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Here is the list of all the episodes of Season 1 of the television series of Afili Ask with a short summary. You can download or stream online the episodes of this season individually with English Hindi audio and subtitles. Torrent is also available for each video part.

All episodes with quick summary

12 Jun. 2019

Afili Ask 1

Ayse, who works in a textile factory, lives a difficult life with her two brothers. Despite all, she is optimistic because she has a perfect and understanding boyfriend Berk. However, Ayse’s family plans a different future for her. On the other hand, Kerem is a hopeless womanizer and he is the son of the boss whom Ayse works for. After an unfortunate event, Kerem repents and decides to be a proper businessman. Yet all plans are to be failed when Ayse and Kerem meet.

19 Jun. 2019

Afili Ask 2

Ayse’s lie affects the lives of everybody, especially Kerem. Family members gather round and a decision is made. Ayse and Kerem are going to get married. Meanwhile Kerem, who hears about everything later, tries to justify himself desperately. However, he cannot convince his father who is tired of his son’s affairs. Kerem will take a chance on everything to avoid what is happening. Kerem decides to deal with it on his own ways. One night, surprises that come one after another shocks everyone.

26 Jun. 2019

Dügünümüz Var

Ayse and Kerem get in trouble because Berk has told everything. They will have to prove to everybody that they are in love, especially to Riza and Muhsin. As Ayse and Kerem have to stay together and also hate each other, proving their love won’t be as easy as they think. On the other hand, Yelda cannot seem to accept Ayse easily. Ceyda and Yelda, start to look for Ayse’s weaknesses. On the wedding night, a mistake that Kerem does will cause him to ruin everything.

3 Jul. 2019

Mutluluk Oyunu

Thanks to Ayse, Kerem does not get caught by his father. However, he is about to get under a strict control. With the bug infestation, Yigiter family’s focus changes swiftly. The family has to leave the house for a while. Ayse and Kerem spend the night at the house of Ayse’s family. As Kerem gets bored to death in the family atmosphere, he is not aware that a surprise is waiting for him. Ayse, on the other hand, tries to settle down in her new life. She is unfamiliar with what will she go through as she begins to work at Modamu.

10 Jul. 2019

Afili Kiskançlik

Ayse gets in a big trouble when everyone sees the news about her. This crisis affects the families, too. Kerem is determined to solve this problem. Ayse goes through a hard time. She loses everything one by one, especially her family. Will Kerem and Ayse be able to get over this terrible situation? Ceyda’s move, on the other hand, will be enough to tear down everything.

17 Jul. 2019

Afili Ortaklik

Ceyda’s records put Ayse and Kerem in an irreversible dead end. Ayse and Kerem are facing a serious problem this time. Ceyda has control of the ropes and she starts playing with both of them. As Ceyda is not enough, Sabri becomes trouble for Ayse. Ayse and Kerem are squeezed from all sides. They are in such situation that even the marriage game starts to collapse. Will Kerem and Ayse’s game be exposed?

24 Jul. 2019

Falimdaki Sen

Ayse gets caught while trying to take the voice record and she’s now in big trouble. Ceyda has a big surprise for Kerem and Ayse. Kerem and Ayse face a threat for their secret may come to surface. And that’s not Ayse’s only problem. Also cornered by Yelda, things get extremely complicated for her. As these are not enough for Ayse, she loses her wedding ring and another crisis breaks out. While Ayse and Kerem face the threats that are constantly coming from outside, the real test for their relationship will be between them.

31 Jul. 2019

Ask Olsun

Ayse who finds the ring that she lost, now has a big question mark about Kerem. This marriage game becomes increasingly complicated for Ayse and Kerem. While Ayse tries to understand Kerem’s inconsistent behaviors, she is subject to Yelda’s exams. Yelda prepares her daughter-in-law for the most challenging test of her time, but things don’t go as planned. Ayse realizes that she is under a pressure that she cannot handle. Ayse and Kerem will have to make a big decision.

