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Amar a muerte Season 1
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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Amar a muerte with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

5 Nov. 2018

¡León y ‘El Chino’ mueren el mismo día!

León marries Lucía in a beautiful wedding with their loved ones. El Chino tells Lupita that he murdered a judge and could be executed in the electric chair.

30 Oct. 2018

Lucía es la principal sospechosa de la muerte de León

León resuscitates in the body of Chino and discovers that everyone wants to kill him. Lucía tells an investigator that she knows she is the main suspect in León’s death.

31 Oct. 2018

León llega a México

León calls Lucia and tells her that he is alive, but she thinks it is a joke. Lucia is interrogated by a detective about León’s death.

1 Nov. 2018

Lucía o Eva ¿Quién se quedará a cargo del grupo Carvajal?

Lucia begins to hallucinate and thinks she sees León telling her that she is a murderer. El Chino is still trying to discover why he is in the body of another man. León looks for an old friend to ask for help and recover his life.

2 Nov. 2018

León se reencuentra con Lucía

Eva insults Lucia and she slaps her so that she respects her. Johny decides to hire very dangerous people in the company even though León did not trust them.

5 Nov. 2018

¿Le confesará León la verdad a Lucía?

An investigator interrogates Eva to find out who could have killed León, but she only blames Lucía. Lucía gives an interview to talk about León.

7 Nov. 2018

Eva es amante de El Alacrán

León starts working for Lucía as her new driver. Lucía remembers when León asked her to marry him.

8 Nov. 2018

León descubre el secreto de Lucía

Guillermo tells Johny that he will stay at the company and that he discovered that someone stole money from his father. Eva goes unauthorized to Lucía’s room looking for evidence to blame her for León’s death.

9 Nov. 2018

León buscará vengarse

León finds out that Lucia will meet Johny and offers to take her, but she refuses. Guillermo goes out to take with a friend, but discovers that he is a bad man and takes him to a store to steal money.

12 Nov. 2018

‘Jacobo’ intenta besar a Lucía

León is very upset to discover that Lucía and Johny are lovers. Guillermo can not stop thinking about the man whose partner shot him and goes to look for him at the hospital.

13 Nov. 2018

Lucía despide a ‘Jacobo’

Juliana meets Valentina and both have a good time in the park. León can not hide his annoyance to discover that Lucía has always deceived him.

14 Nov. 2018

Lucía exige sus derechos como ‘La viuda de México’

Chino is determined to travel to Texas to find the money he buried and help Alicia and her son. Camilo finds a woman with the butterfly tattoo, but when he is about to approach her she flees.

16 Nov. 2018

Eva les declara la guerra a Johny y a Lucía

Lucía asks Jacobo to go back to work at home and he accepts. Renata accompanies Guillermo to visit the man from the liquor store. Alacrán’s men kidnap Eva and take her with him.

19 Nov. 2018

‘Jacobo’ besa a Lucía y ésta le corresponde

El Chino decides to go with a sorcerer to investigate why he was reborn. El Alacrán demands his men not to approach Eva’s newspaper.

20 Nov. 2018

El Chino está dispuesto a todo con tal de saber la verdad

Valentina gets drunk and almost drowned, but León saves her. Teresa confronts Mateo because she believes that because of him her husband was murdered.

21 Nov. 2018

Lucía se burla de Jacobo

Alicia feels very bad because the man who is with her is no longer the same. Karla decides to look for Camilo to help her recover her normal life.

23 Nov. 2018

El Chino viaja al más allá

Guillermo learns that the man his partner attacked survived the operation, but will not be able to walk again. Johny asks one of Eva’s employees to stop supporting her, as he plans to have more control of the company.

26 Nov. 2018

Lucía y Jacobo están en peligro

El Chino accepts the sorcerer’s help and meets the man he killed. Silvina tells Jacobo that he reminds her of León, because he acts like him.

27 Nov. 2018

La vida de Lucía está en manos de Eva

El Chino can not stop thinking about all the people he murdered and starts to have visions. León and Lucía are ambushed by a group of armed men.

28 Nov. 2018

Lucía y Jacobo, un amor nace en un secuestro

Jacobo and Lucía are kidnapped by armed men. Johny becomes nervous when he realizes that the investigator is getting closer and closer to finding León’s real murderer.

