand, the desperate wait of Melis still continues. Deniz is between clinging to her past or covering her past.

2 May 2019


The mysterious disappearance of Murat causes Deniz to direct her full attention to Zerrin. Zerrin, however, prepared her opposing moves. Who is the next victim of the dangerous game after Oktay and Murat?

9 May 2019


Azra is in the middle of the growing fire. Will the plan to destroy Zerrin with Ozlem will work? There is a terrible surprise waiting for Oktay. Will Zerrin get what she expects of the alliance she believes will lead her to success?

16 May 2019


In the room where Safiye is staying, the door to freedom is about to be opened. But it is not known who will pass from there. Deniz and Azra make the most bold decision of their history unaware of each other. Zerrin will experience where a familiar face can drag her.

23 May 2019


The countdown has started for Deniz and Azra. If the insurgency is not completed by the authorities within the deadline, it will have severe consequences. The sounds of gunfire from the prison cause a great panic.

30 May 2019

44.Bölüm Sezon Finali

The rebellion in prison disrupts all balances inside and out. Deniz does not intend to escape without completing her unfinished work. During her life, Deniz confronts a landscape where she cannot erase from her memory. This event will make her forget her promises.

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