7 Aug. 2019


Having told her brother she wants a divorce, Ayse gets surprised by Kerem’s latest move. Will Kerem be able to change Ayse’s decision on divorce? While Kerem and Ayse struggling because of the divorce issue, there are plans being made for them in the company. Modamu is going to show everyone Ayse and Kerem’s love preparing a social media campaign in which the duo have the leading roles. Meanwhile, both of the families are in Eid rush. Although it has become successful, the social media campaign turns into a crisis when fans want a photograph of Kerem and Ayse kissing.

21 Aug. 2019


Kerem’s jealousy grows. Kerem and Ayse cannot get over the moment they kissed. While Kerem tries to make up for it, Ayse reminds herself the reason why she has married. Ayse prepares a list to come through this marriage. Taking mathematics courses is at the top of the four-point list. Ayse finds a maths teacher, however, the teacher annoys Kerem with his attractiveness. Ayse fulfills her list one by one whereas Kerem sees the fourth one but cannot understand it because it is written in cipher. Will Kerem be able to find out the meaning of the fourth point?

28 Aug. 2019

Itiraf Et

Kerem is determined to make Ayse confess after the accident. For whom Ayse said ”Don’t ever fall in love”? Is Kerem going to find this person taking into consideration every possible option including himself? On the other hand, a crucial offer has been made for Ayse. An actors’ agency wants to make an agreement with her. This offer which is totally going to change Ayse’s life irritates Kerem. While trying to stop Ayse’s new career, Kerem constantly finds himself near Ayse. She thinks Kerem is doing all these to protect her. Just as they’re about the break the ice, …

4 Sep. 2019

Gönül Isleri

Kerem gets help from someone unexpected to control his feelings towards Ayse: Young college boy Kerem! Kerem and Volkan decide to watch the video that they shot years ago in case they are in trouble. Kerem tries every option to keep himself away from Ayse and end his feelings towards her. However, Buse’s phone call is going to be the beginning of the events that will get them closer. Ayse also makes efforts to get over Kerem. Although she reminds herself constantly that he’s not trustworthy, both Kerem and Ayse have a hard time ending the chemistry between them.

11 Sep. 2019


Bursting with excitement, Modamu is getting ready to sign a big partnership. However, Kerem’s arrest lets all the dreams down. Since Muhsin has always distrusted Kerem, a big fight breaks out between the two following the incident. Kerem leaves the house but this doesn’t mean he’s out of trouble. While Kerem tries to stand on his own feet, he finds himself at Özkayali house. Will Ayse be able to guide Kerem in the right direction while he is on the rocky ground? The unexpected visit by Muammer, who has found out about the fake marriage, gets to be a threat to Ayse and…

18 Sep. 2019

Ikimizin Sirri

Muhsin’s weary heart cannot stand hearing about Kerem and Ayse’s fake marriage. The whole family gets deeply worried about Muhsin’s heart attack. Kerem and Ayse feel very regretful. When Muhsin wakes up, they start to wait in fear. How will Ayse and Kerem explain this to Muhsin? Will they face the consequences of the game they play? Meanwhile, some alterations are being made in Modamu. The new partners send a pretty and disciplined auditor to the company. The woman that is going to start to work with Kerem will cause crisis both in the company and between Kerem and …

25 Sep. 2019

Simdi Olmaz

Ceyda is now in the company and it’s obvious that she’s up to no good. Ayse feels cornered by the consecutive incidents while Kerem tries to keep his cool for the sake of the company’s stability. Besides the possibility of Muhsin’s recalling events, Ayse now has to deal with Ceyda. Overwhelmed by all these, she talks to Kerem. Kerem and Ayse decide to end their fake marriage. They take the first step to part ways. Meanwhile, a big offer that has come from Ayse’s manager is going to change the course of her life completely. Will Ayse and Kerem be able to put an end to …