29 Nov. 2018

Johny revela sus verdaderas intenciones por Lucía

Eva and Johny do not know what to do to rescue Lucía from the kidnappers. The police track the signal of Lucía’s and Jacobo’s cell phones to find them.

30 Nov. 2018

Jacobo salva la vida de Lucía y ella le paga con un apasionado beso

Valentina is nervous to think that Lucía could be dead. Johny begins to suspect that Jacobo could have something to do with Lucía’s kidnapping and asks Camilo where he is from.

3 Dec. 2018

Lucía y Jacobo hacen el amor

Lucía and Jacobo beat up one of their guards and manage to escape. Karla goes to a bar and meets her old husband, she gets very nervous and decides to leave. Lucia and Jacobo kiss for the first time in a river.

4 Dec. 2018

Lucía defiende a Jacobo de las acusaciones de Johny

Alicia forces Beltrán to go to couple’s therapy and he confesses that he is not the man she believes. Johny suspects that Lucía had something to do with Jacobo.

5 Dec. 2018

Jacobo deja a un lado su venganza para proteger a Lucía

The inspector arrests Jacobo as a suspect in Lucia’s kidnapping, but she, Camilo and Mateo defend him. Karla gets a gun and uses it to recover the money that was stolen from her at the casino.

7 Dec. 2018

Lucía Borges busca aliarse con el cártel de los Armenta

Guillermo kisses Renata at a party. Guillermo arrives drunk at his house and Valentina helps him get to his room. Beltrán is determined to recover the money he stole to help Javier.

10 Dec. 2018

Eva le pone una trampa a Lucía para exponerla ante los medios

Lucia decides to meet an Armenta in a library. Beltrán tells Barbara that they will travel to recover the money he buried in his past life.

11 Dec. 2018

Lucía revela el pacto que hizo con Servando Armenta

Renata is about to confess to Guillermo what happened at the party, but Eva interrupts them. The casino men enter Karla’s house and beat her father as revenge for the money she stole.

12 Dec. 2018

¿El homicida de León Carvajal fue descubierto?

Armenta says in the interview that Lucia did to him that he will respect all the journalists of the country. Karla asks Camilo to give his family the money he stole from the casino.

14 Dec. 2018

Tamayo huye de las amenazas de ‘El Chino’

Renata feels very sad to think that Guillermo might be interested in another woman. Jacobo discovers that there are a couple of men looking for him and he turns on an alarm in the building to escape.

17 Dec. 2018

Lucía se entera de que Jacobo es sospechoso de asesinar a León

Montilla tells Lucía that they suspect that Jacobo could be León’s killer. Jacobo tells Karla that he will accompany her to the casino to take revenge on the people who beat Pedro.

18 Dec. 2018

Johny golpea a Jacobo

Johny goes to look for Lucía at home and almost sees her with Jacobo. Karla goes to the casino determined to earn the money she needs. Lucía can not stop thinking about Jacobo and the moments she has spent with him.

19 Dec. 2018

Jacobo le reclama a Lucía por ser amante de Johny

Alacrán’s men see Barbara and Beltrán in the Chino’s house and spy on them to find out if they can obtain information about him. The casino men decide to torture Karla before killing her, but Camilo manages to save her.

20 Dec. 2018

Lucía trata de reconciliarse con Jacobo con un apasionado beso

Jacobo tells Lucia that he knows he was cheating on León with Johny. Camilo tells Jacobo that Karla died in a fire, like the first time.

21 Dec. 2018

Johny deseará casarse con Lucía

Eva gets upset when she arrives at her siblings house and discovers that they have a party for Guillermo’s birthday. Mayela confesses to Guillermo that she is in love with him and kisses him, Renata sees them and becomes sad.

25 Dec. 2018

Jacobo podría reencontrarse con la hija de ‘El Chino’

Guillermo tells Jacobo that Toño shot a man in a liquor store. Jacobo learns that Valentina uses drugs. Jacobo discovers that Valentina’s friend is Juliana, El Chino’s daughter.

26 Dec. 2018

Lupita es secuestrada por ‘El Alacrán’

Guillermo tells Renata that he knows he kissed her and confesses that Mayela is not his girlfriend. Alacrán’s men kidnap Lupita to help them find Chino.

27 Dec. 2018

Armenta descubre el oscuro pasado de Lucía

Lucía attends a dinner with Armenta and he tells her that he knows everything about her past. Guillermo sees an interview of Mayela assuring that they are in a relationship and he gets bothered with her.