2 Oct. 2019

Asik Olunca

Rough winds are blowing through the Yigiter family. Shocked by Muhsin’s decision about divorce, Kerem and Ayse try to solve this in their own way. Meanwhile, Yelda who isn’t aware of anything happening thinks Muhsin is cheating on her. Kerem and Ayse don’t believe in it in the first place but they start to suspect Muhsin more and more. Kerem and Ayse go after the truth but a surprise is waiting for them in this chase. Kerem and Ayse feel responsible for Muhsin’s decision while they are in two minds about their own divorce. As they make efforts to break up, they get …

9 Oct. 2019

Ilk Öpücük

Kerem gets extremely confused about his feelings when he sees the divorce papers which was signed by Ayse on his desk. Kerem’s state of mind affects Ayse too. Both of them test each other’s love secretly. Kerem and Ayse find themselves in a new adventure when Muhsin leaves home. They take action to get Muhsin back home. Kerem and Ayse, who have planned a romantic night for Yelda and Muhsin, get stuck in the house. The night that they have to spend alone together reveals a shocking secret about the past.

16 Oct. 2019

Kalbimdeki Sir

Kerem and Ayse have a really hard time during the trial. They’re shocked by the judge’s verdict. As Ayse and Kerem’s plan goes wrong one more time, the old man who lives in the cottage finds the origami swan and sends it to the house. When Ayse sees the swan, a big secret that belongs to the past will come to light. On the other hand, there is a massive misunderstanding between Muhsin and Yelda. A big fight breaks out. The one who is affected by this fight the most is Kerem. Although Kerem wants to correct this misunderstanding, things will become more complicated …

23 Oct. 2019

O Da Beni Seviyor

The therapist’s report surprises Kerem and Ayse. They can’t help but think about their encounter when they were little kids. Kerem takes action with Volkan to put an end to this ambiguity. He arranges a special dinner for Ayse. Ayse is hyped up about the dinner and she goes there being sure of her feelings. Hülya goes after Kerem and Ayse as they are lost in the feelings that they cannot even admit. Hülya cannot forget what Ayse said when she was drunk. With Ceyda’s support, she pursues the truth about this marriage.

30 Oct. 2019

Seviyorsan Git Konus

Ceyda’s swan concept for work leads to a big misunderstanding between Kerem and Ayse. While Ayse is in a state of misery with her frustration, Kerem doesn’t know what to do. While Kerem is afraid to face this situation, Ayse cannot stand it any longer. Ayse wants to face Kerem, but this will not be easy at all. Because Kerem’s head is full of question marks.

6 Nov. 2019

Itiraf Ediyorum

Ayse is puzzled by Kerem’s kiss and unexpected move. The gentlemen’s agreement made by Kerem is broken now by himself. Ayse starts to question its meaning. She is aware of her feelings but she waits for Kerem to be sure of his feelings too. As for Kerem, it is time to open the black box again. He has to answer the black box’s questions honestly now. Yelda has a bone to pick with Kerem and Ayse after finding out their fake marriage. Yelda keeps her silence for now.

13 Nov. 2019

Kötü Kiz

Kerem speaks to Ayse in the most romantic way she can ever imagine. As everything starts to go perfect with Kerem and Ayse, Yelda finds out the truth about their marriage. Using this fact, she begins to play with Ayse like a puppet master. Her aim is not to make Ayse break up with Kerem, but to make Kerem fall out of love with Ayse. Ayse completely turns into someone else. She totally changes her attitudes disappointing everyone around her. Kerem is affected by all that is happening and starts to question his decision. Everything is on the brink of falling apart. Ayse…

20 Nov. 2019


Kerem and Ayse realize that they cannot break up, so they make efforts for their love as much as they have made efforts to make people believe in their fake marriage. Kerem and Ayse make a new plan to persuade Yelda that they truly love each other. Kerem starts to act like he is in a big depression and it makes Yelda worry deeply about her son. Modamu is on the hook because of a statement Ayse has made to the press. Kerem launches a social responsibility campaign to rectify both Ayse’s and the company’s reputation. However, trolls still chase after them on social …