28 Dec. 2018

Johny le propone a Lucía que se casen en secreto

Jacobo discovers that El Alacran kidnapped Chino’s wife and is determined to help her. Johny proposes to Lucía to confess that they have a relationship, but she refuses.

1 Jan. 2019

Lucía y Johny recibieron un paquete que pone en evidencia su traición a León

Lucia and Johny receive a package in León’s name and they get very nervous. Mayela asks Renata to help her conquer Guillermo.

2 Jan. 2019

Lucía y Eva tuvieron otra feroz pelea

Beltrán tells Barbara that he has to kill Alacrán or he will kill Lupita. Renata decides to resign because she can no longer support the relationship with Guillermo. Bárbara and Beltrán find a man who, like him, is a reborn man.

3 Jan. 2019

Lucía le confesó a Jacobo que está enamorada de él

Valentina teaches Juliana how to swim and kisses her in the pool. Guillermo goes to look for Renata at her home to talk about her resignation and asks her to return to work with him.

4 Jan. 2019

Johny descubrió que Jacobo está enamorado de Lucía

Juliana finds out that her mother is badly injured at the hospital and goes to look for her. Camilo and Jacobo meet a woman who says that in her past life she was a man.

7 Jan. 2019

Jacobo les arruinó una noche de pasión a Lucía y Johny

Alacrán’s men kidnap Lupe’s friend to tell them where she is. Jacobo sends a compromising photograph to Lucía and Johny in the name of León.

8 Jan. 2019

‘El Chino’ salvó a su esposa Lupita de ser asesinada

Guillermo tells Renata that he is not interested in Mayela and kisses her. Beltrán and Jacobo help Lupe and save her from the men who want to kill her.

9 Jan. 2019

Lucía fue secuestrada nuevamente por los hombres de Armenta

Eva decides to move to Lucía’s house while her’s is being remodeled, but Lucía is not happy with the news. Valentina and Juliana make the assassins believe that Lupe is dead and they save her life.

10 Jan. 2019

Lucía descubrió que Armenta quiere que sea su esposa

Mateo tells Valentina that he will post a note in the newspaper saying that Lupe is dead so that Alacrán’s will no longer look for her. Armenta tells Lucía that he wants to spend the night with her.

11 Jan. 2019

Lucía se libra de pasar una noche íntima con Armenta

Camilo and Jacobo talk to a man who claims to have come back to life several times and they discover important things about the reborn. Mateo is with one of Alacrán’s hit men to get information about his frauds.

14 Jan. 2019

‘El Chino’ descubrió que otra persona está en el cuerpo de su vida anterior

Johny tells Lucía that he thinks she is interested in Jacobo and that is why she defends him all the time. Mayela goes to look for Guillermo at his office and gets very upset when he realizes that he is not there and nobody knows about him.

15 Jan. 2019

Lucía y Jacobo desataron su pasión a unos pasos de Johny y Eva

Jacobo forces Valentina to leave the hospital when she sees Alacrán’s men, but she gets upset because she wants to help Juliana. Juliana meets Beltrán and thanks him for paying Lupe’s hospital bill.

16 Jan. 2019

Jacobo se reencontró con Lupita, la esposa del ‘Chino’

Bárbara tells Beltrán that she will leave her store because she believes there are ghosts. Armenta gives Lucía a beautiful car and Eva thinks she has a new love.

17 Jan. 2019

Jacobo le confesó a Lupita que regresó de la muerte en el cuerpo del ‘Chino’

Lucía believes that Eva is the person who leaves messages in the name of León. Renata tells her friend that she is dating Guillermo.

18 Jan. 2019

Jacobo descubrió a Juliana y Valentina besándose

Eva finds León’s secret hiding place and is determined to do whatever it takes to enter. Jacobo tells Camilo that Valentina kissed Juliana. Guillermo confesses to Valentina that he is in love with Renata.

21 Jan. 2019

Lucía quiere pasar el resto de su vida con ‘Jacobo’

Valentina confesses to Guillermo that she is in love with Juliana and is worried about what people think. Montilla tells Johny that he believes that the person who ordered León to be killed works for the company.

22 Jan. 2019

¡León Carvajal ya sabe quién lo mato!