27 Nov. 2019

Afili Kaçamak

Kerem and Ayse have a dream-like day for the first time as a couple. They have hopes for the future despite all the obstacles they have faced recently. However, Yelda’s call darkens the mood once again. Someone else learns about their fake marriage. Ayse has to go back to her house. Kerem and Ayse start to look for ways to be together secretly. Kerem is looking for a solution that they will never have to break up again. The solution which will bind the two families together lies in the past. Kerem digs up an incident that Muhsin and Ayse’s father Kenan went through …

4 Dec. 2019

O Zaman Dans

Kerem has a hard time facing Muhsin’s dark past. Kerem doesn’t know what to do. As for Ayse, she tries to win Yelda’s appreciation despite all. Realizing this, Yelda schemes against her meticulously. Ayse is not aware of this plan and she finds herself in a tale like Cinderella. The charming prince Kerem and kind-hearted Cinderella, Ayse, dream of a world that they will live happily ever after. However, they are trapped when least expected.

11 Dec. 2019

Gözüm Üstünde

Kerem and Ayse are head over heels for each other. Once again, they have proved no one can get in the way of their love. The duo teaches Yelda a big lesson. On the other hand, Muhsin’s dark past creeps after Kerem. He tries his best to cope with it. However, Ayse thinks that Kerem is stressed out due to business-related problems. She plans a fun day to motivate both Kerem and the employees of the company. The motivation day at Modamu leads to surprises and doubts at the same time. An education coach comes to the company and does some trust tests. Having seen Kerem …

18 Dec. 2019

Kadinlar Mi Erkekler Mi

The conflict between men and women that has been going on for centuries makes Ayse and Kerem come against each other too. After the bachelor party, the argument between Kerem and Ayse expands and turns into a duel that includes all the people in the company. The lists about what women and men want after marriage are presented to all the employees. After this exhausting day, Kerem comes up with a surprise for Ayse who longs for a real marriage proposal. The lovers think that they settled everything down with their life. But they are not aware that Melahat has neglected…

25 Dec. 2019

2020 Bizim Olsun

Melahat finally reveals the truth and everyone gets startled. Kerem and Ayse have second thoughts about what they have done after the chaos in the hospital. Ayse wants to come clean and turn over a new leaf. She thinks that everyone should learn about the truth, then they will have a life without problems. As for Kerem, he needs time to settle down everything. The lovers cannot agree on this and it causes a serious fight between them. Modamu employees are ready to welcome the new year. They expect a party but Kerem finds an excuse and cancels the celebrations. Ayse …

15 Jan. 2020

Divane Asik

The Yigiters and the Ozkayalis turn against each other after the documents show up. There’s now hostility between the families and nothing will be the same anymore. On top of this, Ayse learns Kerem has kept this from her and things get out of hand. Riza forbids Ayse to see the Yigiters while the Yigiters are also in chaos. The coinciding fights between both the couple and their families cause Ayse and Kerem to fall apart. Kerem has to endure Ayse’s absence. Even though Ayse is genuinely upset, she is determined not to forgive Kerem. Kerem does not give in to this …

22 Jan. 2020

Ask Mi Gurur Mu

Kerem and Ayse cannot agree on the condition Riza sets and they suddenly decide to divorce. Kerem feels overwhelmed by everything he has gone through and starts questioning. He cannot choose between his family and his love and this affects his relationship with Ayse in a bad way. While both Kerem and Ayse think they are right, the trial day comes closer. An inspector, who is sent by the American shareholders, causes Kerem to contemplate his managing skills as well as all his life. The trial day has come.