Guillermo complains to Mayela for telling Eva that he has a relationship with Renata. Jacobo discovers that Lucía and Johny are responsible for León’s death.

23 Jan. 2019

¡León le hará pagar a Johny su traición!

Guillermo goes to look for Renata at her house, but she refuses to open the door. Lucho sees Jacobo hugging Valentina and thinks she’s dating him.

24 Jan. 2019

Jacobo le propone matrimonio a Lucía

Guillermo tells Eva that he will leave the company if Renata does not return to work with him. One of Alacrán’s men tells Mateo that they work with León Carvajal’s company.

25 Jan. 2019

Lucho descubre el amor de Juliantina

Eva manages to open León’s secret hiding place and Lucía gets upset when she learns that they entered without her. Lucho follows Valentina everywhere and sees her kissing Juliana. Eva tells El Alacrán that he has a traitor in his organization.

28 Jan. 2019

León le tiende una trampa a Lucía y a Johny

El Alacrán is determined to get rid of Mateo if he keeps investigating his business. Johny discovers that Jacobo and Lucía are lovers.

29 Jan. 2019

Eva hará todo para separar a Juliantina

Guillermo tells Valentina that he will leave the house because of Eva, she tries to convince him to stay, but he refuses. Lucía tells Jacobo that Johny knows they have a relationship and asks him to leave the house so that he does not hurt him.

30 Jan. 2019

Guille y Renata ya viven juntos

Johny goes to look for Jacobo at Camilo’s house and demands that he leave the country. Guillermo moves to Renata’s house, but things do not go as he expects.

31 Jan. 2019

Johny descubre el secreto de ‘Jacobo’

Johny follows Jacobo and discovers that he has a family. Silvina tells Lucía that she thinks Jacobo has something to do with León’s death, but she does not believe her.

1 Feb. 2019

Lucía corre a ‘Jacobo’ para siempre

Johny tells Lucía that Jacobo has a family and shows her the photos to prove it. Eva demands Juliana to get away from Valentina and forbids her from entering any of her properties.

4 Feb. 2019

Servando Armenta secuestra a Valentina y a Lucía

Armenta and his men kidnap Valentina to threaten Lucía and forcibly enter her house. Guillermo and Renata begin to have many problems living together, since he is used to another lifestyle.

6 Feb. 2019

Jacobo rescata a Lucía y a Valentina

Eva asks Alacrán to guarantee Valentina’s safety, but he refuses. The police arrive at the Carvajal mansion to save Lucía and Valentina. Jacobo kills Armenta before he hurts Valentina.

7 Feb. 2019

‘Jacobo’ queda expuesto ante los enemigos del Chino

Lupita tells Juliana that the person that is in El Chino’s body is not her dad and she looks for him to know the truth. Johny prevents Lucía from discovering which hospital Jacobo is in. Valentina is emotionally affected by Armenta’s attack.

8 Feb. 2019

El Chino salva a ‘Jacobo’ del Alacrán

Jacobo’s face is exposed on television and both Beltrán and El Alacrán identify him as El Chino. Camilo offers Valentina his help to overcome her trauma. Fabián decides to face El Chino by himself and heads to the hospital.

11 Feb. 2019

El Chino le revela su identidad a León Carvajal

Valentina and Juliana interrogate Camilo about his relationship with Jacobo, since they know he is a hit man. Fabián tries to assassinate Jacobo, but Beltrán defends him.

12 Feb. 2019

Guille pagará por el crimen que cometió

Lupita sees Juliana kissing Valentina and gets upset, because she refuses to believe that her daughter is in love with a woman. Mateo hits Johny and blames him for Susana’s death.

13 Feb. 2019

Lucía y ‘Jacobo’, ¿se destruirán mutuamente?

Eva blames Lucía for the death of her father and all the misfortunes that her family suffers, requires her to leave the house, but she refuses. The police arrest Guillermo for the assault at the liquor store.

14 Feb. 2019

¡Roban el cuerpo de León Carvajal!

Lucía confesses to Silvina that she is in love with Jacobo, but she will do anything to send him to prison. Jacobo and Barbara dig up León’s coffin and discover that it is empty.

15 Feb. 2019

Eva está embarazada, ¿de Mateo o del Alacrán?

Eva discovers that she is pregnant and does not know who the father of the baby is. Camilo tells Montilla the whole truth about Jacobo, but he does not believe him. El Alacrán kidnaps Eva outside the police offices.

18 Feb. 2019

¡El Alacrán secuestra a Juliana!

Lucía discovers that Jacobo sent the anonymous letters attacking her and Johny. Lucho discovers that Sergio was intimate with Juliana, he asks him not to tell anyone.

19 Feb. 2019

¡Mateo ya sabe que Eva y El Alacrán son amantes!

Eva confesses to El Alacrán that she does not want to have children, but he threatens her and tells her that he wants to be the official father of the baby. Jacobo discovers that Beltrán plans to deliver him to El Alacrán to save Juliana.

20 Feb. 2019

Johny quiere matar a ‘Jacobo’

Sergio looks for Valentina to inform her that Juliana was kidnapped even though she does not want to know anything about her. Alicia goes to find a woman who claims to be transmigrated and thus investigate the situation that Beltrán is living.

22 Feb. 2019

Juliana se reencuentra con su verdadero padre

Jacobo and Beltrán are determined to save Juliana and make a plan to deceive El Alacrán. Lucho tries to defend Lupita and Valentina from the Alacrán’s men and they assassinate him.

25 Feb. 2019

León descubre que Eva está involucrada con el narco

Mateo confesses to Camilo that Eva is laundering money with drug dealers. Valentina tells Guillermo that she feels guilty for Lucho’s death, because she asked him to go find Juliana.

26 Feb. 2019

¡Eva le rompe el corazón a Mateo!

Eva goes to look for El Alacrán in his hiding place, Mateo follows her and discovers that he is her lover. Renata sees Guillermo kissing Mayela and decides to leave the mansion, but he tries to make her change her mind.

27 Feb. 2019

Johny está a punto de ser atrapado por la justicia

In his desperate effort to try to correct Eva’s mistake, since the company would be exposed, Jacobo reveals to Mateo that he is León Carvajal. Mateo full of anger and pain, wants Eva to sink. Candela tells Lucía that she has cancer to prevent from making her leave her home.

28 Feb. 2019

¡Lucía ya sabe que ‘Jacobo’ es León Carvajal!

After listening to Lucía’s voice message, Jacobo awaits her decision. Guille and Renata visit the Castillo’s, there they realize that they already knew that Guille was one of the assailants, but they expected him to confess. Fabricio is about to kill Jacobo, but Lucía defends him. Beltrán tries to abuse Lupita and Juliana hits him with a bottle.

1 Mar. 2019

¡Mateo le hará pagar a Eva su traición!

Eva apologizes to Mateo, but he is determined to report her. Lucía tells Johny that Jacobo knows that they are responsible for the murder of León Carvajal.

4 Mar. 2019

Eva entrega a Mateo con El Alacrán

Eva discovers that Emiliano ordered Mateo to be killed. Jacobo confesses to Guillermo that he is León Carvajal.

5 Mar. 2019

Lucía está aterrada

Eve asks the Scorpion not to kill Mateo, but is determined to get rid of him. Jacobo talks to Guillermo to make him understand that he is León Carvajal. Candela confesses to Lucia that she is not sick.

6 Mar. 2019

León Carvajal se reencuentra con todos sus hijos!

Johny asks Eva to leave the company when she finds out that she is involved with drug traffickers. Guillermo tells Renata that Jacobo is León Carvajal.

7 Mar. 2019

León decide entregar a Eva a la justicia

Jacobo looks for Eva and Valentina and confesses that he is Leon, but they do not believe him. Mateo informs Montilla that the men of the Scorpion follow him, but they manage to catch him before he can help him.

8 Mar. 2019

¡Johny se enfrenta a la policía!

El Alacran tells Mateo that if he does not withdraw the accusation against Eva, he will kill her. Montilla discovers that Susana’s killer is Johny and goes to look for him at his house.

11 Mar. 2019

¡León perdona a Lucía!

Johny goes to look for Lucía at León’s house, but she tells him that she will not escape with him. Eva discovers that Lucía is responsible for León’s death. Beltrán confesses to Lupita and Alicia that he is in love with both of them.

3 Mar. 2019

Johny mata a Lucía, pero ¿su alma transmigró?

Johny shoots Lucia and she dies in the arms of León Carvajal. In the tomb appears a path of cempasuchil, a sign that her soul transmigrated. Could it be that death will give her a new opportunity?

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