29 Jan. 2020

Ask Meydan Savasi

The verdict from the court surprises everyone. Kerem and Ayse act as if nothing happened just to move on and stay away from each other. The fact that Ayse is Modamu’s face obliges Kerem and Ayse to work together. This leads to a new conflict between them. Kerem goes back to his old habits to keep Ayse away from the company. Ayse gets back at him in her own way; she doesn’t turn down the mysterious suitor and his family just to spite Kerem. However, something unexpected happens. Suddenly, a surprise guest comes the night Ayse meets her suitor.

5 Feb. 2020

Bir Inat Ugruna

As Ayse thinks Kerem has come to her door because he is jealous, she learns the truth and gets disappointed. Kerem comes for the contract and makes an offer to Ayse. Ayse has to decide to wash her hands of this mess as soon as possible. Seeing Kerem is busy with his work and doesn’t care about anything else, makes Ayse more rigid about making Kerem jealous and regretful. As for Ceyda, she takes advantage of this conflict and tries to get closer to Kerem. As Ceyda and Kerem’s alliance sails close to the wind, Kerem jumps the gun and makes a move.

12 Feb. 2020

Episode #1.33

Ayse is trapped in a nightmare after having a hard time at night. Despite the rumors about Kerem and Ceyda, Ayse thinks that it’s just a plan to make her jealous. However, she can’t help but think about what happened in the day Kerem has gone to see Ceyda. In the meantime, there is a problem with the factory and it needs to be solved. It causes Kerem and Ayse to turn against each other again. Everyone looks for a way to reclaim the factory under Ayse’s leadership. Kerem and Ayse start to spite each other in both love and business. Who is going to prevail in this …

15 Feb. 2020

Episode #1.34

Kerem and Ayse challenge even their big love, digging their heels in towards each other. Kerem pretends to be happy with Ceyda as Ayse does the same with Ömer. However, in the meantime, there are questions on Kerem’s mind. The story of the ring, which Ömer keeps as a memory of Ayse, makes Kerem suspicious. In the factory, Ayse tries to turn the tables on Kerem with Ömer’s support. However, she is restrained by Kerem every time she makes an effort. Muhsin gets hold of a photograph after a research of the man who conned Kenan. Kerem and Ayse go after the man in the …

22 Feb. 2020

Yeniden Sever Misin

While Kerem is in a life-or-death battle, Ayse and the families wait for him worriedly. Riza feels responsible for what Kerem has gone through, so he holds out an olive branch to Muhsin. However, this time, the Yigiter family acts coldly. Ayse is afraid of losing Kerem. Upon Kerem’s recovery, the mourning atmosphere in the hospital turns into a festive one. However, there’s something strange going on. Kerem wants to turn over a new leaf. Ayse is ready to do whatever it takes to win Kerem back but it does not seem as easy as she thinks. Ceyda and Yelda have already …

5 Mar. 2020

Son Bir Sans Istiyorum

Kerem’s long-awaited decision breaks Ayse’s heart. Although nobody knows what Kerem has in mind, Ayse does not give in. She puts an astonishing plan into practice to win Kerem back. However, once more, she hits a brick wall, Ceyda.

12 Mar. 2020

Beklenmeyen Misafir

As Kerem and Ayse try hard to remember what happened that night, wedding preparations come down on Kerem like a nightmare. Although Ayse considers leaving everything behind, she will embark on a new adventure with Kerem in the place where everything started. Kerem’s surprising offer to Ayse leads to a brand new game. This game will take Kerem and Ayse’s relationship to the next level.

19 Mar. 2020

Episode #1.38

When Ceyda’s doctor confirms that Ayse is pregnant, Ayse and Kerem turn over a new leaf. Kerem seems so enthusiastic about the baby, which confuses Ayse. She wonders if Kerem wants to marry her just for the baby. Even if she is still in love with Kerem, this situation distances her away from him. In the meantime, Ceyda’s doctor talks to Ayse again and reveals a shocking fact about the baby. This fact is strong enough to turn everything in Ayse’s life upside down. While Ayse tries to figure out what to do, Ceyda uses the last leverage she has. She tells the American …

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